Space, the Final Frontier...

Chapter 3

Klingon Outpost ...

“Dr Valentine, scan for life forms.” Bonnie said as they materialised on Kronos.

“Multiple life forms detected…with all due respect, we are screwed.”

“Yeah, I hear you…” Bonnie muttered, “Follow me. Stay sharp and phasers to stun, we don’t want to get into any more trouble.”

The group made their way to the main hall.

“Lieutenant Commander…there’s the Ambassador…” Mr McKean said, pointing at the table.

“Christ, what have they done to him…” Bonnie said looking over at him. “Earth sent him on a suicide mission, but why?”

“Mr McKean, Doctor, follow me. The rest of you stay here and keep a look out.” Bonnie said.

“Ambassador, ambassador, can you hear me?” Bonnie whispered as she crept up next to him.

“Urgh…you have to get me out of here.” He groaned.

“Where are the rest of your crew?” Bonnie asked as Alexandria pulled out her tricorder and scanning the Ambassador to find out his injuries.

“I…I don’t know.”

“Something isn’t right here…”

“Someone’s coming…” One of the lookouts said over the communicators.

“You have to get out of here. Now!” The Ambassador cried.

“Our mission is to get you... Hide.” Bonnie said to her team.

On the Enterprise:

“We’ve lost contact.” Uhura stated from the main communications desk on the Bridge.

“Transporter jammed, Keptin.” Chekov added as Kirk started to turn to face Uhura.

“They’ve got 10 minutes before we go in after them.”Kirk said, standing up and walking towards the lift. “Lieutenant Uhura, notify security. Tell them to get a 10 man team ready to go. I’ll meet them in the transporter room. Spock?”


“You have the conn.” Kirk said, leaving the Bridge and heading towards the transporter room.

On the way, he passes Bones – who was leaving the Mess Hall.

“Jim.” Bones stopped walking and looked at him.“Going somewhere?”

“I’m heading planet side with security. We just lost contact with the team sent down to get the Ambassador.” Kirk said as he stopped walking and turned to his best friend.

“Do you think you’ll need medical?”

“Maybe. But M’Benga will probably already be on standby since Valentine went down with the team.” Kirk said as he started to continue on his way towards the transporter room. He waved back at Bones.“Don’t worry yourself about it. Enjoy your day off.”

“Yeah, that’ll happen.”

“Klooren…secure our prisoners…” The Klingon commander said to one of the officers now surrounding the 5-man away team and the table that the Ambassador was tied to.

“Oh my God…” McKean started babbling incoherently.

“Calm down, will you…that’s an order.” Bonnie muttered harshly to him.

“We’re all gonna die!” McKean screamed and tried to make a break for it.

“Stop him!” Bellowed the Klingon commander.

Klooren threw his spear, piercing McKean through the chest. The man stopped in his tracks and fell down dead.

“What the Hell? We haven’t even threatened you!” Alexandria screamed at him.

“Threatened, threatened…and what exactly do you think your Ambassador was doing down here!”

“What?!” Shouted Bonnie.

“Take them away!”