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Footsteps for a Bride-to-Be

#20: The Big Day

January 27th, 2012


My eyes opened wide and I inhaled deeply to catch my breath. It was like I was being revived from a coma or something. I caught sight of the ceiling and realized that today was the day. Placing my hand on top of my chest, feeling my heart racing at a lightning speed as I felt shaky and panicky. I sat up and saw Lia out of bed, no one was in the room, but there were footsteps running around outside the door. I didn't know where I was for a few minutes and I needed time to think. My hands tapped all over my body, even pinching myself to believe that everything was real.
"Anne, get your ass out of bed because something arrived for you!" I heard Tiffany yell.
I tossed the blanket off my body and rushed towards the door, throwing on the bath robe to cover myself on my way out to the lounge. I was greeted by screaming bridesmaids. I stared at all three of them with a cocked eyebrow, confused as to why they were squealing and getting so giddy, but when I caught sight of a black garment carrier dangling by the hanger right by the other door. Lia dragged by the arm from one end to the other, closer to the garment carrier, her voice repeating the same word over and over. "Look!"
"It just came a few minutes ago!" Jessica frightened me as she appeared right behind me.
I rubbed my hands together, warming them up as I prepared to touch the zipper and pull it down to reveal the off-white dress that I would be walking down the aisle with. I didn't fully expose the dress, only halfway and pulled it back up again, hearing groans and moans behind me as I turned to them with a smirk and said, "I can't show you until I wear it."
"That is cruel." My best friend rolled her eyes, crossing her arms as she asked, "Why do we have to wait?"
"Because I'd prefer people see me in the dress than to show the dress separately," I explained and walking towards the bedroom again. In the middle of the doorway, I looked over my shoulder and added, "Please get ready so we can go have a big breakfast and I could digest it before getting into that dress."
They scattered without another word, and I went on to take a long, hot shower.

An hour later, I was dressed in a blue summer dress that reached to the floor, my hair down as it was still wet and my face was make up free. Lindsay the Wedding Planner sent me a message that the appointment for the two hair stylists and the make-up artists were scheduled at nine o'clock, so there was an extra hour to spare just for breakfast.
"I am going to have a big breakfast," I repeated as we went into the elevator. The four of us were all fresh and were excited, though I admit that I was more nervous than excited, and I didn't know whether or not the big breakfast was going to be enough distraction to keep the butterflies out of my stomach.
Lia linked our arms together and she said, "Please don't overeat, because your dress was made to fit."
"Well that's true..." I mumbled under my breath, but shook my head and was determined to eat a lot more than I wanted to. "But do you know the amount of time I have to wait before reception?" I thought out loud, causing the other two women in the elevator to laugh. They shook their heads too and told me that I was still the same, thanking me for not changing to someone else.
"The first thing I want to attack is the bacon," I continued to reveal my plan as the elevator door opened and my eyes narrowed, I didn't expect to see Michael there.
Tiffany covered my eyes and Jessica turned my fiancé around so our eye contact didn't last long, everyone was reminding us that it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. We were standing back to back in the lobby of the hotel, not far away from the elevator we came from. We both laughed and felt silly for doing exactly that, but the Brunettes were the only people we were seeing, but the few seconds we made eye contact was good enough for me.
"You look flustered, Mike, why are you here?" Lia questioned, making the situation weirder and getting some attention from the very few people wandering the lobby at this hour of the morning. I rubbed the back of my neck and wondered why he was there. I didn't have a chance to examine him, but for my best friend to say he looked flustered, I believed her and I began to get worried.
The butterflies were becoming more violent as they were fluttering in my stomach.
I hear a light chuckle behind me, Michael took a step back to press his back against mine. I automatically leaned against his body without any hesitation, and feeling his warmth was so welcoming. I missed him.
"Babe, I came here as quick as I could so that I had proof you didn't run away," He answered.
I giggled, my cheeks feeling warm and I looked down to my feet. I avoided looking at Tiffany as I continued to let giggles out of my lips. I heard Jessica whispering stuff to Michael, she was explaining to him the rules of the wedding day - especially the part about seeing the bride was considered bad luck.
"For crying out loud, Mike, tell the truth," My best friend grunted as she sounded grossed out.
"Fine, fine," Michael chuckled. It felt like he was moving around, reaching for something and pushing it to my right hand while reaching for my left hand and intertwining our fingers, holding my hand tightly. A sigh escaped his lips as he looked up to the ceiling for a moment. His emotions oozing out of him, through his hand to mine and telling me how he felt through our touch. He cleared his throat and replied, "I needed to give Anne something, and I wanted to make sure she got it without delay. Besides, I haven't seen her in days, why couldn't I come and see the woman I was going to marry?"
"Why didn't you just wait for the ceremony?" I teasingly asked.
"You know I can't," He said in a whisper.
"You two are so cute," Jessica and Tiffany both whimpered. Lia joined in, which was really rare for her, she tucked her hands into the pocket of my dress to take out my phone and I heard a shutter as she took a photo. She stared at it with a soft smile, turning it around and showed the two of us at the same time. Even if we were standing back to back, and I couldn't see him with my own eyes, but seeing that photo, I felt like he stared right into me. I gripped his hands tighter and instructed Lia to grab the card that I placed in her bag and give it to my fiance, which she never hesitated to do and pushed the card into his hand, forcing us to release the hold we had on each other.
"Is it bad luck if the bride saw the groom?" He asked Brunette A, who merely said no. Michael didn't wait another second as he quickly added, "Can you do me a favour, Jess? Can you cover my eyes and let me hug the Bride before I head back?"
The Brunettes exchanged looks as they agreed to do what was asked. My heart kept pounding against my chest as I took a step away from the Groom, my eyes brightened as I turned around and saw Michael, even though his eyes were covered, I still felt his gaze was looking my way. I nearly tackled him when I embraced him, my arms wrapped around him and my head leaned against his chest, hearing his heartbeat beating at the same pace as mine had made me calm my nerves. I felt at ease being there.
"I'll see you at the end of the aisle, Anne," He whispered into my ear and pecking on my cheeks.
"Wait for me, yeah?" I whispered back.
Being pulled away from our embrace and watching him walk away made me sad, but my Bridesmaids were there to cheer me up, taking me to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Pleasing my needs with bacon.

