Status: You'll die in his hands.

Melody's Melodies

It's gonna be alright

An ambulance takes Melody and Devin to the ER.

Melody is resting in a hospital bed; she’s been given pain killers and has been checked for broken bones, she has none. She’s been cleaned up and has dissolvable stitches on her cheek, she has bruises on her left eye, cheek, neck and her arm has been hurt again, it wasn’t necessarily done healing. It’s been given a new brace.

Devin is sitting in a chair next to her. He’s also been checked for broken bones, he has none. He doesn’t really have any damage, just messed up hands which he was able to wash up.

“Devin,” Melody says, barely audible.

“Yes sweetheart?” Devin says quickly, looking over at her, sitting up.

“I’m sorry,” she says. “I didn’t want to bring you into this.”

“There’s no reason to be sorry. I told you I’d be here for you.”

Melody begins to sniffle. “I love you.”

Devin stands up, takes her warm hand in his and presses his lips to her forehead.

“I love you too,” he whispers.

Time goes by, and a detective knocks on the door and slowly opens it. The detective is a black haired woman. She has dark pretty soft and smooth looking skin.

“Hello Melody and Devin,” the woman says. “I’m detective Nadine.”

“Hi,” Melody says quietly. Devin gives Nadine and half smile.

“How are you feeling?” Nadine asks Melody.

Melody slightly shrugs her shoulders.

“Do you mind me asking you a few questions?”

Melody shakes her head no.

“Okay, thank you.”

Nadine pulls up a chair close to Melody’s bed on the opposite side of Devin.

“Can I ask what happened earlier today?”

“Um well. . . Devin and I went to my house. I was getting a few of my things. Then my father showed up and well. Devin and I hid in the closet and over time I went out to talk to my father and that’s when everything turned to chaos.”

“Why were you getting your things?”

“I was leaving.”

“Did your father know you were leaving?”

Melody shakes her head.

“Okay. . .” Her eyes are squinting and she has crinkles on the side. “Why were you leaving?”

“I didn’t want to live there anymore.”

“Why not?

Melody takes a shaky deep breath. “My father isn’t the most pleasant person alive.”

“What do you mean?”

“. . . He has a heavy hand.”

“He beats you?”

Melody nods.

After Nadine and Melody finish talking, Nadine then questions Devin. He tells about everything he knows about Melody’s situation.

Melody doesn’t know what’s going to happen next. She is just happy that she doesn’t have to deal with being under her father’s physical threats anymore.