A Demon's Toy


Sebastian tapped the toe of his impeccably polished Italian dress shoes against the marble tiling of the foyer. What was taking her so long? Was this payback for calling her a stray earlier? He took the pocket watch out of his jacket pocket and once more checked the time. Twenty minutes had passed since he’d left her to change. He still needed to show her around the house, explain to her what her duties were, and introduce her to Mistress Hunt. Not precisely in that order.

“I hate you,” a low growl sounded from behind him full of venom.

Sebastian bit back the smile that threatened to spread wide across his face when he turned around to face the petite neko. Any small traces of a smile that might have been seen on his face instantly died upon seeing Ember.

Although the small woman was glaring daggers at him, he was completely stunned by how well the outfit suited her. The small headdress carefully hid her ears beneath its thick fabric. The outfit itself clung to her torso fitting nicely around her curves and accentuating her hourglass figure. The puffy white sleeves exposed the tops of her sun-kissed tan shoulders where they refused to stay up in place. The bottom hem of the maid uniform flowed out like a tutu from her small waist barely ending just shy of mid-thigh. The deep blue of the stockings complimented her tan athletic legs making them appear longer.

She stomped her tiny, sapphire blue flat clad feet over to him only making it harder for him to not resist the urge to pull her into a hug and coo over how adorable she looked. Maybe it was the fact that she was part cat that made him feel so much affection for her. Although he did vaguely wonder how she was able to hide her tail so well…

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he felt a hard poke in the center of his chest. Sebastian’s eyes fell to gaze into a beautiful, large pair of bright green orbs. Even though the green had darkened slightly with her anger, he still found her eyes incredibly mesmerizing.

“What the fuck kind of sick joke is this?” she hissed. “Women don’t have their maids dress this way. MEN do.”

“Mistress Hunt likes to keep with the trend,” Sebastian coolly answered.

“Please don’t insult my intelligence. There is no way a woman is going to dress her staff in sexy outfits like this without fear of having one of them show her up in beauty. She’s a perverted sadomasochist isn’t she?”

“I only do as Mistress Hunt demands,” Sebastian responded completely ignoring her question. He pivoted quickly around on his heel to face away from her as he got the most insane urge to laugh. “Come. Mistress Hunt wishes to meet the newest member of her staff.”

“She could give two shits less about who I am as long as her outfits are washed and dry cleaned correctly, huh?” Ember questioned with a sigh.

Ignoring her question once more, Sebastian led her up the left arm of the staircase. He continued down the hallway that branched off to the left at the top of the staircase. Ember ran straight into his back discovering it was surprisingly taut with lean muscle. She took a couple steps back watching him warily as he turned to face her. They had stopped in front of a set of double wide wooden doors with polished gold handles.

“There is one thing you must know upon meeting Mistress Hunt,” Sebastian quietly began.

Ember quirked a dark brow and patiently waited for him to tell her what it was.

“Do not sigh. It is displeasing to milady’s ears.”

With that he swung open the doors and motioned me inside the room.


I watched as he swung open the doors before motioning for me to step inside. Even though I could still very clearly see the image of platinum blonde hair and a petite body in my mind, I was still apprehensive about meeting her. I knew how people like her were. They were completely and utterly spoiled always getting their way. She didn’t care about the rest of the world. She was only concerned with the world she thought revolved around her.

I cautiously stepped inside self-consciously checking to make sure my ears were tucked away beneath the headdress. I smoothed down the front of my uniform as I came to stand silently beside Sebastian. I clasped my hands together in front of me and lowered my gaze to the floor. I may not have grown up around rich snobs or the like, but I knew how to act when it came to dealing with one such as her. They found anybody and everybody below them thus they expected you to behave like a servant.

“Who is this?” a cold, female voice snapped from across the room.

“This is Miss Ember Lux, milady,” Sebastian answered with a dip of his head. I found it strange how he left off my last name. I snuck a curious glance at him from the corner of my eye. How strange…

“Is she the new maid?” the woman sniffed. I had to bite down hard on my tongue in order to keep myself from responding with a sarcastic reply. Why did she think I was wearing this ridiculous uniform? For shits and giggles?

“She is, milady.”

