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Take Your Breath Away

`May, we’re here.’

I opened my eyes and sure enough, as I’m waking up, everyone around me is standing up already, getting their bags from the overhead compartments. I look outside the window next to me and smile as I see LAX airport on the other side of the glass. I turn to the voice that had spoken to me.

`Josh! We’re in LA!’

`No shit. Now come on!’ he grabs my hand and pulls me after him, our carry-on bags in his other hand.
He’s such a gentleman, my Josh.

In his haste to get to the apartments Josh seemed to have forgotten the long security checks we have to go through. It’s especially long for us too as the guys are in a band and have bought all of their own instruments with them that all have to be singularly checked before we can leave. Finally though, after two hours, we’re sat in one of the rental cars that were already sorted for us as we arrived.

`It’s only a twenty minute drive to your place.’ The driver informs us, turning on the radio. Some rap song comes on the radio and I grimace at the terrible music.

`Why are you pulling that face?’ Josh asks, `This is musical genius!’

`Are you for real? I cannot stand rap music.’

`This isn’t just any rap music, this is Drake! I have some serious teaching to do.’

`Max, please make sure the mean man doesn’t make me listen to rap music.’

`Hey, I’m on Josh’s side here! You need educating.’

`I should have stayed in London with your family.’ I complain.

`You won’t be saying that once you see where we’re staying. Carina sent me some pictures and it looks

`This better be worth it.’

`Well flying makes someone grouchy.’

`Does not.’ I argue, crossing my arms.

`Of course it doesn’t sweetie.’ Josh places a kiss on the tip of my nose before grinning knowingly.

I ignore them for the rest of the journey. So maybe I am kinda grouchy, ten hour flights are not fun, ok?! Especially with Josh whispering suggestive things in my ear for the majority of it.

`Here you go, we’re here.’ The driver says after another fifteen minutes. I look outside the window to where he’s gesturing to and see a small apartment block. It’s white and glass fronted and has garden, balconies stretching all round and from what I’m guessing the place also has an outdoor pool. It’s like the American version of the Franceschi’s house.

`THIS is where we’re staying?!’ I ask.

`This is it.’

`But this is so nice. I was expecting some shitty house in the suburbs but we’re actually in the middle of LA in really, really nice apartments.’

`Welcome to our life May.’ Max jokes.

The driver helps us with our bags and the rest of the guys are already here, taking their bags into the house. Once everyone and their bags are at the front door the drivers leave and we’re left to our own devices. Dan has the key and opens the front door to show us the inside of the apartments.


The first thing you see when you walk in is a giant living room. It’s got huge glass doors at the other end of the room, sofa’s put together to make a big square in the centre of the room. Massive TV’s, a jukebox and a snooker table. I walk through and look at the open doors leading from the living room, one is the kitchen. It’s all black with red doors and everything is so slick and smooth and modern and it’s so big! The other rooms are bedrooms, five of them all fitted out with double beds, wardrobes and en-suite bathrooms. I look outside the huge glass doors and as I assumed, there’s a huge pool with Jacuzzi, sun loungers and a sea view. We all go upstairs and there’s a special practice room set up in one room with amps, guitars and a drum kit. Two more bedrooms and bathrooms and a games room fitted out with a bar and arcade games.

This place is like a bachelor haven.

The guys are running around in awe, exclaiming their excitement about the place. I decide this is a good time to get our bags in. It’s as I’m carrying in the first few bags that the guys notice what I’m doing and rush to help me claiming a woman shouldn’t be carrying a man’s bags. As if I care. Once all the bags are in the centre of the living room we all sit down on the sofas.

`So we need to decide who gets which room!’ Max says.

`I’ll write them down.’ Chris offers, searching for some paper. Once he’s done he puts them in Dan’s snapback and mixes them up.

`And the first name is…Matt!’ Dan announces.

`Woooooo!’ Matt exclaims as he races to take the room closest to the kitchen. Well that was inevitable.

`Next is…Josh!’

`Yes!!!’ Josh says before standing up and jumping over the back of the sofa, and he stops and looks at me, `Are we not sharing?’ he pouts.

`I wasn’t sure if you’d want to.’ I say blushing.

`As if I’d let you sleep alone when we’re staying in the same apartment, come on!’ he smiles.

I follow suit and jump over the sofa, thankfully managing not to trip. Josh takes my hand and asks me which room I’d like.

`I want a beach view!’

`Well, I noticed earlier that this one’ he points to the door closest to the glass doors, `has a door that opens to the poolside and has a pretty decent beach view.’

`That’s our room then!’ I run in to the room dragging him a long with me and immediately see the stunning view. I see the pool, palm trees, white sand, and the sea!

`I’m in heaven.’ I whisper.

`I’m so glad you came.’

`Me too.’

`Now, take your phone out of your pocket.’


`Just do it or you’ll regret it.’

`Okay…’ I do as I’m told and as soon as the phone is set down on the bed he grabs me round the waist and lifts me over his shoulder. `JOSH! PUT ME DOWN!’

`Oh, trust me, I will.’ He chuckles, opening the patio doors with his other hand. Next thing I know he’s running to the pool and just as I’m sure he’s about to stop he jumps in, me still over his shoulder. I feel the last bit of fresh air and then I’m plunged into the water, the blue rushing all over me, soaking my clothes and hair. I swim to the top of the pool and gasp for breathe as I see the rest of the band tearing their shirts off and jumping into the pool joining us.

`Something tells me this is going to be a good summer.’ Josh says before splashing me again.

I have to say, I most definitely agree.
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