Status: You'll die in his hands.

Melody's Melodies

Cut open my sternum

The room is a small cube: white brick walls with green borderline and a large white door, gold door handle. The bed is hard with white sheets and a blue thin itchy cover and a plastic pillow. The floor is grey tile and there’s a chair low to the ground. There’s a small wooden cupboard for clothes and a large window that overlooks the rest of the Free Wood Psychiatric Hospital and that’s all that makes up Melody’s new room.

Being there makes Melody depressed. She feels trapped, how is this environment going to make her feel any better? There’s no way she can get better in here.

She sits on her hard bed, arms wrapped around her legs to hold them close to her chest.

She’s dressed in burgundy, a burgundy jumpsuit. She feels like she’s in jail.

She misses Devin she wants to hear his voice. It’s only been four hours and it feels like forever. She didn’t get to see him today; they wouldn’t let him stay the night again, because she was being moved today.

Devin wrote his cell phone number on a napkin for her to call him when she gets the chance to call. The only part that sucks is she doesn’t know when she’ll be able to be on the phone.

A big solid bald black man walks into Melody’s room. He looks mean and angry, but insteads greets her with a smile a big toothy smile.

“Hello Melody.”

She blinks at him.

“Your doctor prescribed you some anti-depressants and it’s line up time to get your meds.”

Melody doesn’t show any sign of moving. The man nods.

“I’ll step outside the door and give you two minutes.”

He leaves without another word.

She stares at the large white door for thirty seconds, takes a deep breath and runs her fingers through her hair, she gets that from Devin.

She stands up, goes to the door, opens it to see the big bald man standing there. He smiles that toothy smile again.

“I’ll show you the way.”