Status: You'll die in his hands.

Melody's Melodies

Maybe that's your problem

Melody now refuses to eat anymore of that disgusting food, just honey graham crackers and water. Which only makes matters worse causing the people who run the joint to not let her leave any sooner.

She just wants to get out. She hasn’t been able to talk to Devin, most of the staff are angry and mean, she’s barely seen anyone else here. And now the nasally old man named Dr. Gene is forcing her to do group meetings instead of one on one with him.

‘Maybe you just need to get around people your own age, maybe that’s your problem,’ he said.

Which Melody rolled her eyes to.

Melody feels the only problem she has is that she's stuck in that place.

She’s never been so angry in her life she’s not used to it. She only remembers being angry at her mother once she learned that she died, but then it was more sadness than anger anyway.
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