Space, the Final Frontier...

Chapter 2

On the bridge…

Bonnie walked onto the bridge, “You hollered, Captain?”

James T. Kirk smirked at the woman in front of him then he sat down in his chair. “We’ve had an assignment from the Admirals, apparently one of the ambassador’s was on a diplomatic mission to Kronos and apparently things went pear shaped.”

Bonnie sat down on her seat on deck, “And we have to bring them back?”

“Yep, we will be entering the Klingon atmosphere in 03.00 hours; you will be part of the away team sent to bring them back.”

“Well, there’s a surprise…”

“Joining you will be Dr. Alexandria Valentine from sick bay and…”

“Wait, who…? I’m not having someone I have never met before…”

“She is a fully qualified doctor and I would trust her with my life!” Kirk snapped. “Don’t question me, Lieutenant.”

“As you wish, sir…”

“Now, I suggest you go and get your team briefed Lieutenant.”

“Yes, sir.” Bonnie saluted and left the Bridge on her way to Med Bay to start finding and briefing her team.

“You want me to what?” Alexandria asked, staring at the woman in front of her.

“You’ll be part of the away team landing on Kronos to find and bring back an Earth diplomat.” Bonnie replied, ignoring the glares from the woman in front of her. “The Captain put together the team. If you have any problems, I suggest that you take them up with him.”
Bonnie turned and started walking away. “Be at the transporters in 3 hours.” She said without turning around as she reached the Med Bay doors.

Alexandria sighed and walked into her office to call her replacement and tell him to be on standby for when they got back as Bonnie left Med Bay to find and talk to the other 4 members of her away team.


“Bonnie, whoa, you look steamed.”

“And why wouldn’t I be, the Captain’s sending me to lead an away mission on Kronos.”

“Kronos…that’s suicide.”


“But why would Jim send you there?”

“I dunno, I guess I must have pissed him off in a former life, it’s not just me, he’s sending 5 other poor buggers with me.”

“That doesn’t sound right, that’s not like Jim.”

Bonnie sighed, “I’m sorry Scotty, and I guess I just needed someone to talk to…” She went to sit down.

“Wait…not there!”

Bonnie raised an eyebrow at him.


Bonnie turned around, “Oh, sorry…”

“Well…let’s get this show on the road.” Bonnie sighed as the away team got into position on the transporter pad. “Scotty?”

“Aye, lass?”