Space, the Final Frontier...

Chapter 8

Main Klingon War Bird…

The team materialised and quickly moved to hide in case someone stumbled across them.
“Alright – now the best place to set the bomb is the engine room.” Jim whispered as Spock kept an eye out. “They’re will be no splitting up and no losing sight of each other. We have 10 minutes before the Enterprise tries to beam us back – so we have to be back here.”
“Are you sure they can’t beam us back from the engine room?” Bonnie asked, keeping her voice down.
Jim shook his head. “Scotty and Chekov did the calculations – the Klingons’ could trace the energy signature from another part of their ship. The Enterprise only has enough power to get us from here because it’s the closest part of the Klingon ship.”
Bonnie nodded her understanding. “Alright. So which way?”
“That way.” Sulu pointed to a small corridor on their left. “It looks like a maintenance corridor.”
“Nice catch, Sulu. It should be mostly empty.” Jim said, signalling for the others to follow him. He went down the corridor first with Sulu behind him. Bonnie followed behind Sulu while Spock kept an eye out at the back of the group.

Back on the Enterprise...

"I think... I've had enough..." Alexandria said slurring her words a little.
"Girl can't drink..." Bones mumbled, "Alright Hon... You go get some rest... and don't worry."
Alexandria smiled then went to her quarters.

Back on the Klingon ship...

"Get down!" Bonnie whispered grabbing hold of Sulu's shirt and dragging him to the floor. The rest of the team followed just as 3 Klingon warriors walked by.
"That was close..." Sulu whispered picking himself up off the floor.
The team carried on and entered the engine room.
"Something does not seem right Captain..." Spock spoke up.
"You're right... it’s a little too quiet..." Jim said looking around him.
"Let’s just get this thing planted and get off the damn ship." Bonnie said as she stealthily made her way to the main reactor.
"You!" screamed a voice in the darkness.
"Oh crap."
"Seize them!"
Everything went dark...

Back on the enterprise...

Bones made his way to the bridge, "Chekov... any news from the team?"
"Nyet sir...” Chekov replied just as the heart rate monitors for the away team all went off.
Alexandria walked onto the Bridge at that moment. “What’s going on?”
“Something’s happening!” One of the bridge crew called out, panicking as the heart monitors continued to set off the alarms.
Alexandria studied the readings on the main screen.
“How bad is it?” Uhura asked.
“They’re adrenaline has shot up. According to the sensors, none of them are injured. Just surprised – or scared.”
“Then why the hell is that hobgoblin’s alarm going off?” Bones asked.
“I recalibrated it to fit with his genetic profile. His sensor was working on the premise that he was completely Vulcan.” Alexandria replied.
Bones just looked at her.
“The ship wouldn’t get an accurate reading on him because he’s not 100% Vulcan. So I fixed his sensor.” Alexandria shrugged.
“You’re a computer genius, now? As well as a doctor?”
“I have many talents.” Alexandria replied, smirking a little bit. “I’m a doctor, a scientist and I can work a computer like the best of them.”
“You’re just full of surprises. No wonder Jim loves you.” Bones shook his head, smiling.
Alexandria just shrugged and turned back to the main screen as the monitors shut off abruptly.
“What is going on over there?” Bones asked.
“They’re unconscious and injured.” Alexandria replied. “They must not have seen it coming.”
“Why’d do you say that?” Uhura asked.
“Before they left, Spock and I put together a small canister of nerve gas that we engineered to work specifically on Klingon physiology.” Alexandria replied.
“Bwilliant.” Chekov cut in. “It vould give them time to plant the bomb and get out.”
“Exactly.” Alexandria said. “Spock has it. We didn’t have time to tell the others about it.”
“Which means that they managed to get the jump on the hobgoblin.” Bones sighed. “Or he would have used it.”
Alexandria nodded. “Looks that way.” She sighed before adding, “But they could still use it as part of an escape plan. From what we calculated it would affect at least 50 Klingons.”
“Then let’s hope they use it.” Bones replied as he turned to watch the monitors.

