Status: You'll die in his hands.

Melody's Melodies

I'm ready for a funeral

Melody and Devin don’t share many words with each other. Devin can see that Melody is upset, tired and in pain. They go back to his house and Devin tells her that she should go lay down, so she does.

Melody wakes up in the night.

She sits up; her hair falls and frames her face. Tears well up in her eyes, fall down her cheeks and she sighs, looking down at the black blanket.

She had a dream that hurt her deeply.

The dream wasn’t much, but it still filled her heart with sadness all the same.

The dream started like this:

There are white wisps of fog floating around. That’s all it is, nothing but white light with faint wisps of fog or smoke, floating around. Melody could feel the chill of the air, as if she were standing in a meat cooler.

Then there is a light clicking, faint at first but it gradually gets louder, closer. Melody could see only the wisps, nothing more until a grey figure appears.

The figure doesn’t stop walking, it continues to walk towards Melody and she puts it together that the click came from each step the figure took. It’s the person’s shoes.

Then the person is in front of her. This person is dressed in a white dressed in a flowing dress and black heels. This person is pale, but she has vibrant golden hair that is flowing down her back, stopping at her butt. This person has pinkish lips. The person smiles down at Melody, a clear pearl of water rolls down the person’s cheek.

Melody knows who it is.

It’s her mother.

Melody doesn’t cry.

Amara touches Melody’s shoulder, but Melody cannot feel it.

“Hello my little ballerina,” Amara says.

But, Melody cannot hear her mother; she can read her lips though.

Melody realizes color is slowly fading from her mother’s hair; it blends in with her pale body.

“Mommy, I miss you,” she cries out.

Her voice is heard, but not her mother’s.

“I love you my sweet girl,” Amara says. “Stay strong.”

Melody reaches out for her mother, she wants to hold her and be held. But her arms go through the woman’s body.

The little color that Amara possessed is now gone, she is only pale and is becoming transparent.

“Mom!” Melody screams. “Mommy I need you, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t do this without you.”

Amara now blends in with the wisps.

Melody is once again alone, only surrounded by white light and wisps.

That’s how the dream ends.

That’s when Melody realizes, that she doesn’t remember how her mother actually sounds and that in her dream, the things that Amara mouthed in her dream are the same things she told her the last night Melody saw her mother.

Melody wishes she could actually see her again, tell her that she loves her one more time. She knows that her mother's in heaven. Melody wonders that if she were to die right now, would she really be reunited with her again.

Because if that were the case, she'd die right now, she'd welcome death to overtake her if it meant seeing her mother again.