A Demon's Toy


Our room was on the 23rd floor in room 2308. When Sebastian had unlocked the door and left to set our stuff in the bedroom, I took in the sight of where we’d be staying for the next week. Upon entering the room there was a rounded set of steps that lowered to the floor of the living room. In the living area sat a large L-shaped sofa with a round glass coffee table sitting a few feet from the couch. Mounted high on the wall was an LCD, flat screen television. My eye twitched. Damn rich people.

Moving passed the living room towards the far right of the room was a kitchen equipped with a double-wide fridge, a microwave, an electric stove, and center island. Over on the far left side of the room were two doors. The one on the right side of the wall led into the bedroom where Sebastian had disappeared to. I made my way over to the other door and opened it to find a bathroom.

Off to my immediate left was the toilet beside a wall that blocked it off from the large shower that sat on the other side of the divider. Across from them was a long, wall length vanity that had two separate sinks installed in the black marble countertop. Two round mirrors sat above each sink with a thin border of lights surrounding the reflective glass.

Straight across from the door I had entered through was another door that opened into the bedroom. A double entrance? Awesome, I thought sarcastically to myself. I walked through the bathroom to enter the bedroom. While Sebastian busied himself with hanging his suits up, I took a look around the room.

The room was large, yet seemed so…barren. There was a queen sized bed with sheets as white as Sebastian’s glove that sat in the center of the wall to my left. Across the way was a large walk-in closet where Sebastian was currently putting things away. I took a few steps forward toward the wall in front of me, beyond the bed, that was made up completely of Plexiglas. Through the ceiling to floor length windows, you could see a nice layout of the city below. Even being on only the 23rd floor the view was still breathtaking. Especially for a neko like me who had been living on the street most of her life.

“I put all of your things on the left half of the closet. Any personal clothing items you brought I left in the suitcase,” Sebastian notified me as he slid the closet door shut.

I turned form the window nodding my head in thanks. My eyes slid back to stare out the windows as I felt Sebastian approach me.

“You need to change if you are to look the part as my mistress,” he reminded in a soft voice. I rounded on him in anger; hands falling to rest on my hips.

“Why do I have to play the part of Coraline?” I snapped. Sebastian didn’t even so much as blink at my sudden flare of anger. Was this guy a robot or something?

“Mistress Hunt does not like going out if she does not have to since she has very sensitive skin and tends to burn easily. Therefore, if she does go out, she must always carry an umbrella to protect her skin.”

“Great, I don’t care. That still doesn’t answer my question. Why am I here?” I emphasized so he would get to the point.

“You, of all the maids, are closest to the mistress’s height and size. You are also one of her favored servants. So she requested you come with me to get her clothing properly fitted without her needing to do it herself,” Sebastian finally clarified.

“And I have to actually play the part of Coraline because?”

“Otherwise we would have had to get separate bedrooms which would have cost more money and, therefore, would have been a greater burden on Mistress Hunt.”

I narrowed my eyes in suspicion. “Does Coraline—” I refused to call her Mistress outside of the estate—“know I am playing her? Or did you just decide this on your own on the car ride over here?”

“This was Mistress Hunt’s idea, I assure you,” he stressed bitterly.

“What are you? Bipolar?” I blurted out making me mentally facepalm myself.

“Excuse me?” he asked with a raised brow.

“In the limo you whispered that you finally have me to yourself and act all sexy. Now you act like it’s a burden to have me here!”

For a long time Sebastian just stared down at me through those emotionless pair of ruby red eyes.

“Please change so we may start our errands as soon as possible. We have three fittings to accomplish for today,” the British butler smoothly switched topics before striding out the bedroom door. It clicked softly shut behind him.

I pulled at the ends of my hair wishing I had the gull to actually rip it from my head. I snatched my headdress off my ears instead and threw it furiously at the door. Unfortunately, it only flew for a couple feet before crash landing to the ground. I ripped open the closet door and started searching through the various clothes I had brought wishing I had known about this plan before leaving. If I had known about this then I wouldn’t have brought so many damn maid uniforms.

