Status: You'll die in his hands.

Melody's Melodies

Can you feel the wind of Venus on your skin?

Melody lies in bed with Devin, it’s the middle of the night and neither of them know that the other one’s awake, quietly laying there.

Melody hears Devin take a deep breath and slowly let it out.

“I love you,” he says quietly, not really intending on Melody to hear him.

Melody smiles a little and slowly moves her hand to touch his arm and find his hand.

Devin rolls over from his back to his side to face Melody, brings their hands to his lips and kisses hers.

“How long have you been awake?” he whispers.

She responds quietly as well, “I never fell asleep.”

“You want to talk about it?”

“There’s nothing to talk about, I just can’t sleep.”

Devin nods a little and takes his free hand up to Melody’s curly hair. Then he touches her face, rubbing his thumb softly against her cheek. Slowly his hand makes it down to her neck, over to her arm and he feels that it’s bare.

“Where’s your brace?” he asks.

“I took it off to let my arm breathe.”

“Oh, you think that’s a good idea?”

Melody shrugs her shoulders; he goes back to moving his hand around.

It travels to Melody’s side, down to her waist and down to her thigh. It lingers on her skin.
Melody likes his touch, it makes her heart flutter.

She slips her hand out of his, but winds her arm around his neck to pull him down closer to her to kiss his lips. He smells like mint and tastes like a butterscotch candy.

She breathes in deeply. “You smell good,” she whispers.

He lets out a light chuckle, “you taste good.”

That makes Melody blush a light pink color that could probably be seen if it weren’t dark.

Devin hovers over Melody now, still inches from her face, still kissing her soft lips, still tracing his hand down her thigh until he gets around her leg and tucks it around his waist. They’re bodies are pressed together, clothing being the only thing between them.

Melody’s breath quickens as Devin’s lips go to her neck. He whispers quietly.

“Melody, you are the best girl in the world. I love you, I can’t say it enough.”

Then his lips press to her neck softly, warmly his tongue grazes her collarbone.

“Devin,” his name almost doesn’t escape her lips.

“Yes sweetheart?” his breath tickling her skin.

She doesn’t say anything, but her hand goes up to his soft blackish brown hair, tangling her fingers in it as he nibbles on her neck, soft sweet bites.

She lets out a light gasp, her body tingles and she really enjoys the feeling. Devin takes her by the waist and rolls over and she’s now sitting on top of him while he lies on his bed.

She doesn’t know what to do mentally, but her hands do. They explore his bare chest, go up to his shoulders and she leans down and kiss his lips and she sits back up. Devin’s hands go to Melody’s waist again, and go under her night shirt which is all she’s wearing.

Slowly his hands go up, waiting for her to give him a sign of objection, but she doesn’t so he continues up her stomach, her breath becoming uneven, but she doesn’t stop him, she doesn’t want him to.

Slowly his hands touch her soft breasts and he sucks in a breath, she's perfect to him. She bites her bottom lip, loving his touch. He lifts the shirt up and over her head, the shirt falls to the floor her hair falls onto her left shoulder. He massages her breast; Melody closes her eyes, Devin watching her beautiful face react to his touch. He moves his hands to her back and she leans down, kissing his lips, things get heated.

They're lips meld together, giving hot kisses. Heavy breathing. Hands exploring bodies, Melody touches places she's never touched before and gets touched in places she's never imagined hands lingering.

Soon enough there is no clothing in the way of them both.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Devin whispers, condom between his fingers.

Melody nods, she’s trying to contain her anticipation.

“Baby I need you to tell me, or we can’t do this,” he’s hovering over her again.

“Yes I want you I want to make love with you.”

That’s when it happens. That’s when the magic begins.