Space, the Final Frontier...

Chapter 6

"Keptin... we are being hailed from Kronos..." Chekov said as he turned in his seat to look at Jim.
"On screen..."
"I am Dvorak of planet Kronos!"
"Greetings o'wrinkly one..." Jim smirked.
Dvorak growled, "Hold your tongue boy!"
"No... hold yours, you and you're people have just killed 4 of our people..." Jim spat.
"And many more will be killed in the process!" snarled Dvorak.
"Process, what process!?"
"To destroy Earth, what else, you and your kind threatened us by sending your 'ambassador'... now it is our turn... good bye captain."
"They can’t destroy earth..." Jim said in a slightly unsure tone.
"With all due respect captain, they can..." Spock said.
"Why do you always have to be right!?"
Spock raised an eyebrow at him.
All of a sudden the doors to the bridge opened and Lt. Comm. Tyler walked in.
"Lt. Comm., you should be resting..." Jim said.
Bonnie glared at him before saluting and sitting in her seat.
"You were right about the ambassador, something has happened on Earth... It appears that the ambassador was sent there as a threat... and in turn the Klingons are going to destroy Earth."
Bonnie sighed and closed her eyes.

In the Sick Bay...
"Are you alright Leonard... you seem rather quiet." Alexandria asked the Doctor who was wandering around not paying attention in the slightest.
"Hmm, wha... yes... yes I'm fine damn it... shouldn't you be in your quarters?"
"No... I got bored...besides I was only off-duty for yesterday."
"Bored... now that’s one thing I have never been." McCoy said then he stared off into space (literally) again.

“Is Doctor McCoy okay?” Nurse Christine Chapel asked Alexandria as they walked to the Mess Hall together.
“I think so.” Alexandria replied, waiting until they had their food and had sat down before continuing with what she was saying. “He seems a little bit preoccupied, but that could be lack of sleep.”
“I hope the vid-chat with Joanna tonight makes him a little less grumpy for tomorrow.” Christine said, “I’d hate to have to tell the Captain that Doctor McCoy needs time off.”
“Meddlesome little thing, aren’t you?” Alexandria laughed.
“Only when it helps the crew.” Christine agreed as they both laughed.
“What’s so funny, ladies?” Kirk asked as he and Bones sat down at their table with their food.
“Nothing, Captain.” Christine replied quickly, blushing as Alexandria just smirked at her before giggling again.
“How’s Lt. Comm. Tyler doing? Is she back on active duty?” Alexandria asked.
“How would I know?” Bones replied defensively, “You know what, I’m not hungry – I’ll catch you later Jim.”
The three at the table watched him walk out of the Mess Hall before Alexandria turned to Kirk with an eyebrow raised.
“What was that about?”
“I have no idea.” Kirk answered, shaking his head as Spock, Uhura, Chekov, Sulu and Scotty sat down at their table.
Christine took a look around the table, noted that they were all the command crew and quickly finished her food before leaving the Mess Hall to go back to work.

A few hours later…

Down in the engine room Scotty was fiddling around with the coolant system.
"Hey Scotty..." Bonnie said walking in.
"Alright lass, I must say it’s nice to see ye out and aboot..."
"It's good to be out, I managed to persuade the captain to let me return to work," Bonnie replied with a laugh, "I was starting to go stark raving mad."
"I don't think you can get any madder than ye are now..."
Bonnie glared at him.
"What ye doin' doon here any way lass?"
"Nothing really, just wanted to come and have a chat, seems like forever since we had a good one!"
"Get off of their!" Scotty suddenly shouted to Keenser who had decided to sit on one of the coolant pipes.
The creature just shook his head.

Med Bay…

Alexandria and Christine were pottering around making sure that everything is in its place.
"He's shut himself in his office again..." Christine whispered pointing to McCoy's office door.
"He's acting more distant than usual." Alexandria said with a puzzled expression on her face. "What on earth could be wrong with him?"
"Do you think it has anything to do with Lt. Comm. Tyler?" Christine said quietly as they walked into Alexandria’s office.
"Why do you say that?"
"I don't know, it's just the way he looks at her sometimes."
"It can't be, that’s not like him; usually he tends to stay away from women..." Alexandria said sitting in her chair. “His ex-wife seems to have scared him off relationships.”
"It was just a thought..." Christine mumbled. “Perhaps you should speak to the captain about it.” She added as she left the office to speak to one of the other nurses on duty.
Alexandria almost fell of her chair at Christine’s statement. She sat there for a moment before remembering last night and the ensigns that had walked past, “Stupid ensigns…” She mumbled to herself before grabbing her padd and sending a quick message to the captain about his CMO’s behaviour.

