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Tales From The Baker Family

It actually tells more of what wasn't told in Scars, Stripes and Kisses. It takes place after the wedding, but it starts after they met. Some of it is missed detail and stuff I was to lazy, but imagine they are reliving it.
  1. Broken Bones
    This is what happens when you make bets.
  2. For The First Time
    Background chapter on why Briley picked this song for them. Told in her POV. Also after she tells him this is their song.
  3. Always...
    Takes place when Briley leaves and what was in her mind. A 3-4 part chapter. <3
  4. My Sunshine
    Colson's POV
  5. Life Without You
    This is seven months after what happened in the hospital and her leaving.
  6. One More Night
    The Maroon 5 song really influenced me. <3
  7. Best Friend?
    This is about the text he sends her after eight months.
  8. Touching You
    After they get back together
  9. Take A Chance
    Day one of the Christmas part.
  10. A Very Sober Day
    Day two of family life in the Marks Mansion. Kells' POV
  11. Early Morning Talks
    Day Three
  12. Christmas Eve
    Christmas Eve. Nuff said. Also you get to meet Briley's real best friend. :D
  13. Eve's Secret Story
    Night time ;)
  14. Wild Mornings
    Introducing David Marks, Briley's dad.