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Oh Love

Closest Thing To You I'm Gonna Find

“Oh my god, Alex! You guys are incredible.” I said as he drove away from the house.

He laughed. “Really?”

I grinned. “Absolutely.”

“I’m glad you like us.” He smiled at me. “Can I tell you something personal?”

I nodded. “Sure.”

“The last girlfriend I had pretended to like us. I’m pretty sure she was around just for the fame.”

“Then she was a dumb bimbo. Because you guys are awesome. And why would she want your fame? You’re not that famous.” I giggled and he just rolled his eyes.

“Thanks, Odette. Really.” He said sarcastically.

“What? I mean, you don’t get stopped every time you walk down the street, do you?”

“No, I guess not.”

“I never said you weren’t famous at all. I’m just saying you’re not as famous as the Backstreet Boys or something. I mean, they probably can’t go to the store without someone recognizing them.”

“That’s true. I’m good with the fame I have. I’ve got a decent amount of privacy.”

“Exactly!” I said grinning. “I like it too. I mean, the amount of privacy. That way no one is all over me about what you’re like in bed.” I smirked.

“Mmm. I see.”

“Where are we going?” I asked not recognizing the streets.


“Alex, we can only go to lunch if I can pay.”

He grinned. “Not happening, Odette.”

“Alex! It’s not fair. You’ve paid for everything.”

He rolled my eyes. “We’re still dating. Early stages of dating. If we’re in a committed relationship two years from now, you can start paying.” He grinned.

“Two years? Are you kidding? You can’t pay for everything for two years. That is not fair.”

“Odette, don’t worry about it. Please. I like spoiling you.”


“Nope. It’s not happening.”

I crossed my arms and let out a frustrated sigh. I really didn’t like that Alex paid for everything. I could understand the first date or two but two years of it? That wasn’t going to happen. But how did I know we were going to be together for two years? I shook my head. Now, was not the time to think about it. I was thoroughly enjoying our time together and I didn’t want to screw it up by thinking too much.

“If you keep your face like that, it’ll stay that way.” He said suddenly.

I felt my features soften and was shocked to find I had put on such a terrible face. “Shut up.”

He laughed. “Odette, I like it. I promise. Spoiling you comes much easier than any other girl I’ve dated.” He gave me a genuine smile and I sighed.

“Fine. But it’s not going to happen for two years. I have to pay for something.”

“Eventually. Like, when the band goes broke and we lose all our fans and need money.” He grinned.

I shook my head and left it at that. I wasn’t in the mood to argue.


I was lying on my bed talking to Alex and smiling once in awhile at hearing Camilla and Timothy screaming about what to make for dinner. He had come for our girl’s night and I knew that meant he would be staying the night. We were all going to start drinking and there was no way I was going to allow him to drive home.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“Driving to have dinner with my parents. Mom’s making home made food and since I’m finally in town I get to feast.”

I laughed. “Good to know.”

“O, Camilla and I can’t decide on dinner.” Timothy said at my doorway.

“Who’s that?” Alex asked distantly.

“Timothy, I don’t care what you guys decide on. Just decide. I’m a little busy.” I said pointing to my phone.

“Who are you talking to?” Timothy asked.

I bit my lip. “Alex.”

Timothy grinned and held out his hand for the phone. I shook my head backing away. “Odette, give me the damn phone.”

“No way.”

“I will tackle you. Give me the phone.”

“Timothy, I could easily kick your ass.”

He laughed. “Sure, okay. Give me the phone. If you don’t give it to me now, I will start yelling all sorts of things about you.”

I sighed. “Alex? My friend Timothy wants to talk to you.”

“Okay?” He said.

I handed the phone to Timothy and he smiled. “Hi, Alex. My name is Timothy. I work with Odette.” He was silent as he listened to Alex’s reply. “Are you the boy that has stolen our lovely Odette’s heart?”

I groaned. I was not liking where this was going. “Well, you must have done something right. She hasn’t dated anyone in almost two years.”


