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Footsteps for a Bride-to-Be

#14: "Engagement Party"

September 29th, 2011

9:50am - Our Love Nest

"I want to roll around here for a long time," I yawned and stretched as my husband-to-be wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. Baby Phelps didn't wake up until ten o'clock, but he did always have a cry around six or seven to call for his morning bottle of milk. I got up that morning, since Michael was out with his Sisters last night. They took their Brother out after accusing him for not being so social with his siblings like he used to.
Michael nuzzled against my neck, lightly giving pecks here and there as he mumbled, "Baby, can we just stay here for the rest of the day. All this wedding planning stuff is really taking up most of our time..."
I combed my fingers through his hair and stared up at the ceiling. "Do you think we can just stop for a day?"
"No," He quickly replied.
"That was a quick response." A giggle escaped out of my lips.
"That's a silly question," He whispered on. "I want to get this over and done with, because when we get it all sorted, I have all November and December to just spend time with you and Mitch."
I shook my head. "If you need to be reminded, Mitchie and I are off to my Mom's place in November while you're going London again," I told him straight away. It was unfortunate, but Michael Phelps was needed elsewhere for one whole month again, and it was one of those times where I wished that he wasn't as famous and well recognized, and well, needed elsewhere.
"You know I will make it up to you before I leave," He reminded me.
"Yeah, well, let's hope you survive today first." I rolled to my side to look at him. Our eyes met and we both smiled at the same time. I placed my hand on the side of his face, caressing his cheek with my thumb as I whispered, "I can't wait to get married."
"I hope so," Michael lightly yawned as he placed his hand atop of mine, moving it slightly towards his lips so he could give it a light peck. "Anne, what were the odds that we made it all the way here, right at this moment after all those things we've been through? You stuck with me, even though my lifestyle wasn't what you wanted. Plus, you added Mitchell into our lives, even though we had that little problem along the way with that..." His voice faded in the end. Silence went by before the sound of a cooing baby interrupted us.
"He's awake." I pushed myself to sit up, but before I got anywhere, Michael pulled me back down, pressed his lips against mine and whispered, "You can stay here."

And he was gone.

I touched my lips and watched him leave. I wasn't sure what was going on with him, lately, he had been bringing up the topic of more children, and it was sudden! I touched my belly, rubbing it up and down and remembered what he was on about. Baby Phelps' birth was a miracle, and to think that there was a chance that he wasn't going to be born at all.

Wait... Did Michael want more children?

