Space, the Final Frontier...

Chapter 1

“Goddamn it!” Alexandria muttered, grabbing hold of the plastic alarm clock and hitting it on the bedside table until it’s stopped its irritating beeping.

Elsewhere on the ship…

”Could Lieutenant Commander Tyler report to the bridge.”

Lieutenant Commander Tyler ran up the hallway leading to the bridge, she bumped into the same one on the way, not stopping to look who it was – she shouted out “Sorry.”, then ran onto the bridge.

“No problem…” The man replied in a strong southern accent.

“Can’t find boots…” Alexandria muttered as she started to throw a strange amount of clothes from her wardrobe. “Boots…boots…boots, ah ha.” She tugged her boots out of the closet and on quickly before running out of her room towards the sick bay.

“Hey. Am I late?” Alexandria asked; smiling as the nurse she was asking shook her head. Alexandria started helping her with the inventory.

“How are you settling in? Everybody treating you okay?” The nurse asked as the med bay doors opened and the CMO walked in.

“Everyone’s great. The Enterprise is an amazing ship.” Alexandria replied.

“Good.” The CMO said, making both women jump and turn to look at him.

“Dr McCoy.” The nurse smiled then turned and went back to doing the inventory.

“Thought you were off today, Leonard.” Alexandria stated as she moved to check out her small office.

“I am.” Leonard said as he watched his new doctor walk around and take note of where things were. “I’m just checking in to see how you’re getting on.”

“No problems so far.” Alexandria smiled. “And I know how to get hold of you if something happens that I can’t handle.”

“Good. Did you read through all of the medical files yet?”

“Yeah. Took a little while, but I got through them all. Now, go. Enjoy your day off.” Alexandria said, shooing him towards the doors.

“You’ve been talking to Chapel.” He growled before turning and leaving the med bay.

“He never takes anytime off.” The nurse said with a smile.
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