On the Bridge…

Kirk looked down at his padd as it beeped to let him know about an incoming message. He pulled it up on screen and scanned it briefly before standing from his chair and walking towards the lift.
“Spock, you have the conn.” Kirk said as the lift closed behind him.
“Yes, Captain.” Spock replied, moving from his science station and sitting in the Captain’s seat.

"Bones!" Jim shouted entering the sick bay.
"In there..." Alexandria smirked pointing towards the CMO's office.
The captain walked over to the door and pressed the bell.
"I’m not in..." A muffled voice replied from inside.
"Computer, medical override 1701..."
"Damn it Jim, can I not have the slightest moments peace..."
"Apparently not..." Jim said sitting down and pouring Bones a drink.
"Thank you..."
"What's this I hear about you and a certain Lt. Comm. Tyler?"
"Nothing... who told you!?" Bones said defensively.
Jim smirked at the older man, "There’s nothing wrong with it..."
"There’s nothing going on Jim..."
"Bones... I know you better than you think... why don’t you go talk to her?"
"I... I don't know..."
"You're not scared are you?"
"Well what are you waiting for then..."
"Damn it Jim, I’m a doctor not some Casanova..." Bones sighed, knocking back his drink and pouring another one. “I haven’t dated since Jocelyn divorced me.”
“Jeez, Bones, that was…nearly 5 years ago.” Jim said shocked, “Surely, you’ve…ya’know.”
“I’m not talking about this with you.” Bones replied, standing up and walking out of his office.
“Wow…” Jim sighed, running a hand through his hair before standing and putting the alcohol back before leaving the room. “Hey, Lexx, which way did he go?”

As McCoy walked through the hallways he bumped into Chekov, grabbed his arm and asked, "Have you seen Lt. Comm. Tyler?"
"She vas heading tovards the engine room sir..."
Without saying another word McCoy rushed off towards the engine room.

Back in Med Bay.

"Jim... I think its best if you leave him alone..." Alexandria said before Jim rushed off to find his CMO.
"Jim... you are not 8 years old... let him sort this out himself... and beside I would like to keep my job..."
Jim looked at her with a puzzled expression on his face.
"I may have to resign if he doesn’t sort this out... I’m fed up with him moping around here like a wet weekend..."
"All the more reason for me to..."
"Oooo... I love it when women take control..."
Alexandria shook her head at him. “You’re incorrigible.”
“I know.” Jim smirked. “Don’t you just love me?” He added, laughing as Alexandria glared and swore at him.
“Is everything okay, Captain?” Christine asked, having walked over while Jim was talking.
“Sure, sure. Lover’s quarrel.” Jim replied, dodging as Alexandria kicked at him. “Hey – those boots are lethal.”
“Good job I’m a doctor then.” Alexandria replied, laughing as Jim hid behind Christine.
“You’re mean to me.” Jim pouted. “I don’t know why I put up with you and those boots.”
“Oh, please.” Alexandria replied, smirking, “You love these boots.”
Jim looked at the boots for several long seconds before replying, “Yeah, I do.”
Alexandria shook her head as Christine watched them curiously, before she pointed at Jim. “Out.”
“What? Why?” Jim complained as Alexandria moved and dragged him towards the med bay doors.
“You’re shift isn’t over for another 3 hours. You’re not hiding out here until you’re off duty.”
“Fine.” Jim sighed as he walked out into the corridor. “It’s not easy being captain.” He added before the doors could close.
“Idiot.” Alexandria muttered before turning around and walking into her office while avoiding looking at Christine.
Christine followed her into the office. “So…you and the Captain, huh?”

The Engine Room…

“Ye don’t look like ye slept much last night, lass. Everything okay?” Scotty asked as Bonnie sat slumped in his chair while he lay on the floor with his upper torso under one of the machines as he improved part of the wiring.

