Status: You'll die in his hands.

Melody's Melodies

Let me in

They’re on the eighth floor; Devin is sitting in the chair next to Melody. He closes his eyes, exhausted from the day’s events.

Then someone lightly knocks on the door and steps in the room.

“Hello,” it’s a man with a mini laptop in his hand. “My name’s Matt, I just wanted to talk to you a little about Melody.”

Devin just looks at the man.

“Could we step into the hall?” Matt asks with a friendly smile on his face.

Devin knows it’s a fake smile and he can’t wait to get this over with.

“I don’t want to be gone if she wakes up,” Devin says.

“We’re just going to step right outside the door.”

Devin looks over at Melody with sad eyes then looks away and stands up to follow the man outside.

There’s no one in the white hall, just Devin and Matt.

Matt opens his laptop and starts messing around on it.

“So you’re name’s Devin correct?”

He just nods.

“What’s your relationship with her?”

“My relationship with Melody,” Devin says making it known that she does in fact have a name. “I am her boyfriend.”

“Could you explain to me how you found her?”

Devin looks at the floor. He just wants to forget it all, but he can’t and it tears his heart apart.

“She was in the bathtub, the water was a little warm and a little pink too,” there’s a lump in Devin’s throat.

“She- She was so cold, I feel like if I got there a minute later, it would’ve been too late. I would’ve lost her. . . There was a half bottle of some pills; I don’t know what I didn’t check to see.” Devin starts sniffling, “when I grabbed her, she wasn’t asleep yet, she was slurring a bit, and her eyes were fluttering."

Matt is quiet, typing on his laptop while Devin gets lost in thought, replaying the tragedy in his mind.

“Do you know if she was depressed, or if she went through anything recently that would cause her to do something like this?”

Devin sighs, running his hand through his hair again. “Yeah, I have a feeling she hasn’t been happy for a long time. In fact, I don’t think she’s ever been happy a day in her life. She’d smile and she’d seem like she was happy whenever we were together, but I could see it deep in her eyes, there was always fear and hurt inside. I found her crying alone sometimes.”

“So she was depressed?” Matt asks.

Devin thinks, she is sad she doesn’t feel loved by anyone, she’s afraid of loving, because everyone she loves finds a way to leave her.

“Yes,” Devin says.

“Do you know of any problems she’s been having?”

“She doesn’t have a very good relationship with her father,” he grits his teeth. “He isn’t a good man, she hates him, he hates her and I hate him for even existing, the only good thing he has brought to this world, is Melody.”

Matt senses Devin is in a bad mind set and decides to stop the questions there.

“Thank you, you can go back inside now if you like.”

Devin wipes the water from his cheeks and goes back into the room.

He looks over at Melody lying there, tubes running along her arm and face. The monitor with all her data is beeping still. Devin walks over to Melody, sits down in the chair and rubs his thumb against her soft cheek.

“Melody,” he whispers.

Sniffling, running his other hand through his hair.

“I hope that you can hear me, at least that’s what the doctors say. I- I need you Melody. They say you’ll wake up at anytime, but in the end it’s all up to you and I need you to come back to me. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t stop you from doing this.”

Tears well up at the rim and fall down his cheeks.

“I wish I could’ve seen the signs, or that we talked more about the things that were going on inside your head.”

His hands drop away from her and go to his face.

“Why did you do this?” he whispers.