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We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

for baltimore.

“Where have you been all day?” Rachel questions. I sigh heavily and internally debate on confronting her now or after I get home from dinner.
“Out,” I answer shortly. “And I’m leaving again soon.”
“So, no dinner tonight?”
“Nope.” I kick off my shoes and head towards my room.
“Is everything alright, Gin?” I stop and turn to face Rachel, my lips pursed together tightly and eyebrows furrowed. “Why do you look so pissed?”
“Because I am. You tried to get with Alex last night.”
Her jaw drops. “Are you fucking kidding me? He broke your heart!”
“There’s photo evidence, Rachel! You can’t argue against it!”
“Hang on, he came onto me. I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.”
“He was sober and with me all night. I didn’t entirely blackout. I remember him being with me.”
“Not after you passed out! He came downstairs and tried to hookup with me.” She crosses her arms to try and get my agreement.
“What part of photo evidence don’t you understand?!” I scream, throwing my hands down to my sides. “Fucking two-faced bitch! You’re supposed to be my best friend!” I rush into my room, grab my things, and slip back into my shoes.
“And where do you think you’re going?”
“To Alex’s. Because, guess what, I’m getting back together with him, and I don’t need selfish bitches like you.”

Alex opens the door, surprise on his face from finding me on his doorstep. “Why are you here?” Jack hollers from behind him in the kitchen.
“Because my best friend is a bitch.”
Jack lets out a laugh. “You just figured that out?”
“Fuck off,” I snap.
“Hey, hey,” Alex steps in, grasping my arms and throwing a look at Jack. “That’s enough, guys.” Alex pulls me through the doorway. “Do you need to get ready here?”
“I was hoping I could.” I hold up my things.
“Alright. There are some towels in the closet.” He turns me towards the bathroom and gently pushes me towards it. “I’ve got to deal with this asshole.”
Hey!” Jack retorts.
I shake my head and laugh at the two of them, grabbing a towel and heading towards the bathroom. “So, she agreed to go out with you tonight?” I hear Jack question.
“Yeah, and I really don’t want to fuck this up. So, don’t piss her off, please.” The two share a small laugh.
“I was just messing around. I know how important this is…she is.”

“Alex?” I call, stuffing my clothes into my bag and exiting the bathroom.
“It’s about time,” he laughs from the couch. I roll my eyes as he stands up. “You look great.”
I smile and shrug. “I literally blindly pulled this out of my closet in rage. So, I’m glad it actually matches.” I glance down at my black tight skirt, sheer coral shirt with a black lace bandeau under, and black heels. “Ready?”
He nods and holds his arm out. I loop my arm through his, and he leads me out to the car.
We pull into the parking lot of a nice steak place, and we’re seated immediately.
It’s like nothing’s changed between us—the way we’re talking, laughing, and sharing our food with each other. It reminds me why I started dating him the first place and why I fell so helplessly in love with him.
Alex and I walk back out to the car after dinner in a peaceful silence. I stop us next to the car. “Thank you, Alex. This was more than you needed to do for me.” I rest my hands on his chest.
“I’ll do anything for you, babe.” I feel my lips pull into a smile. “Including saying cheesy-ass lines to make you smile.”
“And there’s another.”
“Shut up and kiss me.”
He pulls me tight to his body and pushes his lips to mine. I cup his cheeks and lean into him, causing him to lean back against the car.
A car driving past lays on the horn, and we pull away laughing. “We should get back,” he mutters, his lips still lingering on mine.
“I don’t want to say goodnight.”
He pushes his lips against mine softly. “Who said we have to?”
♠ ♠ ♠
i bet you thought
you'd never fall again.
so much for keeping this just friends;
shut up and kiss me now.