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Oh Love

Out In The Streets

“When are you seeing Gabe again?” I asked Camilla.

We were walking back from the grocery store, since it was only a couple blocks away and I’d been so caught up in hanging out with Alex I had completely spaced asking her about her love life. I’d probably never admit it, but I did like Gabe and he was probably going to be really good for her.

She smiled. “I don’t know. We’ve talked a lot on the phone but he’s been really busy.”


“He’s got his own band. You know, I can’t believe we both like guys in bands.”

“You like Gabe?” I smirked.

She blushed. “He got really cute. I can’t help it.”

I giggled. “Oh my god, Camilla. It’s adorable.”

“Shut up. It is not. You and Alex are cuter.”

“Doubt it. Have you told Gabe about, you know?”

She bit her lip. “No. But I know he wants to know. And I want to tell him. I just don’t want him running for the hills.”

“Cam, he wouldn’t. He seems to really like you. And you guys are friends, right?”

“Yeah. But still. He might think I’m crazy and too damaged.”

“He would not.”

She didn’t say anything and we walked for a bit in silence. Today was one of the days I wished we had driven. We had way too many bags and my fingers and arms were starting to hurt. I took a deep breath and tried not to focus on it. I scrunched my nose because it actually hurt to breath.

Everything smelled of smoke and there was smoke in the air. It was suffocating. I looked at Camilla and her face matched mine. We both started coughing and tried to get a better look at where it was coming from and why it was there. We rounded the corner and I nearly dropped all the bags I was holding.

Our apartment building was on fire.

People were running out of the building coughing and there was the fire department trying to contain the fire. People who lived in the building were watching it go up in flames with looks of horror on their faces. I couldn’t process what was going on. It wasn’t real. It couldn’t have been.

Our building was on fire.

I saw a figure emerge from the smoke but I couldn’t place the face. The expression was one of relief. But how could this person be relieved? My building was on fire. My stuff was gone. Everything I owned was currently going up in flames and there wasn’t a single thing I could do, but this person was relieved? Distantly I registered that I knew this person. He was talking to Camilla while I just stood there watching the fire.

Suddenly, there were arms wrapped around me and pulling me away from the fire. And I was struggling. I just wanted to save my things and save my home. The arms that were controlling me were much stronger and eventually whoever it was, was able to pull me back and both Camilla and I got in his car.

I snapped back to reality for a moment and took in the situation. I was in Alex’s car. It had been Alex who kept me from getting to the building. I looked at him as he drove. He was chewing on his lip and I felt him squeeze my hand. I glanced back at Camilla, who was staring out the back window at the still burning building.


“I’ve never seen her like this.” Camilla whispered.

Her and Alex were in his kitchen talking. I was lying on his couch in shock. I didn’t know what else to do or how to function knowing I owned nothing. Knowing I no longer had a place to call home.

“Really?” He said.

“Yeah. She’s always been the stronger one. This is really terrifying.”

“I know.” He sounded sad and I just wanted to hug him. But I didn’t have the energy to move.

“How did you know about the fire? And why were you there?”

“I was watching TV and it became a breaking news story. So I called about fifty times and I couldn’t get a hold of Odette.”

“We saw you call. She was about to answer and then her phone went dead.”


“She’s really terrible about charging the damn thing. It’s always dying on her.”


“Anyway. Continue.”

“Well, I was scared that something had happened and you guys were in the building so I rushed over. None of your neighbors had said they had seen you. So I started to panic a little more. And then you guys came around the corner and I couldn’t believe it. I was just excited you were okay.”

I heard a sniffle from Camilla. If I had been talking to them I probably would be crying too. “Wow. Thanks, Alex.”

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