Klingon War Bird…

“Is Spock okay?” Jim asked Sulu.
They were chained against a wall in what looked like an interrogation-slash-torture room. There was a table with cuffs at each end in the middle of the room and curtains covering the wall opposite them. Bonnie was on the left, Jim was next to her followed by Sulu and then Spock. As Spock was 3 times stronger than a human, the Klingons had used more force when rendering him unconscious and Spock was the only one who had yet to wake up.
“I can’t tell, sir. He’s still breathing.” Sulu replied.
“Good.” Jim said, turning to his left. “How are you doing, Tyler?”
“I have one hell of a headache.” Bonnie replied. “But, other than that, I feel great.”
“Good, good.” Jim grinned. “And you’re not the only one with the mother of all headaches.”
“I can agree with that.” Sulu groaned.
“I bet Comm. Spock feels worse than any of us. With the force they must have used on him.”
“I believe that I feel better than any of you.” Spock replied quietly.
“He’s alive!” Jim cried dramatically, grinning as Spock just glared at him before pausing, “Hey – how can you feel better than us? They hit you harder.”
“As I lost consciousness I put myself into a Vulcan healing trance.” Spock explained.
“Wait – you healed while you were out?” Jim exclaimed. “Now that’s just unfair.”
The doors to the room they were in opened and in walked Dvorak and 3 other Klingons.
“It’s time for you to tell us everything.” Dvorak said, as one of the others checked the straps on the table while the other 2 uncovered the wall. Bonnie and Sulu gasped as row after row of weapons and torture devices were revealed.
“Oh crap.” Jim muttered.

"Oh my god, zey have flat lined sir!" Chekov shouted to Scotty.
"What!" McCoy cut in.
"Zey are gone sir..."
"They can't be gone..." McCoy went and checked the monitors, "Oh god no..."
"McCoy..." Uhura said walking over to him, "Please tell me it isn’t true..."
"I'm sorry."
Uhura broke down in tears and collapsed.
"Ensign... take her to her quarters..." McCoy said to one of the red shirted crew members stood nearby.
"Aye sir..."

"I swear if you come near me with that will shove it up you’re..." Bonnie was cut off by a red hot new metal spear stabbing her in the leg.
"Let's leave them to think about their actions..." Dvorak said
"I feel like I’ve been hit by a train... then it came back for another go..." Bonnie muttered.
"Likewise..." Jim said groaning, "Spock... you okay?"
"No Captain..."
There was no reply...
"Sulu!" Jim shouted, all of a sudden a hand was placed over his mouth.
"Damn... the silence of a ninja assassin..." Jim muttered as Sulu cut them loose.
"Where did they take our gear?" Bonnie asked.
"This way..." Sulu said leading the way.
The group grabbed their gear and made their way to the engine room.
"If my calculations are correct it will only be a matter of minutes before they realise that we have escaped..." Spock said.
"Well let’s plant this thing and go!"

“Sir!” Chekov turned to Scotty. “We have contact with the away team!”
“Well, let’s get ‘em back, aye lad. You have the conn.” Scotty replied, leaving the Captain’s chair and making his way off the Bridge. Alexandria and Bones followed him.
“Yes, sir.” Chekov replied just before the doors closed behind the trio. Chekov turned to one of the ensigns, “Please go and invorm Lt. Uhura that the avay team are being beamed back.”
The ensign nodded and ran off to tell her.

