Status: You'll die in his hands.

Melody's Melodies

She breaks just like a little girl

Melody was discharged and now at Devin’s house sitting in his bed.

Today she was informed what happened to her father.

He was found drunk and beaten where Devin left him. The police took him to the hospital. His nose was broken that’s the only damage besides his face was bruised. Griffin is still at the hospital, being questioned then he’ll most likely be moved to jail and a case will be started against him by Melody and who knows what will go on from there.

“They’re going to send me to a foster home. . .” Melody says quietly, staring down at black covers.

“What, why would they?” Devin asks, standing by his dresser slipping a shirt on.

“Because I’m not eighteen yet, I’m now in the system as an endangered child and I have nowhere to go.”

“Yeah you do, you can stay here.”

“Devin . . . Is your mom really going to let me stay here?”

Devin sits down next to Melody, looks down at his beige carpet then looks over at her.

“I hope so, I believe so.”

“And so . . .”

“Well baby don’t think like that, at least not now. When’s your birthday?”


“That’s next month. The state should give you a month at least, I don’t think they enjoy putting kids in foster care and since you’re not in immediate danger anymore, you should be able to stay here and you’ll be 18 and they don’t need to worry about foster care.”

Melody nods and looks away from Devin. She thinks about how much things have changed for her in what seems to be such a little amount of time.

Devin leans closer to Melody, kisses the top of her head and leaves the room and Melody with her thoughts.
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I would like to apologize in advance. I don't know very much about court and how certain things go with the law as I have no experience with any of it. So if things are inaccurate and unrealistic I apologize in advance, just bear with me please.