“You. New maid. Amber,” the woman demanded my attention. I took a deep calming breath before crossing my ankles and doing a short curtsy.

“Yes, milady?” I quietly spoke resisting the urge to gag. I wasn’t even going to bother about trying to correct her on my name. She’d forget it as soon as I left the room anyways.

“Come,” she commanded with a snap of her fingers. I glanced up at Sebastian only to be mildly annoyed when I found he was busy focusing on his mistress.

Keeping my head down, gaze on my toes, I scampered over to the petite woman’s bedside. As I stood silently beside her bed, she sat up on her knees so that she could be eye level with me. Her hands were ice cold as they grasped my face. I suppressed my flinch at the sudden chilly touch as she tilted my head back.

My cat green eyes clashed full force with a pair of stunning sapphire blue irises. Of course it would figure she’d be blonde and blue eyed. Her soft, petite hands fell from my face as her eyes bore into mine challenging me to a game. My eyes narrowed infinitesimally wondering what game she could possibly want to play. Slowly she lifted her right hand and caught a strand of my raven black hair between her fingers. The dark color of my hair contrasted greatly against the ivory skin. She wrapped the silky black strand around her index finger while her left hand trailed along my exposed collarbone.

Her hand dipped lower to brush her finger tips along the swells of my breasts. She brushed her hand down my uniform making a trail that led down to the center of my abdomen. My hair uncurled from around her finger as her right hand dropped down to my waist so that she could grasp my waist tightly in her small hands.

Her ever roaming fingers made me cringe inside at the intimate touches, but I made sure to not show any dissatisfaction. I knew what she was doing now. I knew what game she was playing. She was testing my resolve. She wanted to know just how far I’d let her go before breaking. Little did she know I had no intentions of losing to her in this twisted, sadistic little game of hers.

A mischievous grin curled her glossed lips as a wicked gleam sparkled in her deep blue eyes. The woman’s hands fell from my hips only to be placed on my thighs right below the hem of the uniform. Her touch was soft as it traced feather light zigzag patterns up my leg. The higher her hands went the further my dress was pushed up to expose the lace panties I was wearing that I had found in the drawers of the wardrobe.

I wanted so desperately to glance over at Sebastian since I knew he was watching. I needed to see the look on his face to know what he thought about his mistress doing this, but I knew that if I broke eye contact it was game over. The girl, who appeared barely older than me, let out a girlish giggle as she leaned in close to my face. Her hot breath washed over my face as a wave of mint overwhelmed my nostrils. Her hands returned to clasp the sides of my neck as she lightly touched her lips to mine.

“Close your eyes,” she softly demanded. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut. Those lips, oily with gloss, pressed hard against mine, but I refused to kiss back. I knew if I gave in too easily, in her mind, I would be seen as weak. I would be seen as someone she could walk all over. Yet if I held out just long enough, maybe-just maybe- she would respect me a little more than her other servants that bowed to her every whim.

Not liking the fact that my lips refused to move in sync with hers, the woman growled and dug her nails deep into my flesh as she dragged them down my neck to my collarbone. Overwhelmed by the sudden wave of pain, my mouth opened wide in a gasp. Seizing the opportunity, she shoved her tongue into my mouth giving me no other choice but to battle for domination. She smiled in satisfaction as her teeth bit down hard onto my bottom lip drawing blood. She pulled away from the kiss stretching my bottom lip out and away from my mouth before releasing it. I swiped my tongue along my bottom lip tasting the familiar tang of iron on my taste buds.

Her eyes never leaving mine, she opened her mouth to speak. When she did so, I was pleased to see I had drawn blood on her bottom lip as well.

“She will do,” she informed Sebastian. “Now leave me be.”

Sebastian glided over and gently grasped my elbow leading me out of the room. The doors clicked shut behind us as we walked back down the hallway.

“You will fit in nicely, Miss Ember,” Sebastian praised.

“Call me Lux,” I said to him. He frowned in disapproval at me. I swiped a thumb along my lip and gazed down in amused fascination at the bright red streak that stretched across my thumb’s pad.

“I think she likes me.”

Sebastian chuckled. “Indeed. So it would seem…for now.”
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