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Footsteps for a Bride-to-Be


Near the end of 2010, after a few squabbles, amazing make up smex, a lot of romantic getaways, scary moments, crucial milestones, two to three weddings, constant pressure, heart to heart talks, late night phone calls, five years of serious commitment, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 8 Gold Medals and a baby, Michael Phelps finally bent down on one knee and finally popped the question.
Roxanne Miller's doubts finally ceased and in 2011, she began to write a diary so she could share it to anyone who plans to marry a man with a very successful career whose life is constantly on watch, on the go and can be revealed just by clicking 'Search' on Google.

"Everyone will definitely enjoy reading a Diary of a Bride-to-be," Her publisher exclaimed.

We'll see about that.



Real People, Events and Locations have either been changed, created or altered for the purposes of this fan-fiction. Most characters are not real and if they happen to resemble someone in real life, it is pure coincidence.

Author Note:

Third and Final installment of my Michael Phelps fan-fiction. I thank everyone who followed it since "Rules on Relationship". I thank everyone for the love you've given this series and me. I hope you will follow on as I write more stories here in Mibba. xox