Space, the Final Frontier...

Chapter 4

10 minutes later…

“They’re all dead, Captain.” Lieutenant Singer, head of security, said as he stood up. He had knelt down next to the body of one of the red-shirted ensigns that had been in the first away team. “It looks like they had one hell of a fight. Took down those 2 Klingons there.”

“Any sign of Dr. Valentine or Lieutenant Commander Tyler?” Kirk asked the others. They’d split up and checked the hallways leading off the main hall.

“None Captain.” They reported.

“The Klingons must have taken them in place of him, sir.” Lieutenant Singer suggested, pointing towards the table holding the now lifeless body of the Ambassador.

Kirk shook his head, “We’ll figure it out later. We’re still missing 2 crew members. Assuming they’re still alive – where would the Klingons take them?”

“The basement sir?” On of the security men suggested.“Or a hidden room? They’re both easy ways to hide something when someone comes to try and find out what you’re doing.”

Kirk nodded, “Alright – we’ll split up. You 3 go that way.” He motioned towards the hallway to the left of the main staircase in the room. “You 4 – take the upstairs. Look for a hidden room in case the basement theory doesn’t pan out.”

The men nodded and headed off in the directions told.

Kirk turned to look at the 3 remaining crew members.“We’ll head down the right corridor.” Lieutenant Singer and the other 2 nodded before following him down the hallway.

“Goddamn it, why wouldn’t the idiot listen?” Bonnie sighed, banging her forehead on one of the iron bars of her cell, “I should have tried to stop him sooner…”

“You need to stop saying that. It isn’t your fault. At least we took down 2 of them – you took out one of them yourself.” Alexandria said, glaring as Bonnie went to hit her head on the bars again. “You do that again and I’m not healing you when you hurt yourself.”

Bonnie moved to the sturdy iron door and kicked it,“Open the damn door… you wrinkled bastards!”

“Relax…We’ll get out.” Alexandria said, sitting on one of the metal benches.

“Urgh…yeah when monkey start to fly” Bonnie muttered, sinking to the floor.

Suddenly, there were phaser blasts and the Klingon guard outside the cell fell down dead.

“Lieutenant Commander Tyler?”

“Singer? Oh, thank God! You’re here!” Bonnie said, getting up off the floor.

“Couldn’t leave 2 pretty gals in this dump!” Singer laughed as he blasted the door, letting them out. “Singer to Captain Kirk…I’ve got them.”

“Get them out of here, Lieutenant.” Kirk shouted over the sounds of phaser blasts on his end of the communicator.

“Sir…?” Singer hesitated.

“That’s an order Lieutenant!” Kirk shouted. “We’ll join you back aboard the Enterprise. Kirk out.”

“You heard the Captain. Let’s go.” Singer said. “Enterprise – 3 to beam up. Alert medical.”

“Aye, Lieutenant. Don’t move.” Scotty replied as he started to beam the aboard.

They appeared on the transporter pad.

“Whoa… lass, what happened to ye?” Scotty asked as he grabbed hold of Bonnie before she collapsed.

“Lack of coffee…” She tried to joke.

“Come on, let’s get ye to the sick bay…” Scotty said as he half dragged her out of the transporter room.

“You’re with me hon…” Singer said as he took Alexandria’s elbow and followed behind Scotty and Bonnie.

“Dr McCoy… “

“Good god man… bring them here…”

Bonnie sat down on one of the beds clutching her head.

McCoy scanned her and then Alexandria… “Well the good news is you both will be fine… it’s nothing that will not heal in time, and as for you Lieutenant, I will need to check out your head.”

“Don’t bother… self inflicted…” Bonnie said half laughing then she looked up and met the eyes of the man that she had bumped into.

“And why on earth would you do that?”

“Glutton for punishment... I guess... kinda feel responsible.” Bonnie smiled.

“If I have to tell you one more time that it was not your fault I will hit you myself…” Alexandria said from the bed next to Bonnie.

“I’d like to see you try.” Bonnie snorted, looking towards the med bay doors as they opened and the captain walked in.

“Someone tell me what happened down there.” Kirk demanded, waving away Bones as he tried to scan him for injuries.

“It’s my fault, sir... I made the wrong call.” Bonnie whispered, her eyes on the floor as everyone looked at her.

“For the captain’s sake – and my own – please stop saying that.” Alexandria muttered, flinging an arm out and slapping Bonnie.

“It’s the truth!” Bonnie argued.

“No – it’s not. McKean tried to run and got himself killed. The others panicked and got themselves killed in the fight to get away. At least we killed 2 of them in the process.” Alexandria muttered before getting up off the bio-bed.

“Where are you going?” Kirk asked as she walked towards the doors.

“I’m fine and I will be in my rooms since McCoy’ll take me off active duty for the rest of the day despite the fact that M’Benga’s on active duty right now.” Alexandria replied, skirting around the captain and waving at Bones. “If she blames herself again – give her a sedative. Make sure she’s out for a long time.”

Bonnie swore at her while Alexandria laughed.

“You know where I am if you need me.” Alexandria smirked as Bonnie tried to get up but was stopped by Bones trying to fix up her head. Alexandria smiled as Kirk moved aside for her to leave med bay.

“I might need to talk to you later to get the report sorted.” Kirk warned as Alexandria waved and then walked out and the doors closed behind her. “So, Lt. Comm. Tyler– report.”

“Yes, sir.” Bonnie started before Bones interrupted.

“Hang on a minute, Jim – let me get her fixed up and I’ll send her to you then.” Bones said, waving a hypospray at the captain.

Jim reflexively flinched away before grinning and holding his hands up in front of him. “Fine. I’ll see you in my ready room when you’re done here.”

“Yes, sir.” Bonnie repeated, saluting as Kirk left the med bay.

"You know... you're braver than you think..." McCoy said turning back to face Bonnie. To his surprise Bonnie actually smiled at him.

"Thank you... are we all done here?"

"Yes... but next time, please be more careful..." McCoy said.

"Can't promise that." Bonnie laughed, "I suppose I better go get grilled by the Captain..." she stood up and headed towards the door.

"Look, I know this is totally against everything I stand for, but would you like to have a drink with me some time?" McCoy asked, putting the hypospray on the table.

"That would be nice..." Bonnie said without turning round.