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Oh Love

Kiss Me

“You should make me something.” Alex said into my ear.

We were cuddled on the couch on my day off, watching some movie but I was too preoccupied with studying his hand. Honestly, Alex Gaskarth had some beautiful hands. I kissed his palm lightly and tangled my fingers with his. I rested my head on his chest and glanced at the television.


“You should bake me something. Jack said you could bake.”

“I’ve never baked anything for Jack. How would he know?”

“You told him when we were at his parent’s house.”

I sighed. “Oh yeah.”

He pulled me close in a weird cuddle side hug and I smiled. “So, will you bake me something?”

I laughed. “What do you want?”

“Your speciality.”

I rolled my eyes. “Jack said the exact same thing.”

“We think alike. So it only makes sense that we would say the same thing.”


I forced myself off the couch and Alex followed me to the kitchen, sitting on one of his bar stools. I checked everything in his cupboards and fridge to make sure I had something to make. I held back my shrieks as I found exactly what I needed to make my great grandmother’s secret cake recipe. I took out everything and set it on the counter, except for the secret ingredient. I’d have to find a way to keep Alex from seeing it.

“Whatcha gonna make?” He asked.

“A cake.”

“Oh! Sounds delicious. What flavor?”

I smiled. “Chocolate.”

“Even better.”

“However, you’ll have to either go away or close your eyes when I add the secret ingredient.”

“What? Why can’t I know?”

“Family secret. Can’t be letting everyone know. Besides, this is the first time I’ve ever made anything for anyone other than Camilla. So, feel special.”

He grinned. “I do. However, if I have to close my eyes for some secret thing then we get to play a game.”


“We’re going to play strip baking.”

I burst into giggles. “What?”

“Strip baking. We’ll both strip...”

“How do we play? Is it like strip poker?”

“I guess. I’m not sure how we would play that though. Fuck.”

I smiled. “I’ve got an idea.”

“Okay, shoot.”

“What if I try and name All Time Low songs? I get one right, you take something off. I get one wrong, I take something off. And you would pick what I have to take off and I would pick what you have to take off.”

He thought a minute. “Hmm. I like that.”

I smirked. “Thought you would. Just so you know, I’ve been doing some homework. I’ve looked you guys up. Checked out your songs. Even if they were only on iTunes.”

He grinned. “Well, good luck.”

I pulled out a couple bowls to start the process of the cake. I thought about what I was about to do with Alex and I was really thankful Camilla was staying at Gabe’s tonight. I could only imagine where this ‘strip baking’ was going to go. Not that I would mind. I mean, it was Alex Gaskarth and he wanted to play strip baking with me. I smiled at the thought of him wanted to see me naked.

“Quit grinning. Give me a song name Odette.” He joked.

“Right. ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’.” I smirked.

“Fuck. What do I have to take off?”

I thought. “We’ll start with your shirt.” I grinned and he rolled his eyes pulling his t-shirt off and throwing it behind him. “Better.”

“Just wait. I’ll get you.”


“Next song.”

I bit my lip. I may have been bluffing a little with the homework. I’d only looked them up once and listened to the most popular songs. I’m pretty sure he called me while I was doing it so I got a bit distracted and quit paying attention to names. I mixed the dry ingredients and thought.

“Umm. I Miss You?” I wanted to take it back just as I said it. I realized now that was a Blink song and I was about to have to strip.

Alex was grinning. “Nope. I want your shirt.”

He held out his hand and I pulled off my shirt and handed it to him. He threw it behind him and grazed over my body with his eyes. I was insanely glad I wore my black lacey bra and matching boy short underwear.

“Next?” He asked smirking.

“I need you to close your eyes first. Secret ingredient time. Then I’ll give you a song name.”

He thought a minute. “Swear not to go searching for songs on your phone or something?”

I grinned. “Swear.”

“Pinky promise?” He held out his pinkie and I rolled my eyes.

“What did I tell you about pinky promises?”

“Right. Unbreakable Vow it.”

I laughed. “We’re using ‘unbreakable vow’ as a verb now?”

“Of course.”

I rolled my eyes and linked pinkies. Then he grinned and covered his eyes. I waved my hand in front of his face but decided to trust him for the time being. I took a moment to stare at his bare chest. I bit my lip and forced myself to deal with the secret ingredient (which was mayonnaise and was used instead of eggs).

I quickly mixed them together and cleaned it up before deciding to let Alex open his eyes. But instead of telling him to open his eyes I dipped my finger in the batter and pressed it to his lips. He opened his eyes and took my hand in his before licking it all off my finger. And I had to admit, it may have been really cheesy, but it was fucking hot as hell at the same time.

“Delicious. I taste something...different. Is that the secret ingredient?”

I nodded. “Yup. And I swear to tell you what it is after you’ve taste the final product.”

“Mmm. I can’t wait. Now, next song.”

“Something about stars. Lying Under The Stars?”

He laughed. “No. But that’s close. Six Feet Under The Stars.”

“Shit. I knew that didn’t sound right. What do you want?”

“Your jeans.” He smirked.

“Wonderful.” I stripped off my jeans and threw them at him. I was left in my bra and underwear and he still had on his jeans his own underwear. And just like that the lightbulb went off. “Ready for the next song?”



“Fuck. I’m guessing you want my jeans.”


“Son of a bitch.” He mumbled while stripping his jeans off.

I tried to hide my giggles as I pulled out another bowl to start on the icing. I still couldn’t believe he had everything to make the cake. It’s not like they were terribly normal ingredients. But I didn’t question it. I was just happy they were there. I was trying not to stare at Alex in just his underwear but it was difficult. My body was saying yes while my head was telling me to play it cool.

“You’re staring.” He smirked.

“Sorry. Hard to resist.” I stuck my tongue out at him and placed the cake into the oven. “We’ve got about forty minutes to kill. The frosting doesn’t take too long to make.”

“Hmm.” He sat down and I bit my lip at the sudden idea I had.

I walked over to him and he just watched me. Then I climbed on the chair and over him so I was straddling him. Then I placed my arms around his neck. I bit my lip and looked into his eyes. His hands rested at my waist, his fingers slipping into my underwear unconsciously. He grinned at me and I kissed him lightly. He grinned even harder before carrying me all the way back to his bedroom.
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