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Melody's Melodies

Corner of your heart

Melody cries quietly in the shower, the water beating the shower floor covers the sound of her cries. When she’s done and ready to pull herself together, she steps out and turns the water off.

Melody slowly pads herself dry with the soft towel. She knows that she bruises easily, but she never knew she had so many bruises before. Her legs are covered in dark spots, her arm is swelled, her stomach hurts, but there’s no marking. She clears the mirror of steam and looks at her eye, it’s nearly closed. She shakes her head, turns around, pulls her hair over her shoulder covering her breast and she looks back at the mirror to see the reflection of her back. There’s black and blue nearly covering all of her back. She never wants return to that place she once called home, ever.
Quietly, Melody puts her undergarments back on and slip the white shirt over her head, struggling to get her hurt arm through the sleeve. The shirt goes down past her knees, so she decides she’ll just wear that.

She turns the light off and leaves the bathroom, making her way back into the dimly lit living room. She sees Devin sitting on the windowsill, so she goes and sits on the sofa next to him, where she was maybe just an hour ago.

Devin looks down at her and looks her over, giving her a sad smile. He stubs out the cigarette in the ashtray and stands up and gets the Ziploc bags and two paper towels. He returns and sits down next to her. Wrapping the bags in the paper towels he then places one on her eye and the other, he hands over to her. She slowly and lightly places the bag on her arm and winces in pain, because it’s cold and it still really hurts.

“You need to go to the hospital,” he says in a quiet tone.

Melody doesn’t say anything, she just tends to her arm while tears form and roll out down her cheeks. Why? She doesn’t know, but it happens.

That’s when Devin eases over to her, pulls her onto his lap and kisses her hair.

“I don’t know what to do. I thought I could take it, but I can’t,” she whimpers. “I’m in too much pain.”

“Sweetie,” he says quietly, voice husky. “Melody, it’s going to be okay now. I’m here and I’m going to protect you.”

Kissing: the corner of her eye, temple, cheek, jaw, and corner of her mouth whenever she whimpers and hiccups, like she's trying to hold it all in, but her insides are bursting out. He kisses away her tear stains.

After awhile Devin carries her to his room, lays her down on his bed, because she has fallen asleep. He grabs the Ziploc bags and switches out the water for more ice, leaving the bags in the freezer again. He returns to his room, looking over the girl he has grown so close to, lay sleeping under his black covers. She looks so beautiful, innocent, small and peaceful, but damaged as well.

He takes deep breath, pulls his beanie off laying it on his dresser and pulls his shirt off, lets it drop to the floor. He goes into the bathroom and changes from his jeans into the gray sweatpants Melody decided not to put on and then he goes into the living room. He grabs a spare comforter from the closet and lies down on the couch.

He lays there for an hour and he can’t sleep, he can only think. He wishes that he could erase the pain Melody feels and all of the pain she felt in the past mentally and physically, but he can. He wishes he could find her so called father and beat the shit out of him, but he can’t do that either.
Devin lays there, twenty minutes go by and he still hasn’t been hit with sleep. Then he hears Melody in the back making incoherent sounds. He gets up and hurries to his room, he flips the dim lamp on and, he finds out that she’s crying again.

“Melody what’s wrong?” he asks, rushing to her side.

“I- I can’t find my iPod. I left it, I don’t know what to do, I need it,” she cries.

He shushes her and holds her in his arms against his bare chest.

“It’s going to be okay sweetie, just calm down.”

She keeps crying, she doesn’t understand why her iPod makes her break down so hard, but it does. It’s her iPod not being here, it’s her mother not being here, it’s her father hating her, and it’s her hating herself. She hates herself, she hates her father, and she partly even hates her mother because she left her. Her heart is nearly consumed with hate; the only part that’s not consumed is the little piece that belongs to Devin.

There’s hope in that piece, light also and maybe even love.

She continues to bawl in his arms, sniffling nose drippings, clinging to him. When she has calmed down, she lies down in the spot she was just in and Devin gets up to go.

“Goodnight,” he says quietly.

“Where are you going?” she asks.

“Gonna lay down on the couch,” he points to the living room with his thumb.

“You. . .Can you lay in here with me?” she sniffles.

“I- Um. Are you sure about that?”

She nods, and she moves the cover, exposing the black sheets in front of her. She looks so sweet that he can’t help, but give her a little crooked smile and climb into bed with her. He faces her and touches her hair, smoothing it down.

“Your eye looks like it’s healing a little,” he says.

She looks into his eyes, “think so?”

He nods and takes a deep breath. He runs his thumb along her cheek, and underneath her unharmed eye, feeling that it’s still wet.

“So what are we?” she asks, eyes closing, pressing her face into the palm of his warm hand.

He laughs a little. “You’re adorable.”

That makes a small smile creep onto her face, but then she bites her lip.

“I’m serious,” she opens her eyes again.

“We are. . . Whatever you want us to be, you know I’ll be here no matter what.”

She smiles, leans towards him and kisses his lips. She feels so comfortable around him even when she's been crying every other hour.

“We’re a couple then?”

Mimicking her, he smiles and kisses her lips.

“Guess that could work.”

She smiles, and closes her eyes. She’s okay now; she can sleep as long as he’s here beside her.
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