Mmm... Bacon.


My hair was done; two braids on one side, curled altogether at the end and into a messy bun, there was also a pearl, light blue and silver feathered hair pin to keep them at place. My make-up was also done; it was kept natural and used neutral colours to keep me looking vintage. The matching pearl set with earrings and necklace jewellery was borrowed by my Mother, who used it at both her wedding days, and it was given to her from her Mother. I wasn't dressed yet, I still wandered around the room in the same summer dress, and I did pace about the entire hotel room for a long time, not being able to sit still as I got more and more nervous. Throughout the morning, the other women in the entourage began to pour in, which included my Mom, Michael's Mom and his Sisters.

"How are my boys?" I asked my Mom as she entered the bedroom, she came to attempt calming me down.
"Oh, they're very relaxed," She replied, grabbing me by the arm and sat me down at the edge of the bed, and she gave me a pat on the lap. "Are you okay, Pumpkin? You seem a bit worried out."
"No, no, I'm not, I'm just nervous," I mumbled.
"You aren't," She denied. "I see it in your face that you are getting nervous and stressing out, you know you can talk to me, right?"
"Mom, I can't do this right now, I just want to make time go faster before I start getting doubtful." My voice was shaky, my fingers fiddled with my engagement ring, and I wasn't sure how I really felt deep down. My Mom was trying hard to comfort me, she kept giving me shoulders rubs and a hug, although she tried to keep away from ruining my hair and make-up. She gave me a kiss on the shoulder and said, "Pumpkin, you are a grown woman now. You are getting married and you are a Mother. I have to be honest, but you made me worry that you wouldn't get married any time soon because when you were younger, you always dedicated yourself into your work than anything else. I thought that dreadful ex of yours in High School was the last one, but when you told me about Michael, it was different."
"Mom, how can I get rid of this panicking state? I'm really nervous, I'm shaky, and I'm so worried!"
"You have three hours until you become a married woman," She reminded me. "And I think you're getting worked up for absolutely no reason to be like this, unless you're being a dummy again?"
"No, I want to marry him, but I don't know why I'm feeling like this." I gulped down my words, worrying more and more that I won't make it to the aisle.
"You promised Michael that you'd meet him at the end of the aisle. Are you going to break your promise?"
I shook my head. Breaking the promise would break his heart. I swallowed my worries and looked my Mom straight in her eyes. "Mom, if I act like this again, you have my permission to slap me."
My Mom's eyes got watery. She sobbed and tried to avoid looking at me so that her eyes wouldn't soak up and her make-up get ruined. "Pumpkin, I will cry when we walk down the aisle, so I won't cry now. Please don't make me cry just yet."
"Why would you cry?"
"Because I am so proud of you," She sobbed. "I am so proud of you and your Brothers. I am so proud of where you got to now, where you made a label of yourself and where you gave life to my Grandson. I think Michael is one lucky man, and you are one lucky woman to be marrying such a gentleman."
I began to whimper, also doing what she did and avoid looking at her so that I wouldn't tear up and ruin the make-up. I was definitely Maria's daughter.

