A Servant for a Mate

My name is Claudia and I'm a servant at the royal castle. I have a mate, but he won't ever find out that I'm his. He deserves a stronger mate and I'm a pathetic servant. He would never want me so it's best if I stay in the shadows and watch him. Not going up to him like my wolf wants to do. To run our hands down his sexy body. But no that will never happen. I have promised myself that I wont punish him for being my mate. .................

I'm Prince soon to be King, but first I have to find my mate. Its been eight years since I first felt the sparks from bumping in to her at a ball. Eight years of searching for her with no luck.
All I have to do is wait my time though because my wolf is telling me that she will be going into heat soon and then we will find her. Very soon she will be ours and I will never let her go. I don't care who she thinks she is, she belongs to me and If I have to tie her to my bed to keep her then dammit I will.