Half an hour after he left me in the room on my own, I stood up and hunted him down since I didn't hear anything from the other side of the baby monitor. The two boys weren't in the room, they weren't down the hall or in the bathroom, not in the kitchen and not in the living room. I rubbed the back of my head before adjusting my white top and the hem of my striped pyjama pants, and wondering where my two boys were, I wandered to the front door where Herman had sat down staring at the opened door.
"Where the heck-" I muttered as I followed the trail. Pushing my feet into the pink pair of slippers and walked outside, meeting the sun. I held back a yawn as I found Michael and Baby Phelps talking to Derek at the bottom of the stairs.
"Good morning Monkey!" Derek greeted with a big smile on his face, though he was sweaty as he probably came from a good morning jog, he was still the same blond goof. "I came by because I saw Michael here with Mitch. Couldn't miss the chance to say hi to the little guy," He explained.
In saying that, I realized Michael was half naked, but he wrapped himself with a grey jacket from to hook and was left open. Baby Phelps was still in pyjamas. I sighed at the two as I knew that my husband-to-be didn't consider that people saw them while driving and walking passed. I crossed my arms as I looked at the two while they were looking at me with their matching smiles. "Is that so?" I shook my head.
"We only came out to get the newspaper," Michael grinned and waved around the rolled newspaper in his free hand. Our seven month old son supported his Father with a giggle and a wave of his little hands.
Derek laughed and gave Baby Phelps a pat on the back. "You saved your Dad on that one, little man," He said aloud. "Well, I'll see you guys a bit later." He added before waving and jogging out into the distance.
"Don't need to mention it, am coming in," Michael spoke up before I could and walked up the stairs and back into the house, I followed afterwards and closed the door.
"You are so whipped," I teased as I took Baby Phelps from his Father and we wandered back to the baby's room to change him into his day clothes. I didn't know if Michael followed or if it was Herman, but I heard footsteps behind me as I entered the room. Placing the baby onto the bed, I turned to the door and found Herman wander in followed by Michael who leaned against the door frame with his arms crossed.
"I want to ask you something."
"What is it?" I quickly replied while changing Baby Phelps.
"Did you want to have children this early in our relationship?"
"You know, we're still young - in a way - and I was wondering if you wanted to have a baby at this age?"
I leaned down and gave Baby Phelps a peck on the forehead before I swept his hair to settle, he gave me a big smile and giggles as I fixed his shirt buttons up. I would've probably considered having a baby near my 30s, but I don't regret anything, especially the baby boy on the bed with his beautiful eyes ogling at me. I was that baby's Mother, and that man by the door, he helped. I smirked at the thought. With a baby tone, I grabbed Baby Phelps' little hands and swung it gently left and right as I replied, "I don't regret anything because I was given this little handsome guy after finding out I shouldn't be able to."
I took a peek at Michael as his lips curved. "Me neither."
"I have a question," I changed the topic as I lifted Baby Phelps back into my arms, and with the same baby voice and using the baby as my voice, I continued, "Daddy, if you and Mommy could, when would you want to have me be born?"
"Anytime," the Olympian chuckled. "I'm happy either way."
"Good," I sternly replied, the tone of my voice went back to normal.
"It takes two of us to make our little man, so if we didn't have him now, I don't know if we'd have him at all, considering that we don't know what'll go on."
"Are you joking? He's bound to come sooner rather than later consideringi that his Daddy is-" I cut myself off as I didn't want our son to hear what I wanted to say, but I knew Michael understood what I was hinting towards as he let out a laugh and looked so proud of his accomplishment.
I hissed at him. "Don't be inappropriate in front of Mitchie!"
"Hah! Me? You're the one-" He was interrupted because I gave him a nudge on my way out of the room.

This was the first time Michael ever asked me if I wanted children later than sooner. I loved Baby Phelps, if he wasn't born, I wonder what we'd be doing. Ever since Baby Phelps was born, I haven't thought about the 'what ifs' and the alternate life without him there.

Must be a Mother thing?

8:40pm - Lia and Derek's House

Baby Phelps was sleeping in my arms as it was passed his bedtime, especially since he spent his day playing outside with his Dad and Uncle Derek in the sprinklers. During that time that they were mucking about, I was indoors with Lia and planning the wedding. There wasn't much to do, but Lia wanted to talk to me about the reception since she and Derek put their hands up to be the emcees for the night. I could only imagine what they'd get up to and what they're going to say, so I was quite conscious and talked to Lia about the schedule for the night. The Wedding Planner already told me the layout of the night and it was up to me to settle with what time and such to do it.
They even cooked us dinner since we stayed there rather too long. Derek even showing off his new cooking set from his Parents, and surprisingly, he did pretty well.

Sipping on the red wine, I listened into the conversation amongst the other three at the table. They were discussing about their training for the week and about what they'd do for the Olympics. They had high hopes for their goals, Michael didn't sound as excited as Derek though since he and Lia had a bet that if he won the amount of medals he wanted to win, not caring whether or not it was Gold or Bronze, the two would finally be working on making a baby. It started as a joke between the four of us, and after months of joking around, Lia told me that Derek turned around and made a deal to start a family. It was risky for my best friend as it was probably the end of her career if she went on to becoming a Mother, but then again, she has confessed to me a few times that she was jealous of how happy I was with Baby Phelps.
"So, are you saying that you might end up making an Olympic baby?" I blended into the conversation as I placed the glass back down on the table. I felt Michael's arm wrap around my shoulders as he leaned closer and added, "I'm sure nine months after the Olympics, Lia and Derek are going to be joining the club."
"If it's a girl, and she grows up alongside your little guy, I hope no funny business huh?" Derek, who was a bit intoxicated with the amount of beer and wine mixed together throughout the day, played along which made Lia give him a smack on the arm.
"I hear girls are harder work though?" I commented.
"Heck yeah, I should know, I made my Parents go through a lot with me," Lia answered. She shook the glass about for the wine to swirl around. "But this day and age, I wonder how much stress a daughter would bring to Derek, since Dad's have it worse with daughters."
Her husband looked a bit stressed from hearing that and fell quiet.
I merely shrug and looked at Michael, who only smiled and leaned to kiss me on the cheek and said, "I hope Mitch isn't going to be as bad as I was as a kid."
"Oh, I'm worried," I teased with a grin from ear to ear, knowing my husband has always been teasing me about how much of a troublesome kid he was plus the amount of trouble I was too would mean that Baby Phelps might be just the same.
"So, the countdown begins guys, straight after the engagement dinner," Lia quickly changed the topic before the atmosphere died down. She placed the glass back on the table and clasped her hands together with a bigger grin that I had. She was as excited as I was on getting married.
"A fish and a monkey getting married, I cannot wait," Derek coughed. "I wonder who Mitchell will take up."

