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Yeah, Yeah

Ellie. One name made up of 5 letters ,2 consonants and 3 vowels.
Peculiar. An adjective made up of 4 vowels and 4 consonants.
My life is simple . I write and uphold a blog on . I occasionally do broadcasts in the occasion someone is unavailable. Would I like to be a full time broadcaster, sure . But I am doing pretty damn well for my first year out of college.

I do not own in any part the real people that are in this story because well that would be odd seeing as they are people. Right? I do however own all original characters
  1. "and your positive right?"
    "I don't get waves of missing you anymore ,it's more like tsunami tides in my eyes"~ Ed Sheeran
  2. Jolly old ....airport
    "lost control but please don't slow me down gonna go for it hope your ready for it."~olly murs
  3. Why hello there
    "I can't be no superman but for you I'll be super human"~ one direction
  4. Bed issues.
    "on the right side of the wrong bed"
  5. The host and the Ginger
    "maybe I'm lovable and maybe your my snowflake"~ Ed Sheeran
  6. The terms in which I am angered
    "We are the children of the bad revolution" Lana Del Ray
  7. Where things went wrong
    "Why does it feel so good to hurt so bad ?" ~ olly murs
  8. Have a holly jolly glaring contest
  9. A series of awkward events
    "You're my kryptonite