The clock was ticking slowly.

I didn't want else to do with myself, I was always getting my make-up redone, my hair touched up and always pampered. I didn't like the amount of attention, so I secretly escaped downstairs to the bar, I needed a drink and I wanted to gulp down a nice pineapple and cranberry juice mixed with a bit of alcohol called, the Island Breeze. I sat by the bar, my face and hair all done up and yet I was dressed casually in the same summer dress. There was hardly anyone around, well except a few people and an old couple who sat a few seats from me. I couldn't help but listen or steal glances to them, and they were so adorable. They were a much older couple, they still held hands, caressed each other's cheek and gave each other kisses, and I swear that I heard them talk about their last night rendezvous from the beach to their hotel suite, which kind of made me cringe for a few seconds before realizing that their love was pure.
"Excuse me, I can't help but notice that you are very beautiful as well as a gorgeous diamond ring on your ring finger. Are you getting married?" The older woman questioned me out of the blue. I was caught off guard, and nearly choking on the drink as I sipped through the straw. I slightly coughed and still managed to smile, tapping at my chest and turned to the couple. I nodded, still not able to speak due to the drink stuck at my throat.
"Wait, you look a lot more familiar," Her husband cleared his throat while peeking from behind his wife.
I shrugged and asked, "From where?"
The man began to rub his chin, scraping his skin with his fingers. "Oh, honey, she kind of looks like that beautiful girl that was dating that Olympian Swimmer in Ann Arbor a few years ago. You know, that couple who always ate our waffles. He even paid for us to go to Baltimore to drop the waffles-"
"-Oh my God," I gasped, completely cutting him off. "Are you the couple who owned that delicious waffle in the Pancake House!?" I nearly screamed, gripping on the glass tightly from shock.
The older couple also held onto each other tight. Their eyes narrowed, jaws dropped and their face pale as though they saw a ghost. I really couldn't believe it was them, it felt so nostalgic. The two aged so well, they were lovely and didn't look any bit older than when I last saw them, which was when Michael proposed to me when we were in Ann Arbor and we celebrated the next day by eating at the Pancake House. I eyed the couple from head to toe, and they were really surprised to see me.
The woman released her husband, her fingers brushed along her face to calm herself down as she sat back up and leaned closer to me. "Ms. Miller, is today your wedding day?" She questioned with a shaky tone. "I can't believe we would be near the same area, what were the odds? How are you two? How is your little guy? Oh! Why are you here? Aren't you meant to be preparing?"
I couldn't keep up with the amount of questions she was blurting out of her mouth. Her husband had to tap her shoulders to calm her and to keep her quiet. She finally inhaled and exhaled to take a breath. The man smiled and leaned closer to press his head against hers, his eyes still stayed towards me as he said, "We don't mean to interrupt what you are doing, but really, why are you here?"
Lifting the glass, I took a gulp of the drink and swallowed it down without another thought. I coughed once more, forgetting that the drink was cold. I tapped my throat before I could be able to speak. "Well, there's still a while to go, I didn't have much to do and I was getting nervous, so I thought I really needed a drink," I confessed, not lying one bit.
"Oh dear, I had eleven shots of tequila before I walked down the aisle." The wife surprised me with her sudden revelation. She laughed and tapped her husband's cheek, exchanging looks with him briefly before looking back at me. "Dear, it's okay to be drinking. Let me buy you another-"
"-Sweetie, no, I would much prefer she doesn't." The man interrupted her and asked, "Are you getting the jitters, Ms. Miller?"
"Just call me Anne." I paused, tapping on the glass. I took a deep breath, the air filling my lungs and blew it out with a long exhale. "I know this might be out of the blue, but would you like to come to our wedding?" I asked out of the blue. They were gasping, looking at each other and were very much surprised that there was little time left before they could even get me a gift. I shook my head, a smile curving on the corners of my lips as I tried to reassure them that there wasn't anything they could give me to thank them for their hospitality whenever Michael and I visited their Pancake House during our time in Ann Arbor.
"We really couldn't, Anne-"
I reached into my purse, rummaging through for the spare invitation that I was saving for the just the occasion, and Michael always told me that I shouldn't have to do something like that, but good thing I didn't listen because it was much needed at that moment. I pulled out the invitation and handed it to the older couple. "I insist you attend, and trust me, Michael would be so happy to see you. We've always wanted to invite you two, but we couldn't find you after we found out that the Pancake House was handed down to your children and you guys have moved," I explained.
They exchanged looks, looking uncertain before they both nodded and smiled. The woman turned to me and said, "Then it really would be an honor."
I nearly jumped off my seat in happiness, but I did wobble on the stool and neary fell off. They helped me stabilize myself before they beckoned to something I dropped on the floor. My eyes widened and I noticed Michael's card that he handed to me earlier today, during our encounter. I realized that I never read it. I actually forgot about it after being caught up with all this nonsense in my head. I got off my seat to pick up the card, my heart racing as I opened it and saw a long message from my fiancé.
I read through all the words without being distracted.

