Status: You'll die in his hands.

Melody's Melodies

Rainy days are a pain

The rain is mind numbing, she's starting to hate the sound of beads of water tapping against her window.

This place scares Melody.

It’s not that there are people strapped to beds, or people trying to kill themselves every day, it’s just her thoughts are allowed to run free here. She’s never been able to sit. Alone. All day. Thinking.

Her thoughts aren’t pure. They’ve never been pure and innocent.

She starts thinking of her mother which makes her sad, she thinks of her father, which makes her sad and angry. She thinks of Devin which makes her sad angry and lonely.

It’s been three days in here.

Same thing every day.

Wake up, eat bland breakfast, take medicine and sit in room alone.

Eat a snack, take medicine and sit alone.

Eat dinner, take more medicine and rot in room alone.

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