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Do You Really Need Me?

Rian is lonely. That's why he gets Jack. Jack the dog, with ADHD, a love for young children and never ending energy. Jack who has fallen in love with him. What will it take for Rian to notice?

This is a sequel to my story 'Can you be the one to save me?' but I guess it can be read on its own as well.

This is an AU that I created myself. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL!
Disclaimer: If you recognise someone, I don't own them. Simple.
  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
    The First Call
  3. Chapter 3
    Play Date
  4. Chapter 4
    The Second Call
  5. Chapter 5
    Training 2.0
  6. Chapter 6
    A Reward Gone Wrong
  7. Chapter 7
    Running to Zack
  8. Chapter 8
  9. Chapter 9
    Zack Approaches Rian
  10. Chapter 10
    Coming Home