Michael Phelps wrote a long message in black ink, it soaked and dried onto the card and it was written with a lot of love. He greeted me as Mrs Phelps and explained to me that whatever he did to deserve me, he was thankful and promised - from the bottom of his heart - that he would make it up to me by spending the rest of his life making me happy. He poured his heart out about how he really felt, especially about how nervous he was with waiting for me at the end of the aisle and hoping that he wouldn't have to wait long in front of our Family and Friends. Michael expressed his wishes, what he expected to see in the future, and despite having a baby earlier than expected, we could still live the life we planned, especially with the future children we were going to be blessed with inside a big house that he wanted to get built up. We were going to adopt another dog. Buy a new car. Go to England together for the Olympics.
There were so many things, and I slightly teared up.

"I have a feeling we were here at this time, in this particular bar just for your special occasion," The older man spoke up, wondering if it'd be the right time to say such a thing. "I think it was because we were supposed to show you what love would look like in a million years, and so you wouldn't be doubting and be here at the bar, wondering if you were doing the right thing."
His wife smiled and repeated what she said before - "What were the odds of that."

What were the odds indeed...


Not a lot of people were left in the hotel room anymore because they were asked to move out of the room and wait in the cars downstairs, I was left in the hotel room to do an impromptu photo shoot in my dress. I was a big more confident, but it wouldn't stop my chest from beating at the same fast pace before.
"That'll be good," The photographer grinned at the sight of his camera screen, he gave me an all clear before he disappeared into the hallway, and I was left alone in the room. I looked over at the mirror, a smile weakly on my face as I eyed myself up and down.

My dress was an Augusta Jones Wedding Dress in an-off white colour that was tailored to fit my size and form. I chose this because it was beautiful. The woman who helped me pick the dress described that it was a 1950's inspired strapless organza wedding gown with a pleated wrap-over bodice features a sweeping sweetheart neckline. The A-line skirt is a vision in rolled organza ribbon and features a scallop lace trim on the hem and train. The belt kept the dress steady and the cap sleeve bolero to make it a lot more conservative. The wedding dress also came with a matching Augusta Jones Veil, that was at fingertip length veil and features a single layer of the finest English tulle. It is edged all the way round with a delicate yet substantial lace trim featuring an eyelash finish.
The whole dress and accessory just fit perfectly for the vibe of the wedding, it also kept me cool in the hot weather in Maui. I confess that I actually tried on the dress while everyone was busy with getting prepared.
I loved the dress, and I really hoped Michael did too,

