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Bumpy Roads and Busy Hearts

You're About To Wake When

"Wake up Hayley!" Taylor jumped onto my bed and began to hop around until i snaked my arm our from under the covers and grabbed his ankle, making him fall onto his back.

We started laughing as I slipped out from under the covers. "You're early."

He nodded. "Someone had to wake you up."

I pushed him over once again and left the room, walking into the bathroom where my set of clothes for the day was.

I began fixing my hair, trying my hardest not to think of yesterday. His face, ugh. No. I have a tour, I have to perform.

I left the room and Taylor had my bag over his shoulder. "This way to the tour princess."


I walked out onto the stage and the crowd screamed as Taylor began the intro to Misery Business.

"How you guys doin'?" I yelled into the mic, and they screamed back.

"We thought we'd do another song, just for you." I began shaking my head around as the rest of the song kicked in, running to the front of the stage and grabbing the closest pair of arms and pulling them onstage.

It was a short girl with blonde hair with blue streaks. I held the mic up to her and she sung the line, quite well actually. Prancing over to Jeremy's side of the stage, I grabbed another pair of arms - a boy about 17. He sang his line decently, his voice crackling slightly.

We finished the song and the lights went off, the three of us running off the stage, into the dressing room.

All the members of The Maine sat in there, talking about random things I didn't care to hear. My vision was glued to John and his wife Carly, holding their year old daughter. They appeared as the perfect couple, and it made me sick.

"Mommy!" The girl jumped off of her mother's lap and waddled over to me, grabbing hold of my legs.

I laughed and crouched down to her. "I'm Hayley." I smiled.

She smiled back, her green eyes sparkling. "Mommy!"

Carly stood up and grabbed hold of her daughter. "Jenny, meet Hayley. Hayley, meet Jenny."

I waved at Jenny and she stared back at me with those big green eyes.

"Hey, when's You Me At Six joining the tour again?" I looked over to Kennedy waving for my attention.

"Uh, in about three more shows."
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Title Credit: You Me At Six - Promise, Promise