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When Nobody Else Is Looking

It's the first year of playing Warped for 18 year old Brittany but she prefers to be called Brye. She quickly manages to make friends, some better than others in many ways. Alan Ashby falls for her the minute they meet but Ben Bruce's arrival can only mean bad things for him and his chances with Brye.

This is an Alan/OFC fic, not any kind of slash. Be warned there may be some things in here that won't appeal to everyone but I don't know because this story doesn't have a set plot line. I'll also be posting it to my tumblr but probably here first anyways. Also, don't criticize me for any inacuracies because I spend a lot of time gathering information and researching to create the things that happen. I do a lot of work for this okay?! Thank you :) <3
  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
    Just a filler chapter really, although you do finally finds out who she REALLY likes :P and who REALLY likes her hahaha
  4. Chapter 4
    They keep their alcohol under the sink... Is that strange?
  5. Chapter 5
    And Daddy Kellin is born <3
  6. Chapter 6
    Part of this is in Alan's POV. Sorry for taking forever :( I'm just... lazy... yeah...