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Die For You

I smiled at my reflection in the mirror, my mom and Savannah adding final touches to my hair and makeup. "Finished!" I heard Savannah yell as she marveled over my make-up she just finished.

"You look gorgeous!" My mother added. She stuck a clip in the back of my hair. I saw it's reflection in the mirror before it dissapeared into my hair. Something blue.

I looked down at my strappless, layered, knee high, white dress. The black lace standing out on my chest. Somethng new.

I then looked down at my engagement ring that I wore. Andy proposed eight months ago with it. It ws his grandmother's. Something Old.

I was so happy. That was all I could say. I was happy.

I got up from the chair in front of the mirror and put my new black Converse on. I never did heels and my dress matched the black and white. This wedding wasn't traditional. Even Andy was going to wear Converse with his suit. I smiled slightly.

They put the veil over my eyes. The black fabric hding my eyes. Yeah, a black veil bride...I couldn't resist.

The curtain opened and Savannah ran out with my mom. I felt someone grab my arm. I looked over to my Dad who was holding my arm. He smiled. "You ready?"

I nodded. "Just don't let me fall, Dad."

He shook his head and gave my arm a squeeze. "Never." The music began to play. I looked over to see Ashley, Jake, and Jinxx playing. The tune of Savior was recognizable. I let my eyes move up to the front of the aisle. Annabelle was the flower girl, Jinxx and Sammi's son standing nearby with the rings. I finally saw him. A smile broke out.

Andy. No make up but still as good looking as ever. His hair messy, and his eyes watching me. He wore black pants, a white shirt under a black sport coat and black Converse. He smiled as I met his eyes.

We finally made it to the front, my dad passed my hand to Andy's. "You take care of her." I heard him say as Andy grabbed my hand and pulled me toward him.

"Of course." He replied.

I stood there as the crowd sat down and the preacher began to say the vows. I said mine and Andy said his. When Andy said I do, he decided to add 'and always have' at the end. He kissed my hand before he put my ring on, making the crowd say 'awww'!

Finally, I heard him say 'you may kiss the bride'. Andy kissed me. This was it and when he kissed me, it felt like it was just me and Andy. It was perfect.

When he ended the kiss, he smiled at me. "I love you, Veronica."

"I love you, too, Andy."

He kissed my cheek and from there on, we had our own happy ending.
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I did the 2 years later thing. It's short but ya' know. I hope you all liked it. The story is officially over. It was a fun ride.

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