While waiting in the hotel room for the car to take us to the ceremony, I sat on the bed, very stiff and fiddling with the bouquet of blush-pink Phalaenopsis orchids amongst ruffle-edged magenta garden roses, pale-pink rounded garden roses, and still paler spray roses. The colours were captivating.
"Anne, are you in here?"
I jumped on the spot and looked over to the door. A distressed Lia rushing in and panting as though she was desperate to talk to me. I really hoped that there wasn't a bad situation to delay the wedding. I even took a peak out the window to cheek if it rained, and fortunately, it didn't.
"Babe, I have something I've been keeping to myself for a while and I can't take it anymore," She gasped for air. She took a grip of my hands, holding onto the bouquet as well, and she stared me straight in the eyes. "I wasn't planning on telling you over the time we were here, but I couldn't take it anymore, especially when the girls were getting worried about you and you disappeared in the afternoon to go to the bar. I thought that this was the right moment to tell you, and just so you know, you're the first person I ever told this too, but you need a big pick-me-up."
"What? What? What?" I grumbled as I got impatient. I shook her hand a bit as my brows furrowed. "Lia, spill it! You can't just say all that and not-"
"-I'm pregnant!" She nearly screamed.
My jaws dropped.
"Anne, I'm pregnant," She repeated with a quivering voice. She looked like she was holding onto tears of joy as she repeated it over and over again to get it into my head.
I was speechless, but was overjoyed. I placed the bouquet on the side of the bed, pulled Lia to her feet and pulled her into a tight embrace. I shut my eyes tight and whispered, "Congratulations Lia, and that is something I am definitely so excited about!"
Lia sniffed. "I haven't told Derek yet, but I just found out this morning," She whispered. "I had a feeling something was up, so I went to get a pregnancy test and tried it out while everyone was sleeping. I don't know how far along, but I am going to need my best friend through this."
"You've got me," I whispered. "You know that you've got me."
She took a step back, her hands still holding onto me. "This means I can't go to the Olympics to compete this year. I guess I'll be with you in the stands. But then, this doesn't really break my heart or have any regrets from not going. If it was something else that's stopping me from going, I would be devastated."
"Babe, you'll be a great Mom," I complimented. Brushing the loose little strands of her brown hair from her face and smiled. I couldn't stop smiling. "Thank you, Lia."
"No," She shook her head. "Thank you, Anne. You have been the most awesome person in my life, thank you for keeping me here and in your life."
"We could be in-laws if you have a daughter, you know?"
We shared a giggle and embraced again. We were both happy and we spent the rest of the time talking about her future plans. She wanted a daughter, but listening to her about all this reminded me of when I was pregnant with Baby Phelps and how excited I was too. I was feeling a lot more at ease.

3:00pm - THE WEDDING

I could hear the band. I could hear the crowd. I could hear shutters of cameras.
I had my eyes kept closed, my hands gripped tight around the bouquet. I was still in the back of the car, waiting for the time I had to make the most important walk I would ever make, and with my Mom beside me, she kept whispering the most comforting words to keep me stable. I wanted to cry, and everyone who knew me would know that for me to not cry during a very emotional moment was an achievement.

"It's time," My Dad announced as he opened the car door, his hand reaching out to me. Holding onto his hand, I felt so protected. I stood up straight in front of my Dad, who saw me for the first time, gave me the happiest smile I ever seen him have. "Princess," He cooed. "My princess... I have to give you away now."
"Dad, I still love you," I reassured him. "You are my Dad and you would always be that number one man in my life. Michael's got big shoes to fill."
He let a shy chuckle. "Princess, he's got bigger shoes than me," He joke, making me giggle.
My Mom turned up beside me, she greeted my Dad with a nod as they stood at either side of me. Lindsay the Wedding Planner took a peek from behind the group of people that helped keep the ceremony go smoothly. She gave me a thumbs up, mouthing that everything was going perfectly. I merely nod my head as I intertwined one arm around my Dad and the other around my Mom, I pulled them close as I took a big breath and muttered, "I'm ready."
"Michael will catch you, Pumpkin," Mom managed to add in before we made our way to where they wanted us to stand. The doors were closed as the band's instrumental changed from one song to the light and refreshing sounds of a solo ukulele and a man beginning to create the introduction 'oohs' for the song, Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole. I began to whimper as the doors began to slowly open, everything went in slow motion as cameras flashed and everyone's eyes were staring right at me. I gulped my fears down my throat and met eye to eye with the man waiting to catch me at the end of the aisle. We both smiled at the same time.
His smile made the butterflies in my stomach go away, the nerves that made my chest be pounded by the pace of my heart disappear, and my tears began to swell just a bit. I stole a glimpse of Baby Phelps in the grasp of Derek, who was giving me a reassuring wave using my son's hand. I returned my gaze to where I was heading towards, my feet automatically taking small steps as soon as we were cleared. I mimicked the pace of my Parents' footsteps and made my way into the crowd.
Over the time as I walked, I caught glimpses of familiar faces. From the close friends we made in Ann Arbor, the friends we made in Baltimore, the family who supported us and the significant people who helped lead me to Michael. I reached the mark where I had to release my Mom and Dad, they unlocked me from their hold, both giving me pecks on the cheek and letting me go. I walked the last few steps on my own before Michael's hand reached out towards me and meeting me halfway.
"I'm here," He whispered as I made contact with his hand and he led me to the front, standing opposite of me with his goofy grin and watery eyes. "You're beautiful," He mouthed as the ceremony began.
Throughout the ceremony, I concentrated on Michael as he concentrated on me. We probably didn't respond as much during the ceremony, but we did respond to the vows as well as said I Do when we needed to. Our first kiss as Husband and Wife was just amazing, it was like our first kiss allover again in the swimming pool back in Ann Arbor. There were fireworks, butterflies, weak knees and a tear drop. Our foreheads touched as our lips parted, staring deep into his brown eyes, I whispered, "We did it."
He gripped onto my hands tight, giving me no word as he turned to the crowd and lifted our left arms up to the air and yelled, "We did it!"