My eyes locked onto an outfit that I knew would drive him crazy. Whether he’d be crazy with need or anger, I didn’t care. At least Sebastian would be showing his emotions for once.


~Sebastian’s P.O.V~

I stood out in the living room waiting for Ember to change so that we could go pick up the dresses Coraline had ordered. A shadow of a smile made its way onto my face as I remembered how wide her yellow-green eyes had grown when I pulled her face back near mine. I could still feel her uneven breath wash over the side of my face when I had whispered those words in her ear. At first I had just merely been teasing her the way she had teased me by being so close with her warmth.

When I had felt her shift over onto the long seat I had been relaxing on, my eyes had snapped open to glance over at her only to see she had her eyes closed. Yet she slowly crawled her way over to me like a predator ready to pounce. It was unusual for ME to be the prey when typically I was the hunter. However I could not find the words to halt her advances as I had become mesmerized in the sway of her hips as she crept towards me; my eyes had become drawn to those blushing pink lips that parted just enough for me to hear the ragged breaths that left them.

I had been so curious to know what daydream it was she had been so wrapped up in that those words asking what she was doing had left my mouth before I knew what was happening. I immediately regretted those words when I saw her begin to pull away blubbering her apologies, but I hadn’t wanted her to leave just yet. I liked having her near me. I loved seeing her reactions to the smallest things I did. I especially loved seeing the way she barely restrained herself from jumping over the check-in desk to murder the hostess who had been flirting with me.

I sighed and flipped open my pocket watch. Fifteen minutes had gone by. Why was it that it always took her so long to get ready? I shook my head never having fully understood how a woman’s mind works. I slid the round watch back into the inside pocket of my tailcoat and tapped my foot against the white carpeting of the living room floor. My mind began to aimlessly wander back to old, long forgotten memories of my past. Coraline, out of all the humans I had served, was definitely the most sadistic. Or at least came very close to having the most demented mind. I couldn’t wait until her dark, twisted soul rested deep inside my aching stomach.

“I’m ready when you are,” Ember purred from behind me. I sighed in relief. Finally, she was—

My eyes widened just for a moment upon seeing her outfit before I forced the emotionless mask back onto my face. One I had quite perfected over the years.

Ember wore a form fitting gray pinstripe, steampunk vest that had just an inch of white lace edging cutting down the V of the top. She wore nothing beneath the vest which allowed my eyes to revel in the beautiful, sunkissed skin that was exposed by the top. She had left the last button of the vest unfastened to show off her diamond stud belly-button piercing. My fingers itched to remove my gloves and run my hands along the smooth expanse of her skin then tease that bellybutton with my tongue.

Two inches below her belly button were her black skinnies that sat low on her hips. Rips ran up and down the legs of her jeans making me wonder if she had bought them that way or if she had done them herself. I could see it going either way with her. The skinnies hugged every delicious curve of her body right down to her ankles where her feet were clad in a pair of black converse shoes.

She ran her hand through her long, flowing black hair that framed her delicate face with its waves. Her black ears that were tinged a deep red at the tips laid flat against her head as a sly smile formed on her face flashing me a pair of pearly white canines. I still wondered where she kept her tail hidden although I had come to the conclusion that she might not have one. In which case, it made me wonder as to why she had ears if she didn’t own a tail. Was she not a true neko?

“Do I look the part of your mistress now?” she questioned smugly.

Making sure my face remained impassive, I answered her.

“It’ll have to do, I suppose. Until we can find you more suitable outfits to wear,” I sighed turning on my heel to head for the door. I bit back a smile when I saw her eyes flash with anger and annoyance at my answer. That had apparently not been the response she had been looking for. Which was good. That meant this game would continue. This little game she wanted to play that would test our strength and willpower.

And how I did love playing these kind of games.
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