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Burning Passion (Discontinued))

A drop in the ocean.

Patrick P.O.V

I stared, my eyes wide and my irises bright as each of his emotions hit me, hard. I had heard a melody, so beautiful yet so traffic and my body led me here, to Ryan. I felt my eyes soften intensely, my heart tugged at the corners with each note. Sadness, anger, rage, panic, agony, despair, betrayal, desperateness, depression. They were all present in the song, ringing loudly through my ears. But one emotion stood out the most amongst them. Loneliness. I watched as he stroked his fingers around the piano, not even looking. It looked as though the piano was an extension of his body. As the song came to an end I felt my heart throb for him, wishing I could comfort him. My eyes rested on him.

He was stiff and his walls were back up, no emotion playing on his face. He was looking right at me. I gasped softly, backing uo slowly and trying not to trip against my feet, as my back hit the wall. He hadn't moved a muscle. He made no move of coming towards me. His face was a thick, rigid mask. I tore my gaze away from him, turning and using my inhuman speed to race down the stairs, stopping in the foyer, shaking my head. I tried getting rid of the flushed feeling I had.

“You okay there?” I could hear the amusement and smirk in her voice. I didn't turn to look at her. “Yeah, I'm fine, Brooke.” I muttered, walking to the kitchen and sitting myself on the counter, rubbing my temples. I groaned softly, burying my head in my hands. Ryan was going to kill me. He must be outrageous, on a rampage! I shouldn't have invaded his privacy like that. He probably never wanted me to see him like that...But...but he was so vulnerable and I loved it.

He looked full of life. Dull life, but it was life...He needed someone he could trust, to show him how to live again. I smiled, a sad smile, before hopping down and splashing water on my face from the sink, then drying it with a towel. I opened my eyes to see Brooke looking up at me intently. I was a bit startled and stepped back. She giggled, her voice a shrill of bells. I felt her grip my arm and pull me along with her. “Come with me, I wanna show you something.”

Soon we were at the edge of the forrest, descending inside over the mosses and green ferns, not putting effort to go over rocks or tree roots. I was puzzled and confused as to why she brought me out here, the pale moon illuminated the sky. It must have been very late. I found myself staring up at the stars, watching them twinkle dully in comparison to how bright the full moon was. Brooke and I came to an abrupt halt. My nose was tingling, I felt off.

I looked in front of me to see a mountain lion. I sucked in a sharp breath. She turned to me, putting a finger against her lip, signaling for me to stay quiet. In a flash she was behind it. She quickly jumped on it, snapping it's neck. The crack echoed loudly against the still night, and the lion lay limp against the brown dirt. I walked closer to it, inspecting it. Brooke had a look of pride in her eyes, they were twinkling.

She moved over to it's neck, grabbing my hand and placing my index and middle finger on it's neck, a little distance between my fingers. I felt it's pulse, barely there. As quick as it was t here, it was gone. Brooke sat on a rock, watching me intently. I bent my head to it's neck, feeling my fangs ascending, due to the alluring aroma. It's blood was calling to me. I dipped my head down further and bit my fangs into the two spots where my fingers were.

I instantly felt the blood splash against my teeth. I sucked, deeply. No blood was spilling over from my lips, it all went fluently down my throat. I couldn't seem to tear my mouth away from it's neck. The sweet nectar tantalized my taste buds and left me wanting more. I felt my eyes glaze over and someones hand on my shoulder. I snapped my head in their direction, tearing my mouth away from the lion. Brooke was looking at me smirking. “That's enough, Patty. You only need to drink enough to satisfy your thirst, remember that. Too much may cause your movements to be sluggish. You need to learn to control your thirst unless you want to be a blood-crazed vampire.”

I felt a low growl in the back of my throat as my hands dropped the lions limp body to the ground, bearing my fangs at her. My eyes felt vivid, brighter. Everything looked clearer. I felt agile, quick. Stronger. I sprinted off a few yards in front of Brooke, looking back to see her frowning, shaking her head at me. I turned away from her. Not caring. I was in a frenzy. I kept running, I don't know where. Past ferns and trees, I came to a clearing. I thought back at her words, “You need to learn to control your thirst unless you want to be a blood-crazed vampire.”

I yelled out loudly, frustrated and gripping my hair, “NO!” I shouted. “I am not a monster!”

I gave up, collapsing on the ground, the tall wheat looking grass in the clearing being very tall and going just past my shoulders. I brought my knees up to my chest, taking un-even deep shallow breaths, trying to fight back the tears. I shut my eyes tightly, instantly regretting it when images of them filled my imagination.

