Space, the Final Frontier...

Chapter 5

Bonnie walked to Jim's office, and pressed the (I'm gonna say bell - cus I have no idea)


"Hey Captain..."

"Bonnie, take a seat." Jim said indicating to the empty seat opposite him.

"Now before you fly off on one, I take full responsibility and if needs be I will resign..." Bonnie blurted out.

"What... no!" Jim shouted, "What the hell makes you think’re one of my best officers."

"Okay... so I'm not fired?" Bonnie questioned raising an eyebrow at him.

"God no..."

Bonnie smiled, "Jim... there’s something not quite right... it's something the Klingon commander said to me, it seems that the ambassador may not have been there on a peaceful mission..."

Alexandria's quarters

"Computer dim lights..." Alexandria said as she sunk onto her bed. She reached over and grabbed her padd from her bedside table.

Ten minutes into her reading, her door chime rang. She placed her padd on back on the bedside table and went and answered the door.

"Captain?" Alexandria asked as she opened the door. "It's a bit late for a visit, don't you think?"

Kirk looked over what she was wearing. "Do you answer the door like that to everyone? Or am I interrupting something?" He smirked at her.

Alexandria glared at a group of passing ensigns as they slowed down and stared at them before starting to whisper as they passed. She sighed, "Perhaps we should talk inside?"

Kirk nodded and walked in as Alexandria stepped aside. The door closed behind them.
"So, what can I do for you Captain?"

In Lieutenant Commander Tyler's quarters...

Bonnie slumped into the chair and let her head fall onto the cold plastic of her desk, it collided with a bang.

Suddenly her bell chimed.

She ignored it, and then from outside she heard, "Computer, Medical override 1701..."

"Christ..." Bonnie muttered.

Her door opened to reveal CMO McCoy.

"I’m off duty... please, leave me alone..." Bonnie said.

"I can’t, as your doctor it’s my duty to make sure that you’re alright.”

Bonnie waved her arms in the air, "I'm still here aren't I... I'm fine..."

"I think you need some rest..." McCoy said walking towards her.

"I swear... If you hypospray me it will be the last thing you do!"

McCoy stopped in his tracks, "I only want to make sure you're alright... you seem distant."

"I just lost my away team, how do you think I'm feeling!" and with that she broke down.

In one swift stride McCoy crossed the room and knelt by her side, "I'm sorry..."

Bonnie looked at him with tears streaming down her face, and then did something that surprised both of them; she wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his chest.

“Hey – listen to me.” Bones said as Bonnie’s tears slowly abated. “You didn’t lose your entire team. Dr. Valentine survived. And so did you. Jim doesn’t blame you.”

“I can still hear him screaming...” Bonnie whispered, still hugging him.

“Apart from the fact that Dr. Valentine will have something to say about that if she hears that you are still talking about the incident. And Jim will keep you off active duty until the ship psychiatrist signs off on you being okay with what happened.” Bones warned, earning a small smile from Bonnie.

Bonnie suddenly blushed and pushed away from him as she realised she was still pressed against him. “Sorry.”