A Demon's Toy


The silence inside the car was tangible enough that you could slice a knife through it like butter. My hands rested in my lap; thumbs twiddling over the other. I was staring absently out the windows watching the green blurs of trees flash by the window as the limo drove down the long stretch of road. My gaze slid over to the opposite side of the limo’s backseat.

Sebastian was relaxed against the seat with his back still perfectly straight. He had his pristine white gloved hands resting delicately in his lap as he sat there with his eyes closed. I took in the sleek black hair that my hands itched to run their fingers through. I vaguely wondered if it was as soft to the touch as it looked. My eyes reveled in the beauty of the butler’s high cheekbones and sharp, strong jawline that occasionally tensed when his teeth clenched together.

I imagined trailing the pads of my fingers down the smooth, straight bridge of his nose to gently trace along his plump bottom lip. In my mind, I could hear his breath grow ragged at my touch; his hot breath washing over my fingers. I could see his eyes snap open to reveal a pair of blood red irises that penetrated me with their gaze as he took my hand in his and slowly pulled my index finger into the moist cave of his mouth. He would lightly suck on the tip as his tongue teasingly licked at the skin leaving a searing hot trail from its touch.

“What are you doing?” a deep, British voice questioned irritably successfully yanking me out of my daydream.

My eyes snapped open to stare directly into a pair of ruby red orbs that gazed at me with displeasure. A finely trimmed, dark eyebrow was arched high over his left eye in curiosity while the edges of his lips were turned down in a disapproving grimace. Somewhere, during my fantasy, I had crawled onto the seat opposite mine where he sat and had inched closer to the warmth of his body with my eyes closed lost in my imagination. Now, here I was, my face inches from his with my hands and knees pressing into the cushion of the leather seat.

I could feel all the blood in my body pool inside my cheeks making them grow hot to the touch. I stuttered my apologies as I tried to quickly move back to my seat in the far opposite corner of the limo. Before I had the chance to move away, Sebastian captured my chin between his gloved fingers. My green eyes widened in shock as he gently tugged my face back towards his.

“S-sebastian?” I squeaked nervously. I wondered if maybe I wasn’t still caught up in my fantasy.

“Ssshh,” he hushed pressing a finger against my lips.

What was he doing? For a month he had been nothing but cruel to me, constantly nagging about the way I did my chores. Now he was being seductive and pulling my lips nearer to his? I had to still be dreaming. Surely this wasn’t really happening? My mind was racing with so many conflicting thoughts and feeling his hot breath wash over my face did nothing to help me clear my mind. I could smell the subtle hint of mint on his breath. I could feel myself growing dizzy from the intoxicating scent that clung to the fabric of his jacket.

His lips brushed a searing hot trail up my jawline where his teeth gently nipped at the bottom of my earlobe.

“I finally have you to myself,” he whispered. The deep timbre of his voice sent chills of pleasure to ripple throughout my body. What did he mean by that? Had he only been pretending to be cruel to me over this past month so that no one knew he actually might hold feelings for me? What did he MEAN? I opened my mouth to ask him when I was abruptly cut off.

“We have arrived,” a gruff voice spoke over the intercom inside the limo. Without breaking eye contact, Sebastian reached over to press the round, black button.

“Thank you, Jack,” he answered before letting his hand slip away from the switch.

I pulled myself away from his mesmerizing stare and cleared my throat. My mind was still racing with all the thoughts of what his words could possibly mean. I fixed my black hair so it hid my blushing red cheeks and made sure my headdress hid my red tipped ears. Sebastian swung open the car door and slid out to stretch to his full height. He brushed the nonexistent lint off his tailcoat before reaching a gloved hand inside the limo to assist me. I slid my tiny hand into his loving the feel of those warm fingers embracing my hand.

I stepped out of the limo to stare wide-eyed up at the tall building before me.

