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In the Den

Suddenly a twig snapped...

Her eyes immediately opened and magnetized in the direction that it came from, locking on nothing but the endless amount of darkness in the distance of the forest. Her heart skipped a beat, thudding violently against her chest. A sound like that, out here, right now? She tried to sort through the scenery in fear of finding whatever it was that had caused it; she needed to know what had made that sound.

Her breathing had almost completely stopped. How quiet it had suddenly become out here was too unnatural. Something wasn't right, she'd realized, as she searched frantically through all of the blackened figures, trying to find something, anything, to explain that sound.

Then, finally, she saw it. Her vision locked on a target, and an instant bolt of fright rushed through her veins. Time stopped all together in that moment, herself frozen, as a large figure in the distance outlined itself; a figure that didn't seem to belong in it's surroundings.

Or maybe it was her that didn't belong in these surroundings.

Oh shit.”

*Starting fresh. Please respect that this story is mine