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When She Cries

Lyric Baker life is hard. she became mute by choice due to things she to afraid to admit out loud. but what happens when she tell her mom and she doesn't believe Lyric. she shipped off to live with the dad that walked out and left her behind. now she living with her father and his new family things are going good until a surprise shatters everything. will Lyric be able to tell her secret to save her self and a new life? (sorry this is terrible description.)

rated R for langue, abuse, and possible scenes.

I do not own avenged, their wives/girlfriends, or any other famous person. however the story is mine so please don't steal. title credit goes to Britt Nicole 'When she cries'.
  1. Chapter one
    Let me introduce myself I’m Lyric Marie Baker, I’m fourteen and broken, here is my story.
  2. Chapter two (Zacky P.O.V)
    “It been so long since I even thought about little Lyric.”
  3. Chapter three (Both P.O.V)
    “Alright that understandable, rebellion is the way to go.” I smiled at Jimmy comment
  4. Chapter four (Lyric P.O.V)
    “Because your hair is purple and you’re little.”
  5. Chapter five
    "I mean you can't expect her to be happy about this right now. She was shipped off to a dad that wasn't there and a mother that was all to happy to get rid of her."
  6. Chapter six (Lyric pov)
    But what caught my attention would be his beautiful light blueish green eyes.