Status: You'll die in his hands.

Melody's Melodies

All alone

Everything he sees hits him fast.

There is a large bottle of pills on the floor half way empty, a sharp shiny razor on the bathtub edge and Melody is in the bathtub filled with pinkish water. She is slumped down almost underwater completely; her face is the only thing dry.

Devin rushes to Melody and grabs her pale cold wet naked body.

There are three small cuts on her left and right wrists. They’re not very deep, but not shallow either.

“Melody,” he begs.

She isn’t unconscious, but she’s very close. Melody makes quiet sighs and moans.

“Don’t fall asleep, don’t you dare go to sleep on me, come on,” Devin taps her cheeks.

“Sorry,” she slurs, eyes fluttering.

“Baby, baby please don’t, please don’t do this to me. Please,” his voice loud, demanding.

He lays her on the bed on her stomach and hits her in the back, flips her over blows air into her mouth he does anything he thinks would help and then grabs his cell phone frantically to call 911.

After the call soon enough there are sirens that belong to an ambulance.

Paramedics rush in and yell out.

“Up here,” yells Devin, his voice shaking and breaking, he’s in tears.

The two paramedics rush to Devin and Melody, they strip the sheet covered Melody from Devin’s arms and place her and strap her on the stretcher, cover her body with another sheet and bolt down the stairs to the ambulance, Devin climbs in the back.

Once they’re at the hospital, Devin is forced to stay in the waiting room while they proceed to the back.

Melody is unconscious, the nurses and doctors hook her up to the system and begin the stomach pump; shoving a tube down her throat and another up her nose.

There are swift moving, working hands, quick talk, wild beeps from monitors and shuffling feet.

While this goes on Devin is in the lobby area, pacing.

Pacing. Crying. Pulling at his hair.

Then it hits him really hard, like a ton of bricks on his chest. What if she doesn’t wake up? What if this is the last time he’d ever see her again; pale as a bone, no life in her eyes, cuts on her wrists, defeated.
He finds the nearest bathroom, the closest stall and vomits in the toilet.

There is a white substance shooting into the tube from her stomach and the doctors put salt water down her throat through the other tube.

The procedure is done a few times until there is only clear fluid coming from her stomach.

Melody is still alive, but unconscious.

A nurse hooks Melody up to a ventilator for air flow, an IV is put into her arm, dress her wounds on both wrists and the room is calm.

There is only the mind numbing beep from the heart monitor, monitoring Melody’s heart rate.

Devin is back in the lobby, sitting in a chair taking deep breaths to calm himself down when a man in blue scrubs approaches him.

Devin looks up at the man and stands up.

“Is she okay, what happened, can I see her, is she awake?” the questions spill out of Devin’s mouth.

“We pumped her stomach,” the calm man says, his voice soothing. “It’s all clear. She’s got a pulse and an even heart rate, but she’s still unconscious.”

“So what does that mean, what happens next?”

“We wait,” is all the nurse says.

Devin nods and the man begins to walk away.

“Wait, can I see her?”

“We have to move the patient to another room, I’ll find out where they’re moving her to, and I’ll let you know.”

Devin runs his fingers through his hair and lets out a breath. ‘The patient’ he said, like Melody’s just another lunatic in this hospital, another depressed freak who is looking for attention who doesn’t have any real problems and it pisses Devin off. He felt that it was disrespectful; the man could’ve referred to her by name.

He takes more deep breaths, goes to sit and his cell phone rings a shrill tone.

The sound agitates him and he hurries to answer to shut the noise up.

“Hello?” Devin answers in a gruff tone.

“Devin,” his mother says on the other side. “Where are you, you’ve been gone for over an hour.”

He sighs, he doesn’t want to deal with this. “I’m at the hospital.”

“The hospital?” the woman is alarmed. “Why are you at the hospital, what happened?”

“Mom, you don’t care so don’t bother calling back.”

He hangs up. Devin knows it was harsh, but he doesn’t care right now, all he is worried about is his Melody.

His sweet, broken Melody.