I was walking to my locker when I got pushed aside roughly, into a corner. I felt one of them grip my shirt and lift me up, pinning me up against the wall roughly. I let out a soft whimper, closing my eyes, wishing it would all just go away, “Leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone...” I whispered softly. I flinched as I felt one of their fists connect with my cheek. I could feel the sting where he hit and the bruise already forming. But I didn't scream out. I didn't fight back. I just stayed quiet, crying softly and choking back the sobs as they punched and kicked me. I felt my shoulder sting, letting the numbness take over my body I just closed my eyes, wishing this would end already.

I opened my eyes, focusing my gaze past the shoulder of the boy holding me up roughly against the wall. I tried shutting them out, I did. I let the pain and agony creep it's way into my eyes, I felt my irises go dull and all expression from my face leave, only present in my eyes. All the hatred I felt towards them was as intense as ever. I watched as one of them laughed, lighting up a cigarette and taking a long drag, before blowing the smoke in my face. I coughed weakly, turning my head away from them. I cried freely, barely being able to hold it back. I felt the boy stub his cigarette out on my skin, leaving a trail of burn marks on my arms. I flinched, fighting myself not to yell out in pain and show them what they were doing to me.

I would not let them know how much they were affecting me, they would relish in the moment, content that they were getting to me. I hated them, I felt my body drop and hit the floor as my shoulders slumped down the cold wall. I let out a small gasp as my body made contact with the floor. I watched as they laughed at me, walking away and leaving me there, by myself. I let everything go when they were out of my sight, my body shaking violently as the sobs wracked at my body.

I stood, wiping my face on my shoulder and walking to the washroom before the bell could ring. I didn't want anyone seeing me like this. I placed my bag on my shoulders, wincing at how sore I already felt. I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I had bruises under my eyes, and a right black eye. There was several cuts on my forehead and cheek, and a big gash on my lip where it was freely bleeding. I looked at my arm where the burns were red and pink, several bruises forming on both arms and my neck.

I shivered as the cold water touched my skin, cursing them for doing this to me. I pulled a sweater out of my bag and pulled it over me, letting the sleeves cover everything. I felt that now, maybe if people stared, I wouldn't look so ugly. I wiped the tears from my face and let the blank mask of emotion overcome my face as I finished wiping my face, flinching at how tender my skin was.

They did this to me. They didn't care. They made my life hell. They were the reason I jumped off the building. They made me want to die.

I brought myself out of my mind, opening my eyes and staring in front of me wide-eyed and scared. I had let my mind drift back to them, and every time I did it would break me. I touched my face, looking down at my wet hand. I was crying. I let the pain over come my body as I curled up in a ball, crying to myself. After a while I felt myself calming down, my arms snaking around myself for support and comfort.

I looked up at the sky to see it was a pale pink/dark blue. It was almost sunrise. I decided I'd head back to the house and try to get some sleep before my day tomorrow. I lifted my shirt up and off my head, wiping my face on it. I could almost feel the light of the descending moon glisten and shine on the pale, thin ugly scars that ined my body. My stomach, sides, arms, and back. They were everywhere, in no particular pattern or order. They were ugly and pink under the light. I shuddered involuntarily, disgusted and revolted with my body. I pulled my now wet and damp shirt back on, before turning around and making my way back to the trees of the forrest.

I didn't exactly know where I was, but I could figure it out. I walked at a small pace, not feeling like using my vampire speed. I needed this. I needed the cool, crisp night are invading my nostrils. I needed to hear the crunch of branches and dirt beneath my feet. I sighed, closing my eyes briefly, all my senses calming down as the tension in my muscles relaxed. I let random thoughts cross my mind, walking peacefully through the night.

I've always wanted to get a tattoo. A lot of them, actually. I suppose now I can, since it won't be as painful, even though I still am a wuss....

I heard a branch crack loudly behind me. My head snapped and scanned the trees carefully, my breathing had stopped and I felt my face go pale. I stayed still, looking deeply, squinting at the trees. I turned slowly in a circle, looking for the cause of the noise. It must've been an animal. I shook my head, dismissing the thought from my head as I relaxed a little, but not completely.

After listening for a few more minutes, I started my pace again out of the woods, but then deciding to go with my better judgment and use my vampire speed. I soon found myself just outside of the woods, facing the house. I turned around, scanning the woods from my position. I felt a pair of eyes on me, watching me intently. Their eyes were burning through me. I looked harder, frustrated, but I didn't see anyone. I shook my head again, letting the thought linger to the back of my head. I walked to the front of the door, opening it quietly trying not to make any noise, incase anyone was resting.

I walked past the living room where Skylar and his husband had fallen asleep, cuddled up on the couch. I smiled sweetly, wishing I could have something like that. I practically bounded up the stairs, wanting nothing more than to let the darkness engulf me and to go to sleep. Opening my door, I stripped off my clothes, leaving just my boxer briefs then climbing under my sheets, pulling them over me tightly.

I still couldn't shake off the weird feeling of being watched, but decided not to worry about it anyway. I closed my eyes, nestling my head into the pillow and letting the darkness over come me. I was out within seconds.
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