Everyone applauded and cheered.

I couldn't stop smiling. Well we both did. We were both wearing our goofy smiles on our faces and our hands inseparable as we posed for photos. It lasted half an hour, but our final photo was of the two of us and our little guy. He was able to stand up, but needed our help to keep him on his feet. We posed for another five minutes before the band filled the room with the traditional march, the three of us began to walk slowly towards the door, Baby Phelps still in our grasp, although halfway, Michael lifted our son up to hold my hand so we couldn't be apart.

The entire day was so memorable. Right after our photo shoot at the beach, we returned to the resort, to that same location where the ceremony was held and found the whole area redone and redecorated to become the reception site. The cloths and lighting were natural and intimate, there was a photo booth operating on the side, children ran around outside, the men were drinking and the women were chatting. At one point after the lovely dinner, for a decent hour, Michael and I were separated for the first time as we went to go mingle with our sides of the Family as well as our friends. Posing for a few photos here and there as well as be given a personal congratulations that made everything so overwhelming that I kind of needed to escape, which I failed. As soon as I got to the bar section to grab a drink, Lindsay the Wedding Planner took me to the side and instructed me that someone was wanting to talk to me before the first dance could be started. Surprised, I supposed it was someone important to be able to pause the schedule.
Meeting by the door, I gasped and met with my boss, Tim Fulton. We exchanged smiles and greetings, he started the conversation by saying, "I suppose I should confess something."
"Pardon me?" I choked.
He rubbed his chin and shook his head. "I have to come clean about this, and I suppose it will count towards the wedding gift," He spoke, and he sounded unsure, which really was a first for me. "I originally had another author lined up to write about relationships, but when you walked in and told me how old you were, I instantly thought that you were much more deserving."
"What do you mean?"
"You were young, and I remembered you were telling me that you were going to Ann Arbor for College, and my gut was telling me that I just had to give you the job. Then I heard you were picking Michael Phelps as your topic, I was going to cancel your book, but when you wrote your chapters, you were falling in love just from reading that first word," Fulton continued. He hasn't broken a sweat from this confession, and if I were in his situation, I would be fainting. "I think that it must've been fate because here is my confession."
"That wasn't your confession?"
He lightly chuckled. "Oh no," He teased. "But a week before you called to talk to me about agreeing to doing the job, I was contacted by Peter, Michael's Agent, to ask if we were able to send a writer to document the swimmer during the training season, but I explained my intentions instead and he agreed. That was why I pushed you to go do the cover with Michael, and I knew that you would do it because you love the job so much. What I didn't expect was for the two of you to fall in love and, well, here we are."
"Are you telling me that you and Peter were setting us up?"
"Well, Peter suggested it."
I crossed my arms and laughed. Fulton was confused. I shook my head, taking in deep breaths and regain composure. I exhaled heavily and said, "Boss, you were a modern day cupid, thank you."
"Just make sure you don't quit on me, yeah?"
"I won't." I grinned and leaped to give him a hug, which shocked him, but he returned the hug. I let go as soon as the door opened and there was my husband. It was weird listening to myself say that.
"Babe, it's time," He said with his arm out. "Will you be watching us dance, Mr Fulton?" He asked as he wrapped his arm around me, not intending to let me go as we were separated for a while. I couldn't help to giggle a bit when I saw that Michael had no idea that Fulton helped pushed us together.
"Thank you, boss," I said once more before tugging Michael back inside, just in time for our first dance. The middle of the room was cleared and everyone circled us. We looked at each other with a subtle smile, we gave each other a reassuring smile before we held each other's hand and the band began to sing "Sway', and our feet and bodies moved to the rhythm. I knew my husband wasn't a dancer, he was definitely a fish out of water when it came to dancing, but he was trying his hardest. Near the end, he nearly stepped on my foot, though he recovered by doing an impromptu move and swooping me off my feet and spun around once to end the song. I had held onto him tight, fearing he could drop me.
"I got you," He whispered as we shared a kiss.