Transporter Room…

Scotty took over from the Lt. on the controls while Bones alerted Medical and got M’Benga to set up for emergency treatment. Alexandria got hold of a few nurses and other medical personnel to help take the away team over to the Med Bay as soon as they beamed back.
“Ready?” Scotty asked the assembled Medical personnel as Uhura ran in.
“What are you waiting for?” Uhura asked Scotty.
“They have to contact us, lass, part of the briefing.” Scotty replied just before his communicator went off.
*“Captain to Enterprise – beam us up, Scotty!”*
“Aye, sir.” Scotty replied, before beaming them up.
As they materialised the medical team moved forward and caught them before any could fall over.
“Get them to Med Bay, now!” Bones yelled over the noise of everyone trying to find out what happened. “Questions can wait until after I give the all clear.”
"Wait..." muttered Jim, "There’s one more thing I need to do..." and with that he pulled out a small wireless remote, "Dodge this..." and with that he pressed the button.
All of a sudden the enterprise shuddered.
"Klingon vessel has been destroyed...." Came a voice over the ship-wide com system.
"Med bay!" McCoy shouted.
Scotty and Chekov helped get the team down to sick bay to see the extent of their injuries.
"Well... that wasn't soo hard..." Sulu said wincing as one of the nurses touched the gash on his forehead.

3 hours later...

"Idiot - ignoring me just to threaten bloody Klingons." McCoy grumbled as he walked onto the Bridge behind Jim and Spock.

Jim had ordered his away team to stay put in Med Bay and recover while he went and dealt with the Klingons and the Admirals. Spock had left with him because he was the least injured and would heal faster than the other two. McCoy had followed because Jim had only stayed still long enough for the bare minimum of treatment.

"Shush Bones. I'll go back to Med Bay when I'm done." Jim grinned, sitting down in his chair while Spock stood slightly behind him on the right and McCoy mirrored Spock on the left. "Uhura - bring up the remaining Klingon ships."

"Yes, sir." Uhura replied, turning back in her seat and contacting the remaining Klingon war birds. "Sir, the Admirals want to speak to you. They say it’s urgent.”

Jim sighed. “Alright – put them through.”

“Christ, kid – you look like hell.” Admiral Pike said as soon as he appeared on screen.

“Thanks.” Jim replied cheekily. “And here was me all dressed up for you.”

“Real funny, Jim. Why aren’t you in sickbay?” Pike questioned.

“I have things to do.” Jim replied, defending his decision. “I can’t be stuck in sickbay with Klingon war birds surrounding us. I can’t help my crew if we’re under attack.”

“You won’t be.” Admiral Barnett said, “While waiting on news from you, we got hold of nearby ships and they should be arriving near you soon. We also contacted the remaining war birds once we’d heard from your crew that you were back safely.”

“So – what’s going on now?” Jim asked, leaning forward in his seat.

“Sir?” Chekov interrupted before one of the Admirals could reply. “The sensors are picking up incoming ships.”


“Yes, sir.”

“Good. The Klingon’s should be leaving soon.” Admiral Pike said as he looked closer at Jim. “Get yourself to sickbay. You look like you could do with some rest.”

“Don’t worry, sir.” McCoy said as he took a step forward and put a hand on Jim’s shoulder. “I plan on keeping him down in sick bay for a while.”

“Bones!” Jim whined.

Admiral’s Pike and Barnett chuckled at Jim’s reaction. Admiral Komack glared and cut his connection, disappearing from the screen.

“I’m authorising a month’s shore leave for the enterprise.” Admiral Barnett said as he stopped chuckling. “When you’re sure the Klingon’s are gone – I want the Enterprise down for repairs. You can sort out the paperwork for the repairs and the shore leave from the sickbay.”

“But…” Jim protested.

“I will do the paperwork for the Captain. I spoke to Dr Valentine before leaving sickbay and she has declared me fit to return to work.” Spock interjected.

“Thank you, Commander.” Admiral Barnett said before signing off.

“Take care of yourself, kid. I’ll see you when you land.” Admiral Pike signed off and Jim sighed and stood up.

“C’mon. Off to sickbay.” McCoy said, herding him towards the turbo lift.

“How come she said Spock could go back to work? Why not me?” Jim whined.

“Because you are inured worse than him and he can heal while he sleeps without medication or pain.” McCoy replied as he and Jim left the Bridge. “Plus she can keep an eye on you while you’re in sickbay.”
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