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Bumpy Roads and Busy Hearts

Well it's a shame I'm a dream

We let John and Carly have some time alone so Pat and I decided to take care of Jenny. 

"Hey Hayles!" Pat called and threw a small ball at my face. 

"Ow fuck Pat!" I yelled and then I realized what I said. "Oops," 

Jenny looked at me with big eyes and started to laugh. 

"You're corrupting her precious brain," Pat looked at me with horror and picked Jenny up who was still giggling. Geeze that girl is so cute. 

"HayHay!" she tried pronouncing my name and reached out for me. I decided to let her call me. 

"C'mere," I took her from Pat. 

"I'm supposed to babysit her," he pouted. 

"No... we're supposed to take care of her," I laughed. 

"Yummy?" Jenny looked at me. 

"Pat go fetch her some cookies," I instructed as I sat down at a wall. 

"Why me?" he whined. 

"You're babysitting her," I replied with a smirk. 

"You're so mean HayHay," 

"Hey only Jenny's allowed to call me that," I smacked him. 

"Ow HayHay!" Pat held onto his leg. 

"You're such a baby," I rolled my eyes. This scene was a hoot for Jenny who was clapping and yelling. 

"Yeah Pat is a baby," I cooed making the little girl fall into another fit of giggles. 

"Ugh Hayley. Next time you're getting her food," Pat sulked off. 

"Hayley has a baby? Since when?" I heard an accented voice call. 

"No way!" more voices were heard. 

I looked up and a group of guys walked in. You Me At Six finally arrived. 

"it's not mine. I'm just the baby sitter," I informed them after I greeted them. 

"I'm the second babysitter too!" Pat called from the opposite side of the hallway. 

"What a treat! He brings us food!" Dan called out. 

"oh my god. No! You need a restraining order Dan!" Pat called out. "The food's for Jenny," 

"Jenny? Who's Jenny?" Max asked. 

"Meet Jenny! The youngest member of The Maine," Pat took her from me.  

"Shes so adorable," the band crowded around Pat. 

"Hey Williams," a voice said that sent shivers down my spine. I looked beside me. 

"Hey Franceschi," I mumbled. 

"What?  Not happy to see me," his voice was so silky and it made me weak at the knees. Happy? I was excited. I should be fangirling, but I kept it in. 

"Why would I be?" I joked. 

"That hurts Williams," he faked a hurt look. 

"Sure." I rolled my eyes. "All you 'men' are babies," I laughed. 

"No no, the only baby I see here is Jenny," he pointed at the toddler who was currently being past around from guy to guy. 

"Whatever floats your boat Franceschi," 

"Red heads," he whispered and winked. I felt myself turn red. "That's what I thought," 
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Title Credit: All I wanted- Paramore

Short. I apologize.