Status: You'll die in his hands.

Melody's Melodies

Are you wasting away in your skin?

On Monday, Devin and Melody skipped school and waited until Melody knew her father would be gone at work and the two of them went to her house to get some things.

The kitchen has beer bottles and empty jar looking bottles of bourbon and vodka all over the counters. There are phone books with pages ripped out on the living room floor, the TV is off center on the TV stand there’s trash not in the bin.

Devin follows Melody upstairs to her room and surprisingly, nothing is damaged. It’s like she never left, everything is exactly the same.

Melody goes to her dresser and grabs some clothes with her good arm, undergarments and her iPod. Devin grabs her backpack and puts it on his back.

Devin can see Melody is shaking a little. He wraps his arms around her and rubs her back.

“It’s alright. Come on, let’s get going.”

Melody stuffs the clothes into her backpack, puts the iPod and headphones into the smaller zip up part, zips it up and they walk hand in hand down the stairs.

Once they get to the last step, the door knob wiggles.

Melody gasps lightly and they freeze.

When the door is slightly open, Melody grabs Devin’s arm and they run down the last step into the living and into the hall closet.

Melody has to clamp her mouth shut with her hand in order from making in kind of sound. Devin peers out of the slits in the closed closet door. He watches as Griffin storms in and slams the door shut. Devin watches as the man rips open his button up shirt, buttons popping off, flying and ricocheting off things.

Griffin pulls the bottom part of his undershirt that is tucked in his pants out and rubs his large cracked hands over his face.

Then he stalks off into the kitchen, grumbling to himself, angry of course. Loud large footsteps lets the booze know that he’s coming to gobble them up.

Melody’s heart is racing.

“He’s going to find us, Devin,” she whispers.

Devin looks over at her. She’s got this terrified look on her face, water in her eyes, she’s visibly shaking and whiter than normal.

“Sweetie,” Devin says. “No he won’t just stay quiet and still.”

She slightly shakes her head, “he will. No matter how still, or quiet I ever am, he always finds me.”

They both hear glasses clinking and nothing else. If it was any quieter and they were closer they could probably hear the liquor sliding down Griffin’s throat.

After a bit, the liquor kicks in and Griffin goes into his usual self.

“Melody,” the man slurs.

Her heart goes into frenzy, eyes real big then she squeezes them shut.

“Melody, I know you’re here!” he yells.
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