Status: You'll die in his hands.

Melody's Melodies

Dark inside her mind

Throughout the hospital it’s all the same.

Cold rooms, colder moods.

Sad cries, sadder eyes.

Quiet shuffles, quieter voices.

Big brown doors with metal door handles lead to the smell of medicine, latex, alcohol, women and men in gowns that are uncomfortable and in pain.

A day has gone by and Melody is still asleep.

Devin decided to go to school today, even though he didn’t really want to, but there’s no reason when Melody comes back for both of them to be behind. Now he sits in the chair on the other side of Melody next to the window and stares out at the window.

The sky is grey and looks cold. There are water droplets falling, pattering against the window.

Devin is still looking out the window when Melody’s hand moves a little.

It’s black; it’s all dark inside her mind. She can’t move, see, speak, she can only think and hear, but after awhile the things she’s heard she forgets. She knows Devin’s been talking to her, but she can’t remember all of the things said, she can only remember him asking her why.

She now wants to get out, but she can’t. She desperately wants to wake up, to talk to Devin but her body won’t let her, she wants to say she’s sorry, that it was a mistake, but she doesn’t have the power to tell her brain to wake up.
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