1:10am - The Blue Pool // Helele'ike'oha Falls

"I can't believe we're really doing this."
"We have to do this, because it's pretty much our first time."
"But don't the neighbours-"
"-I already asked and told them, baby, so don't worry."
"I'm worried no matter what."
"Yeah, I know."
"Shhh, keep quiet."
"What the heck is that?"
"Where have you- Ahm-"

Mr and Mrs Phelps were sneaking out in the middle of the night. People weren't so judgmental due to the fact that we just got married. Baby Phelps was in the hotel with my Mom, and I was hoping that he didn't grow up thinking we didn't care for him, because we did, but Michael's Mom reasoned to us that it was because we were still in our mid-twenties and wanted us to live our youth before we planned to have more children in the future. My mind was disrupted when Michael's hand covered my mouth as he pulled me close to his body, we wandered deeper into the trees and found the suspicious looking light come into view. My eyes narrowed as I saw there was a tent, a lantern and a backpack with our clothes to change into for later today. I pulled the hand away from me as I turned to my husband and tossed my arms around him, planting my lips smack onto his.
"Come here," He mumbled between our kisses. He unbuttoned my blouse to start with, my fingers fiddled with the buttons of his shirt. By the time we made it to the tent, we were in our undergarments and still kissing. We sat down on the mat that was laid out, we eyed each other up and down. My eyes stared down at his tattoo, his stared at the tattoo inked on my skin too. We both smiled.
"Look where we ended up," I said softly as I took his left hand and pressed his palm against mine, staring at the matching rose-gold bands that declared we were officially married. He bent his fingers and intertwined them with mine as he replied, "We need to make this official."
I chuckled knowing what he was thinking, and it wasn't long before he did exactly that.

Our bodies were stuck together the whole night, sweating and heavy breathing, but throughout the night, we never let each other go like there was no tomorrow. I felt the adrenaline, I felt the ecstasy, and I felt his love from each touch and movement he did. I returned the favour.
I held onto him tight as we collapsed, his body pressed atop of mine, my fingers through his brown hair and holding onto him for dear life. We both let out heavy exhales as he chuckled, a grin managed to appear on his face. "Why are you laughing when I can't even keep myself alive?" I groaned.
"The sun is already up," He merely muttered against my skin before giving that spot a peck.
"As much as I want to sleep right now, we have to go have breakfast."
"Really? Are you hungry?"
"They planned breakfast for us. Derek was telling us all the time."
He lazily rolled off of me and let out a tired groan while I weakly sat up and grabbed the bag with our belongings. Michael snuck in a ten minute power nap during the time I got changed and made myself presentable for the public, and as soon as I was prepared to walk out the tent, Michael pulled me back onto my back and gave me an unsuspecting soft kiss.
"What was that for?"
"For being my wife," He didn't say anything else, and he didn't let me say anything else either as he booted me out of the tent so he could get ready. During that time, I picked up our cluttered clothes, but whenever I saw the waterfall, I couldn't help but stare. Listening to it made me think back on everything Michael and I went through. From the fights and unnecessary break ups to the unwanted attention and disapproving crowd. The waterfall and this spot was significant and held great memories for Michael and I, even Baby Phelps got to enjoy the waters here on our first family vacation.

And there I was, a couple of years later, standing at the falls as his wife.

"We better go, Anne," Michael sighed as he came from the tent, his hand automatically holding onto mine as we left the falls. It never hurt me whenever we left the area, because deep down, I always knew I would be back there again. Maybe not soon, but maybe in a couple months or a year. I just know it.

At the breakfast, I will confess, I don't remember anything.
Maybe except for when Michael fell asleep, his head against his arms as he bent down against the table, although he never let go of my hand. I heard only a few words from Derek and Lia before I joined him in his sweet slumber. I closed my eyes and held his hand tight. The last thing I heard made me smile.

Mr and Mrs Phelps.
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