He grinned. “You should come hang with us. I’m dying to meet the boy she’s letting into her heart.” He frowned suddenly. “Oh, alright.” And just as suddenly he was grinning again. “Sweet! Then I guess we’ll see you in the morning. Here’s Odette. I gotta fight for dinner.”

He handed me the phone and I could heard Alex laughing as I watched Timothy practically skip away. I rolled my eyes but couldn’t keep the small smile forming on my face. “So, how do you like Timothy?” I giggled.

“He seems...alright. Can I ask you something about him?”


“Is he gay?”

I busted out laughing. “Yes he is. Don’t worry about it. Maybe I’ll make him bring his partner over. He’s got a ton of money. But they are so adorable together.”

He laughed. “Okay good. Had me worried for a minute.”

I smiled. “Alex, I would never do that. I wouldn’t just have some guy staying at my apartment if I wasn’t sure he was gay. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that at all.”

“Thanks.” I could hear the smile in his voice. “Can I come kidnap you after my dinner? Well, later at night anyway. I gotta hang with them for a bit.”

I laughed. “Alright. That sounds good.”

“Cool. I’ll call you later. I’m sitting outside my parent’s house now. They probably think I’m doing something dirty.”

“Oh my god, Alex! Go hang out with your parents. I’ll see you later.”

“Bye, Odette.”

I hung up with Alex and joined Camilla and Timothy in our living room. They were in a heated game of Mario Kart and I just smiled. The kitchen island was covered in all kinds of junk food including assorted chips and candy. I smiled. I loved these nights with the idiots on the couch.

The doorbell rang and I heard Timothy scream from the couch, “Get the door, O. It’s the pizza guy.”

I rolled my eyes and answered the door. “Hi.”

“Hello.” He handed me the pizza and I gave him the money that had been left on the counter. “Have a good night.”

“You too.” I smiled.

I set the boxes on the table in the living room and got a piece for myself. I watched the two of them battle it out for a few more rounds before Camilla finally beat Timothy. She did her signature winning dance and we all laughed.

The three of us sat around in the living room talking about anything and everything. I didn’t tell them that Alex was going to be taking me out later but I would probably tell them in the morning. Right now it wasn’t their business. Somehow we had managed to eat almost all the food that had been bought for the occasion.

I never understood how we could eat so much in one night. Between the chips, candy, ice cream, and pizza. But it felt good to hang out with my friends. Not that we didn’t do this often, but it always reminded me of why we were friends.

Eventually the two of them fell asleep all around the living room. I glanced at the clock. 12:23 in the morning. I skipped the to the bathroom and made sure my makeup wasn’t all over my face. I shook my hair from the bun I had kept it in all day and smiled at the slight wave my hair had. I had to admit, it was a good look. I smiled as my phone vibrated.

“Hello?” I said quietly leaving the bathroom in search for my keys.

“Hey. I’m outside the building.” I grinned.

“Cool. Be there in a minute.” I hung up and glanced at the idiots still sleeping.

I shook my head and locked the door before heading down to the lobby. The doorman raised his eyebrow at me and I just grinned. Alex’s car was waiting for me and I bit my lip before sliding into the front seat. He pulled me in for a sideways hug and I just smiled at him.

“Evening.” He grinned.

“Is this going to become regular? Meeting late at night to go on some adventure?” I smirked.

“Of course! I gotta keep it fresh for myself. My other dates I always take out in daylight hours.”

“Oh. Ashamed of me already?”


I giggled. “I know. I’m just screwing with you.”

“Good. And I’ll make sure our next date is in the daylight.”

“Ooh. Do I get to decide what we do?”

“Nope. I’ve already got an idea.”

“Really? Been planning this for a while?”

“Mmm. You’ll never know.”


“Calm down. You get so worked up about everything.” He smirked.

“Fine. I won’t ask about that date. But am I allowed to ask about what we’re doing now?”

“It’s something like what we did the first night we spent together. But we won’t be looking at the stars. Well, I guess we will for a bit. But the real part I want to show you is a surprise. And happens much later.”

“You mean I won’t get to sleep in my bed again?”

“Nope. Sorry.” He smiled.
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