Status: Alive and writing.

Long Live Us

Somewhere In Neverland.

After dinner Caitlin fell asleep on the couch, leaving myself and Alex on the large one positioned in front of the TV. Some random stuff was on the TV but we weren’t really paying attention to that, we were sat talking about everything we could.

“So, let’s play twenty questions.” Alex said as he turned to face me and I did the same sitting Indian style.

“Okay, shoot.” I said and he tapped his chin in thought.

“Favourite band?” He asked and I chuckled softly to myself.

“Blink 182. Favourite song?” I asked and he smiled softly.

“Blink 182 - Dammit. Last boyfriend?” He asked and I sighed as I thought back to the memories.

“Around a year ago now. I was with this guy for three years and then randomly one day he got up and left, saying he didn’t want to be with me anymore. Haven’t seen him since. When did you last write a song?” I asked and he gave me a soft stare, obviously sorry for the previous question. I smiled softly at him and shook my head, showing him it was okay. He seemed to go back into thought after this and sighed.

“Around seven months ago, with looking after Caitlin I haven’t really found time, you know? It just seems to be the last of my worries right now. Favourite hobbie?” He asked and I sighed, smiling softly as I played with the ends of my hip length curly hair.

“Either drawing or singing. I love both but I’m not great at the last one, just do it to make myself feel better. The best thing that happened in your life?” I asked as I shifted my position so my head was leaning against the back of the couch.

“The best thing that ever happened to me was getting Caitlin. I can’t imagine life with out her now. And also..” He trailed off, he looked like he was holding something back so I nudged him.

“Go on, it’s only me! Nothing to be ashamed about.” I said with a soft smile and he smiled back.

“Honestly, another one was meeting you. I don’t know where me and Caitlin would be right now if it wasn’t for you. We probably wouldn’t be talking to each other and she’d have been taken off me.” He said with a sad sigh as he looked over to the sleeping toddler on the other couch. “Thank you, Bella. For everything you’ve done for me. You dealt with me being a cranky bastard and helped me when no one else would dare come near. I owe you a lot.” He said with a sigh as he looked down at his legs and I instantly smiled wide, taking his hands in mine which made him look up at me.

“You don’t owe me anything, Alex. It was my choice to help you, to be there for you. I knew you needed someone and in all honesty, I knew I wanted to be that someone. And now I’m here and I’ll help you as much as you need. I love that little girl more than anything. Remember that, Alex.” I said with a soft smile and he looked up into my eyes as he smiled happily, showing me his adorable half smile.

“You know, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone as amazing as you, or as beautiful as you either.” He stated and I smiled softly, my cheeks instantly getting red.

“Thank you, you’re not too bad of a guy either.” I joked with a giggle and he rolled his eyes softly as he smiled. He brought my hand up to his mouth and placed soft kisses on the back. My heart instantly fluttered as I smiled down at him. “Although you are rather gorgeous, I’ll give you that.” I added and his smiled widened dramatically before he coughed, seeming as though he was attempting to gain his composure. I rolled my eyes softly.

“You don’t have to be all cooped up around me you know. It’s me, you’ve known me for around three weeks now and all we’ve done is spilled out our problems to each other. Sure, you missed out on telling me a pretty big secret of yours, but I’m glad I got to find out when I did. I wouldn’t have found out any other way either.” I released one of my hands from his grip to tuck some hair behind my ear. He looked around him before grabbing hold of the remote and clicking some buttons. I smiled when I saw he was putting on Peter Pan. I squealed quietly before turning around whilst Alex did the same. Around fifteen minutes into the film I averted my eyes away from the screen to see Caitlin stirring. She eventually woke up and walked over to myself and Alex, sitting in-between us.

“Daddy, can Bella stay here tonight?” Caitlin asked tiredly and my heart broke at the sound of her voice.

“Sorry sweetie, I think she’s busy tomor-” He said but I cut him off.

“If it’s okay with your Daddy, I’d love too honey.” I said and gave the little girl a small hug. Alex smiled and nodded, letting me know silently that it was okay.

“I’m just going to get a drink. Anyone want anything?” Alex asked as he climbed up and I shook my head, Caitlin did the same. As he exited the room, Caitlin turned to me.

“You make my daddy happy.. He really likes you.” She said softly and I looked at her with wide eyes.

“Oh no honey, I don’t think your daddy likes me that way..” I said, my voice trailing off slightly at the end.

“He does, I told him the other day to stop hiding you. Mommy’s happy in heaven now, I want daddy to be happy too. You make my daddy happy.” She said with a giant smile. I smiled down at her as I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“You know, I’d do anything for you honey. Your daddy ever says he’s going to order pizza again, tell him to call me and I’ll come right over and make you food.” I said with a giggle and she joined in. Alex came back only moments later.

“What are you two giggling about?” Alex asked with a smile and Caitlin just continued giggling, a hand placed over her mouth.

“Nothing daddy.” She said sweetly and he rolled his eyes softly.

“Whatever you say, princess. Now, it’s late, we need to get you to bed.” Alex said and Caitlin sighed softly before nodding her head.

“Night Bella, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She said as she placed her arms around me and I did the same back.

“Night honey, sweet dreams.” I said and she smiled as Alex lead her up the stairs. She turned before she was too far up and smiled sweetly at me before continuing up with Alex hot on her heels. I took the moment of silence to think things through. Apparently Alex liked me.. That wasn’t a bad thing? I liked Alex too.. I just wished he’d tell me in person. My thoughts where interrupted by Alex walking back down the stairs. I smiled softly at him and he smiled back happy as he walked back over to the couch, flopping down instantly and wrapping his arm around me, bringing me into a hug. I smiled softly as I cuddled into his chest as we watched the part of peter pan near the end where Wendy was trying to get the boys to go home.

“I lied earlier.. I’ve been working on some lyrics.. You don’t mind if I play them do you? I want your opinion..” He asked as he stood up quickly. I sighed quietly, already missing his body head. He looked at me for an answer so I smiled softly and nodded my head. He grabbed his guitar from the corner of the room and instantly started strumming. I smiled and listened to him as his eyes closed, instantly getting blissfully lost in the music. He opened his eyes before he started.

“Wendy, run away with me,
I know I sound crazy, don’t you see what you do to me?
I wanna be your lost boy,
your last chance, a better reality,
He sang as he stared at me, his eyes burning into mine.

“Wendy, we can get away,
I promise if you’re with me, say the word and we’ll find a way.
I can be your lost boy, your last chance,
your ‘everything better’ plan,
Oh, somewhere in Neverland.”
He sang and instantly stopped, my eyes welled up with tears.

“Alex.. That was beautiful..” I whispered and he smiled softly as he placed down the guitar and wrapped me up in his arms again.

“Well, I’m glad you like it ‘cause.. I wrote that song about you.” He whispered and my eyes instantly shot up to look into his brown ones.

“Wh-what do you mean?” I asked and he sighed softly, kissing my forehead.

“I think I’ve found my Wendy, Bella.. Sh-she’s you.”