Looking at Derek, he seemed like he was really ready to be a Father. And looking at Michael, he seemed to be more mature since he became a Father.


October 8th, 2011

11:45am - Our Love Nest

Well, tonight was our engagement party. The people attending the event was going to be invited to the wedding, but we won't know if they'd attend until we send out the official invitation in a few weeks. I was expecting the invitations to arrive in a few days, then I have to write the addresses and mail them.
I woke up early because Michael did, he had to go to meet his Coach for an early morning swim since he won't be doing any practice later in the day and the next day. I couldn't go back to sleep after him wandering around so early, so I went outside in the lounge, lying on the sofa with Herman and watching some morning cartoons. It was Saturday, there were cartoons in the morning for kids.

Just before lunch, Baby Phelps joined me in watching television. He wasn't into the sounds and colors of the television while drinking his bottle of milk, instead, he was more interested in staring at Herman snoring and making noises not too far from us. The baby loved Herman just as much as Herman loved the baby.
I was zoning out once and a while, but Baby Phelps would smack me or kick me to get me back into reality as we just lay on the sofa.
"You get to see your Grandparents today," I whispered as I tugged him a bit closer to me. "All five of them are coming to see you and giving you lots and lots of attention." I yawned and noticed that Baby Phelps wasn't even listening to me, he was asleep and the bottle was emptied. "Just like your Dad."
"Who is?"
My head turned quickly over my shoulder and saw Michael.
"Did you just get home?" I asked as I slowly sat up, bringing Baby Phelps with me and cradled him into my arms. No matter how much we moved him around when he was asleep, he would never wake up.

Just like his Dad.

After putting the baby down and cleaning up the lounge area mess that he and I did, I was finally free to reunite with Michael, who just took a shower. He was half-naked and wandering around the house with nothing more but a towel to keep him covered. I could only imagine the amount of girls who swooned and yearned to see him that way, even I would be caught off guard once and a while.
"Baby," I heard the Olympian call from the hallway. "Anne."
"I'm in the kitchen," I responded to his calls as I finished clearing out the dishwasher and replacing it with dirty ones left in the sink. "What do you want, honey?"
I felt a pair of arms wrap around me, the toned chest pressed against my back and it was making my shirt slightly wet and his lips were pecking onto my exposed neck. I let out a little giggle like an embarrassed school girl with her crush, which I didn't want him to hear because he would keep going on with making me turn into a tomato. And I'm pretty sure he heard me.
"I've been thinking-" He started. "I don't know about you, but after the Olympics, I want to try for Baby Phelps number two," He revealed in a whisper, which made my eyes open wide and drop the pieces of fork in my grasp into the sink.
"You want Mitchie to have a sibling?" I coughed and quickly rinsed the soap off my hands, drying them lazily on the tea towel tossed on the side. I turned around, his body fully pressing me against the counter and his arms wrapping me closer to his body. I tapped my hands on his chest and asked, "How many are you wanting to have? Need I remind you that we have limitations at one end?"
He gave me a peck on my forehead, a rather long one too. "I don't care." He smiled softly. "I want three, because you had two other siblings and I had two other siblings, it'll only be fair, right?"
"I knew you've been thinking about having more since that night at Derek and Lia's." I prodded at his chest and tapped the side of his face as I tip toed to meet his lips. I would be interested to see how many Baby Phelps we'd have, and it was very surprising he wanted more than just one child.