“Yeah.” Bonnie sighed. “No.”

“Well – it’s gotta be one of them, lassie.” Scotty replied, before swearing as he accidentally shocked himself.

Bonnie was silent for a few minutes, just handing Scotty the tools he asked for while Keenser watched from his perch on the console that Scotty was improving. She sighed before asking, “Is it okay for two officers on the same ship to date?”

“Wha..? Ow.” Scotty cried as he tried to sit up while still under the console and smacked his head. “It depends on their ranks mostly, lass. You’d have to check the regulations” He replied as he moved out from under the panel to be able to look at her. “You have someone in mind?”

“I…it was just a question.” Bonnie answered defensively.

“Sure it was. Ye like someone aboard this ship.” Scotty chuckled, but held his hands up as Bonnie glared threateningly at him. “I ain’t gonna tell anyone.” He shimmied back under the console. “Now hand me that mini laser.”

Bonnie passed it to him and sat back in her seat, thinking about what Scotty had said.

Neither Scotty, Bonnie or Keenser noticed Bones stood just around the corner, listening in.

"I swear if you laugh I will punch you in the face..." Bonnie said glaring at her friend.
"Cross me heart..."
"It's Doctor McCoy..." Bonnie said smiling slightly.
"Whoa lassie... you sure he has rather a short fuse."
"Yeah I know... but, he has a soft and gentle side too..."
"We talkin' bout the same person here lass?"
Bonnie laughed, "Yes!"
Bones smiled to himself and walked back towards the sick bay.
"Well…what are ye gonna do about it?"
Suddenly the red alert sirens went off and the Enterprise shook.
"Red alert all officers’ report to the bridge!"
Bonnie jumped up and ran towards the bridge with Scotty just behind her, "What’s happening?!"
"Ve are being fired upon by Klingon war birds!" Chekov reported.
Jim ran on deck and shooed Spock from his seat.
"Keptin we are being hailed."
"On screen."
"You didn't heed our warning... now we will destroy your ship and Earth!"
“Then you start a war.” Jim replied grimly before motioning to Chekov to cut the transmission. He turned to Uhura, “Contact Starfleet.”
“Yes, sir.” Uhura replied, moving swiftly to contact Starfleet. “The admirals are ready, sir.”
“Bring them up.” Jim replied, sitting up straight in his chair and acknowledging the Admirals as they came on screen.
“Captain Kirk, is there something we can help you with?” Admiral Barnett
“Admirals, we are under attack from Klingon war birds in Federation space. They are preparing for a full scale attack against Earth once they have destroyed us.”
“Impossible.” Admiral Komack interrupted.
“They’re firing again, Captain.” Spock spoke up from his seat.
“Shields at full power, Captain!” Sulu shouted.
“Evasive manoeuvres, Mr Sulu.” Jim replied, ignoring the Admirals on screen for a moment. “Everyone, hold on. Uhura, alert the crew.”
“Yes, sir.” Uhura replied, starting a ship wide transmission. “This is Lt. Uhura. The Enterprise is under attack…”
At that moment the ship took a hit, knocking out the Bridge’s communication systems. The Admirals on screen disappeared as Uhura’s station sparked and caught fire. Uhura and Scotty quickly put the fire out before Scotty ran off to Engineering to try and fix communication and help fight off the Klingons.
“Shields at eighty percent, Keptin!” Chekov informed.
"Uhura... alert medical... tell them to expect many casualties..." Jim said.
"Aye captain..."
The war birds fired again hitting the centre of the ship.
"We cannot take much more of this captain..." Sulu said.
All of a sudden...
"Jim they've stopped firing..." Spock suddenly spoke up. The communications came back on at that moment and the Admirals re-appeared on screen.
"They've gone Keptin..." Chekov said, "I'm not picking up anything..."
"They couldn't have just vanished..." Bonnie said
"Captain Kirk... report..." said one of the admirals.
"They have vanished sir..."
"Gone sir... but what I find troubling is the fact that they said that the ambassador was not on a diplomatic mission..."
"Excuse me... what on earth does that me..."
"I don't know admiral... you tell me because I do not know... Kirk out."