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In the Den


When I was about four, my mother had bailed on us and there wasn’t much after she left.

I don’t exactly know why and with the way my dad use to react to the subject, I don’t mind not knowing; I hardly knew her. I respect his space and the fact that it’s not something he wants to talk about, because it was never an easy subject to discuss or accept. And, on the other hand, I’d never really cared to know that much.

She isn’t a part of us anymore, though, and it’s been years since even her name has been mentioned. Regardless of seeing very little of her features in the mirror of my own reflection, she‘s been such a ghost between us, but she was the reason that my life had changed; that he'd decided to make the switch and move us here in the first place.

About a year after their split, we moved into a small apartment complex in Northern California. We settled on a floor just under a girl named Amanda Strommer, whom was my age, and her mother, Laurie Strommer. Since then, she and I have practically become sisters; her mother becoming my own in a sense.

Because we had so much in common, a strong attachment had grown and I had adjusted my life into spending almost every living second with her. Her, her mother, and my father were all I had. Because of that, receiving news from dad that he had suddenly made the decision to buy a house out in the country was more disappointing than anything, but I could hardly make a relevant enough point to stand behind long enough in an argument for him to see that.

All I knew was that they weren’t just going to be a door away anymore and I felt like I needed them to be.

Despite disliking the idea so much, for the only reason being that I didn't want an ounce of my life to change, this particular area was not ordinary. It was surrounded by one of California’s many national forests and it had a lot of odd history, some of which once made the papers in the past.

By stories told, many dangerous animals had once made their territory along next to it and inhabited the area. Its residents, in that time, became a target, a source of food at one point. It’s been years since anything has actually happened but no one here has really forgotten; it only remains a simple secret that many still it seems.

I should have paid attention to my dad when he had told me this; when he was enlightening me of the new people he had met and the stories they told him...legends, he'd said.

I should have but I didn't.

There was something much bigger than all of life, all of me; something much bigger than the world that I thought I once knew.

And I could have never expected what would've happened next.
My name is Angela. Angela Leigh Davis.

Up until now, I was ordinary "Ang ". I wasn’t a part of some big future plan. I was never a part of any life changing experiences. And I had never saved anyone’s life...Hell, I didn't even know anyone who'd need saving.

I was just an ordinary 16 year old girl, an only child to a 43 year old busy bachelor. I make A’s in school and I have the most amazing best friend in the world. I couldn’t imagine life any other way, and I wouldn't. I just wouldn't be able to.

Not even if, before, someone had said that I would be staring at a mouth full of the sharpest, most gruesome set of canine teeth one night. That I would be under gaze by a pair of the scariest eyes, motionless at the sight of the biggest paws I've ever seen in my life. I may have even awkwardly chuckled at that sort of sudden, odd suggestion...

I was just regular old Angela Davis.

How stupid of me to change that...
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