3:30pm - Hilton Hotel

My Mom and Nick, Ralph and Hailey were at the hotel. We promised to meet them there before the dinner later that night. My Dad, Kim and Ricky were arriving a bit later because they had to stop over elsewhere due to the fact my little Brother was being a pain and wanted to see a tourist site, I didn't know where they exactly were as my Dad didn't want me to stress out with them being very late.

"You know what irritates me the most?" I was ranting since we left the house. "If my Dad doesn't turn up, then I am definitely not going to be so happy about all this, knowing my Dad though, he'll turn up, just about three minutes before it ends!" I hiss as we entered the elevator. My arms were crossed like a little kid, and luckily, Michael just listened and he just carried the bubbly Baby Phelps in his grasp.
"Anne, it'll be fine, you know he'll turn up," He tried to calm me down.
I wasn't listening.
"You are such a hot head sometimes," the Olympian chuckled as he used his free hand to reach forth and tug me close to him and Baby Phelps. He gave me a kiss on the top of my head, and leaned down for our son to slobber all over the side of my face. I wiped the side of my face with the handkerchief dangling from Michael's pocket, and tapped the material on Baby Phelps' lips to wipe his saliva. I gave the two a hug, despite not being able to wrap my arms around the two of them completely, I still felt the warmth and love from the both of them.
A sigh escaped my lips as soon as I released them. "I love you two," I said with a smile.
"That's my girl," He muttered just before the elevator door opened and we were greeted by Ralph and Hailey. The two were holding hands and seemed to have had a very loving conversation, and seeing my older Brother that way, I was both happy and confused since Ricky and I hardly ever saw him that happy whenever he was in a relationship.
"Anne!" Ralph cheered as he released Hailey's hand and tossed his arms around me, pulling me into a tight hug. That was so not like him. I wonder what was up with him?
"Hey Ralph," I mumbled against his shirt, his cologne was practically making me high. I pulled away and gave his girlfriend a kiss on the cheek as I greeted her. "Hi Hailey."
Michael followed and exited the elevator right before the doors closed. "Hey guys," He greeted and gave the lovely couple a handshake.
"What are you doing?" My older Brother's tone of voice changed to something so childish, which really was a first when he spoke to Baby Phelps. He took the baby from my fiancé's grasp and walked away without another word, basically leaving Hailey behind with a very confused expression.
I grasped Michael's hand without another word and intertwined our fingers.
"What's going on with my Brother lately?" I thought out loud.
Hailey cleared her throat and answered, "Because we've been trying to have a baby lately."

Everyone's suddenly wanting to have babies!

When we met up with my Mom and Nick, it was in their hotel suite, they were unpacking a few things since they were there for the whole week to explore Maryland and spend time with Baby Phelps. I was left in the room on my own, Mom and Hailey went out to buy a few things for the week, Nick and Michael were having a talk on the balcony with the door closed, and Ralph was playing around the room with Baby Phelps.
"What's gotten into you?" I blurted out without thinking. My arms were crossed and I was feeling really suspicious of my older Brother.
"What do you mean?" Ralph looked at me, his eyes widened from surprise as he sat down next to me with Baby Phelps on his lap. "Nothing's wrong with me."
"Don't lie, Hailey told me that you two have been trying for a baby?"
"Um," He paused. He fell quiet for quite some time as though he was trying so hard to think up what to explain. "Well," He looked down at Baby Phelps, giving the baby a slight rub on the shoulders and answered, "I know very well that I'm not getting any younger, Hailey too. She's wanting to get married, but then again, she wants a baby. The thing is, kiddo, I'm sick."
"Yeah, I didn’t want to tell you tonight, but I've got a problem with my lungs from serving overseas," He continued. It was really heart breaking to hear my Brother was going to be hospitalized. It got worse when he went on to talking about his treatment starting next year, and it wasn't confirmed to be cancer, however, it was leading on to that with the symptoms already coming forward when he last went to the hospital.
Ralph stopped talking when the lock of the front door beeped.
"I'll stay quiet," I whispered, even trying to hold in my tears. I gave him a pat on the shoulder before standing up and greeting my Mom and Hailey.

I hope I can stay happy without worrying about my Brother and his news.

