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Bumpy Roads and Busy Hearts

Oh, I'm Trying To Get To You

"Whatever you say Franceschi." I shrugged off the stiffness and walked away briskly, grabbing Jenny from Dan's arms.
"Hey!" Pat called and ran after me.
Once he'd caught up, Jenny was giggling at his weak cardio.
"Why'd you leave?" He asked, letting Jenny diddle with his fingers.
I shook my head.
"Patty!" Jenny made grabby hand towards Pat, and I let him take her.
"I'm going for a walk, so if anyone asks, I'm not dead." I turned away and left the venue.


"Hayley!" I whipped my head around and saw Dan, smiling brightly at me.
"Dan!" I mocked him.
He strode up to me and we continued walking down the street.
"Josh still being an ass?" He laughed and I nodded.
He shrugged. "So, where we headed?"
I smiled. "This way." I pointed in a random direction.
We continued our random stroll for a good ten minutes before we were surrounded by fans.
"Can we get a picture?"
"What's the set list tonight?"
"Can you sign this?"
"Are you a couple?"
"How's John and Carly?"
"Is Josh really attractive in real life?"
Question after question. I sighed and pulled a sharpie out of my pocket, I'd be bombarded by fans so often that I carried one around just in case. I scribbled my name on everything handed to me- posters, arms, shirts, CD booklets, even a few wallets. Dan did the same after a fan handed him a sharpie, and slowly the crowd dispersed.
Dan handed back the sharpie and groaned the second she was out of earshot. "They kept asking about Flintceschi."
I laughed. "You need a girlfriend man, maybe they'd loosen the chain."
"What about you?"
"What about me?"
"Don't you need a boyfriend?" What.
"I, had one."
He laughed and shrugged. "Just a suggestion."
I made a bunch of weird faces and started laughing, pointing at the two of us.
"You don't mean.. us?"
He simply nodded. "Yeah I do."
Well, this is going to be a complicated tour.
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Title Credit: Always Attract - You Me At Six