“Where are we?” I breathed with amazement. The building seemed to stretch on until it touched the sky it was so tall. The doors were at least twice my height and edged with gold paneling. I watched in awe as the glass panes rotated around allowing multiple people to enter and exit at the same time. In large, white letters written in a fancy cursive above the doors were the words Hotel Luna Silora.

“We’re at a hotel,” Sebastian answered retrieving our bags from the trunk of the car. I gaped at the expensive outfits that were worn by the patrons going in and out of the hotel. Seeing them wear such fancy clothing made me feel very self-conscious and aware of the short maid’s outfit I was still currently wearing. It was obvious to passers-by that I was not born into this kind of lifestyle. And here I had thought the ESTATE was grand. This completely blows it out of the water.

“Come,” Sebastian ordered brushing coldly passed me as he easily balanced all four bags on his arms. I rushed up beside him eager to help by carrying my own luggage.

“Here let me—” I started to say as my fingers closed around the handle of one of my bags. He snatched the bag out of my fingers and shot me a stern glare from the corner of his eye.

Confused, hurt, and slightly angered by his harsh gesture, I fell back to follow along behind him up to the front desk. The woman standing behind the counter glanced up to peer at Sebastian through a pair of silver, thinly rimmed glasses. Her honey brown hair was combed back into a tightly wound bun that sat at the nape of her neck. Her facial features were sharp and pointed reminding me slightly of a rodent. Not only did I dislike her mousy appearance (and it wasn’t because I was a neko), but I most certainly did not like the heated once over stare she was giving Sebastian.

She pushed her glasses back up on the bridge of her nose before flashing Sebastian a coy smile. I scoffed and rolled my eyes at her attempt to be flirty and cute.

“May I help you, sir?” she inquired batting her eyelashes over her large sky blue eyes. The possessive nature of the predator within me clawed at my insides demanding to be released so it could choke the life out of this woman. Again, it wasn’t because I was a neko and she looked strikingly like a rodent. She was just threatening to take away something I had already laid claims on.

Sebastian set down the luggage on the floor at his feet while I stayed far back behind him watching the exchange through curious eyes.

“Yes. I do believe we have a reservation under the name of Hunt?” he informed her with a fake, pleasant smile. His British voice dripped with insincere affection.

Her thin brows rose high up onto her forehead when he mentioned the plural word ‘we’.

“We, sir?” she prodded, her smile twitching with annoyance. Sebastian stepped to the side and motioned at me making my eyes go wide while the hostess narrowed her light blue eyes.

“Yes, my mistress and I,” he coolly replied. My eyes flashed over to him, but he had already turned back to the rodent…erm…woman, I mean.

“Now, if you would be so kind as to give us our room key?” Key? Did he say KEY? Not plural as in keys? You mean we were SHARING a room?

The woman’s sickly sweet smile stretched tight across her bony face as she typed in the name and grabbed out our room key from beneath the desk. She slid the small, rectangle envelope across the counter towards Sebastian.

“Here you are. Enjoy your stay at Hotel Luna Silora,” she ground out through clenched teeth; that fake cheery smile still plastered on her face.

“Thank you,” Sebastian nodded slipping the room key into the inner pocket of his jacket. He once more balanced the entire luggage in his arms and made his way back towards me. Once his back was turned, the hostess shot me a dirty look; the light from the ceiling casting a coincidental glare across her glasses. I bared my teeth in warning causing her gaze to widen before quickly darting back to the computer screen.

Before Sebastian could brush by me once more, my hand snapped out to grab a hold of his upper arm. The muscles in his bicep tensed underneath my touch, but he slowed his steps to a stop all the same. The luggage he was carrying on his shoulder, however, kept me from seeing his face.

“When we get to our room…you have a lot to explain,” I quietly growled hesitantly releasing my hold on his arm. Without saying a word, Sebastian strode off towards the elevator leaving me behind.

The only thing I didn’t quite seem to understand was…what had he meant when he had whispered those words I finally have you to myself?
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