5:00pm - Linwoods Restaurant

Guests came here and there. Baby Phelps was stuck to his Uncle Ralph and Aunt Hailey like glue, and Michael didn't say anything about it because he was just so busy entertaining his relatives and his friends that were invited. It was typical, charismatic Michael Phelps. Though some of the people invited from his side, I had met, but don't remember them well so I had to be reintroduced. Then on my side, it was the same for Michael. We were all over the place, thank goodness for my Brother.
I guess it was a good start for him, especially if he wanted a baby before anything happened.
I was looking around for my Dad as well. He wasn't around when he promised he would come and he would say his speech. I really hoped he wouldn't be like this on the day of the wedding.

"If no one knows me, I'm Michael Phelps. This woman beside me is Roxanne Miller. We'd like to thank everyone for coming tonight," Michael said in front of everyone, his hand on my waist and made sure I didn't budge away from his side. "I am surprised everyone turned up."
Everyone laughed. How does he do this?
My Olympian fiancé was very charismatic, he was like this during his interviews and meeting fans and red carpet events, and I know this because he always took me to events that I usually wasn't interested in going. I'm not into speaking in front of people, even if they were my relatives and friends.
We had to stand there for a bit to say our speech, next was our Parents, and lastly, our best friends.

Michael spoke first, he was really into his speech to be honest. He began with: "Ok, look, guys, I am just as surprised as you are to be standing here announcing my engagement. I held out as long as I could. When we met, I was a happy-go-lucky bachelor slash Olympian, but I am here to tell you that my life is better and fuller with her in it. We have been together for how many years now, and sometimes I just figured we were already married, it feels so natural and normal. But when our son, Mitchell, came into our lives, it hit me that I better formalize this thing, or she's gonna walk, and find someone else. I don't want to miss out on being the happiest man in the world, so last weekend I got down on one knee and begged her to marry me. I am sure some of you are shocked that she said yes, but she did, and I couldn't be more excited. So please join me in raising your glass to the future Mrs. Michael Phelps - before she changes her mind."
He said his speech with such love, even though the end of it was quite a punch line.

I was next. My speech wasn't as funny, but here it went: " A little secret that some of you guys may not know, but every girl has either a wedding scrapbook or at the very least some really clear thoughts in her head about the guy she will marry and how it's all going to play out. We think of the proposal, and how we hope it happens, but we have little input in that process - we're supposed to be surprised. When I first met Michael, I of course thought, could I be with this guy forever? The closer we got, the more apparent it was to me that I could, and the longer we dated I caught myself wondering when, and if, he would propose.
After that press conference, I started thinking maybe he wouldn't ever. I waited a while because of all the press that came out. But when he eventually asked me, I was totally caught off guard and excited.
I have to tell you guys that I never thought I would find anyone as perfect as Michael. I kissed a lot of frogs, as they say, and now I have found my prince. Michael, my sweetheart, soul mate and baby daddy - I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you."

My Dad arrived the moment they said his name. I didn't know how to approach him, but when he came up to me, I hugged him out of the blue. My arms and body just moved on their own. I was mad at my Dad, but when I stepped back, he told me he would say his speech and he had a surprise for me. He walked away from me and took to the front, everyone eyed him just like me. I heard my Mom behind me, whispering to Nick why my own Father was late.
I gripped Michael's hand so tightly as my Dad began: "Some young men might be nervous asking a father for his daughter's hand in marriage. Actually, when Michael came to talk to me, I thought he was going to ask for money or apologize. So when he asked about marrying Roxanne, I was relieved. He wasn't nervous at all, he was confident and clear. I admire that, and I didn't have to think very long before giving him a 'yes'. I remembered when I asked Roxanne's Mother's father the same question, and how scared I was that he would find a reason for us not to get married. I can't think of one reason for my daughter not to marry you, on the contrary, I can think of several why she should. One of them being my grandson, Mitchell. I look forward to your wedding, and lots more of little grandchildren running around my yard. Ok, maybe not lots, but some, please kids, before I am too old to enjoy them. Friends, please raise your glasses and join me in welcoming Michael into the family."
Before he took off from the front, he revealed that he had a surprise. I blinked and breathed quite hastily.

What was going on?

"Princess, Michael, we were late because we stopped over New York to pick up your surprise and drove all the way here. We apologize." My Dad smiled. "I spoke to a close friend of mine and we managed to get you two a two week getaway to Paris, the city of Love."

Wow. Paris.
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