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Oh Love

Better Side

It had been an incredibly long three days. The day after the fire we discovered that nothing we owned had made it. The entire building had collapsed by the end of the day. Camilla broke down and cried. I was too shocked to do much but sit there. I felt numb.

I owned nothing. It had all gone up in flames.

I didn’t sleep for those three days. I would lay next to Camilla in Alex’s guest bedroom and my thoughts would run themselves in circles. Alex had been more amazing than I thought possible for any human being. He was letting us stay until things got sorted out.

On the second day Camilla went shopping for the both of us. She bought the necessities such as underwear, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, and managed to find a change of clothes for the both of us. I knew when she got back that she was annoyed I hadn’t come to help. And honestly, I was annoyed with myself. I wanted nothing more than to move on from this bullshit.

I needed to feel something. I didn’t care what it was but I needed to feel something. The third day without sleep, I broke. Alex and I were cuddled on the couch and Camilla was in one of the chairs and we were watching TV as a distraction to everything. I can’t even remember what we were watching, I just know that all of a sudden I was pissed off.

I had practically jumped up from Alex and both of them stared at me. I began pacing the room and both Alex and Camilla were frozen. It was the most movement they had seen from me in days. Camilla came to comfort me and I pushed her away. I didn’t want comfort. I wanted to break things. I wanted something to be pissed off at.

Alex had headed to the kitchen and came back with one of the many glasses from his cabinet and handed it to me, giving me the okay to destroy it. Without a second’s hesitation I threw it on the wood floor and it shattered. They both looked at me, shocked.

And I was suddenly aware of what I had done. I had smashed a glass. And now I couldn’t move for fear of stepping on a piece of glass. Alex had run to get the broom and vacuum and Camilla tried to help me away from the glass. Instead of accepting her help I fell to my knees and it didn’t hardly phase me when I landed on glass, cutting my legs and hands up.

None of it mattered. It had finally hit me what I had just gone through and now I was sobbing. And I couldn’t stop. I had just lost everything I had ever owned. Everything that was mine and that I loved. Camilla helped me up and took me to the bathroom to help me get cleaned up. I sat there crying while she pulled all the glass out of my hands and legs.

She didn’t even look angry or upset. She just sighed and bandaged me up. Like I had done for her so many years ago. Then she dragged me to the guest bed and I crawled under the covers and cried until I couldn’t anymore. She never left my side and I cried until I had a headache and couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.


I woke up with a massive headache and groaned. I opened my eyes to a place way too bright and immediately didn’t recognize anything. I sat up on my elbows with difficulty and looked around. I didn’t really recognize anything about the room. The sheets were white and the walls were a nice comforting color of blue. I heard a soft snoring next to me and couldn’t stop the smile that came to my face.

Alex had one of his arms draped over his eyes and the other was resting comfortably on the comforter that was pulled up to his chest. I checked the time on the clock next to him. 9:23 AM. That wasn’t that bad, right? Granted I really wasn’t sure what the day was, but at least I didn’t feel so goddamn numb anymore.

I glanced at the bandages on my hands and legs. And then I felt guilty. I could only imagine what I had put the both of them through these past few days. I slid out of bed without waking Alex and made my way to the bathroom. I nearly screamed at my appearance. I had massive circles under my eyes and instead of looking a ghostly white I looked pasty and a bit green. Almost like I was going to throw up at any minute.

I washed my face and ran my wet fingers through my hair and took a few deep breaths. That at least made me feel a little better. I headed back to Alex’s bed and stopped when he saw me. He gave me a small smile and I tried to return it.

“Morning.” He said cautiously.

“Hi.” I said in a small voice.

He opened his arms and I just couldn’t resist. “How are you this morning?”

“I’m okay.” I mumbled into his chest. While one of his arms pulled me into his chest and kept me close, the other ran up and down my back, lightly.

“Not going to go crazy on me again?” He joked.

I shook my head in his chest. “I don’t think so. I’m sorry about all of that by the way.”

“Don’t be. I knew you had finally hit angry and needed something. Besides, I keep spare smashing glasses on hand in times of need.”

I giggled. “Really?”

He laughed. “No. But it got you to giggle. Which I’ve missed.”

I sighed. “I’m still sorry. I don’t know what happened. I just lost it. I was so angry and then I was crying.”

“I know. I could tell you were angry when you pushed Camilla away.”

“Oh right. I should probably apologize to her.”

“Mmm. Eventually.” He kissed the top of my head and I smiled a little. “But right now, you have to stay here. I’m quite enjoying the fact that you are in my bed right now.”

I giggled again. “Can I ask, why am I in your bed? I remember falling asleep in the guest bedroom. With Camilla.”

“You did. But Gabe showed up and I figured it would be weird for them to be in my bed. So I brought you into mine.”

I smiled. “How did I not wake up for that? I’m not a heavy sleeper.”

“I don’t even know. But you’ve been out for almost a full day.”

“Really?” I asked looking up at his unshaven face.

“Mhmm. I’ve had to come in a make sure you were still breathing periodically. I didn’t think people could actually sleep that long.”

“I didn’t really sleep for like three days. And then I wore myself out by crying.”

“Mmm. That’s true. You’re not going to start crying on me again, are you?”

“I’m okay for now. I can’t promise there won’t be tears but I’m alright for now.”

“Good. You wanna go out and do something? I feel like you need a change of scenery. Maybe something fun.”

“I guess. I mean, it couldn’t hurt anything, could it?”
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