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Melody's Melodies

Mother Earth is dying

It’s group therapy meeting time. Melody is one of six sitting in a circle of metal folding chairs. There’s a woman who Melody guesses is the therapist running the whole deal.

Everyone shares. They don’t have to, there’s an option of passing, but they don’t.

Well except Melody.

It starts with an unnatural jet black haired girl.

Her name is Rose.

Her parents were divorced, she lived with her mom.

Rose started popping pills at age thirteen, she’s fifteen now.

She was addicted for a year her mother forced her into rehab. When she got out, she moved in with her father, her mom didn’t want her around anymore, there were trust issues.

On a Friday night her father had some friends come over. Rose was in bed and around 2am there was a guy named Kenny who was her father’s friend.

Kenny went to Rose’s room.

She tried to scream.

Kenny silenced her.

Kenny violated her.

Kenny raped Rose.

She told her father the next day, he didn’t believe her. He told Rose that she was a complete liar and that all she wanted was attention and that she was a drug addicted whore.

That’s when Rose decided to go back to her old dealer. There she bought a bunch of pills, returned home, an hour before her father got off work she went in the bathroom they both shared and overdosed.

“I did it as payback,” Rose says. “I wanted him to see that by him not caring like he should have what it did to me. I wanted my father to see my pain, I wanted him to have to bury me and keep that in his empty heart.”

Then there’s Hunter. He has a scar running from under his left eye down his chin to his neck.

Hunter lived with and was abused by his uncle.

One day Hunter couldn’t take it anymore.

He got into a physical fight with his uncle.

Hunter hated his uncle.

There was a gun involved.

“I thought I shot him, my eyes were closed,” Hunter’s gruff voice says. “But turns out I just shot myself. Now I’m in here, because his ass told them I tried to kill myself, now I’m stuck here against my will!” he yells.

Ronald was brought up on the bad side of town. There were kids constantly fighting, houses being broken into, people robbed, and families struggling to pay bills and feed their children.

Ronald didn’t have family to talk to at home, his parents were there, but they worked all day and night. They made sure bills were paid, Ronald and his little sister Malaysia were fed, clothed and had the proper supplies for school.

Ronald was bullied everyday by the other kids, he doesn’t know any reason why other than he had two parents living at home where as just about everyone else in the complex either had their mom or someone else in the house.

He didn’t have anyone to talk to, his parents were never home and his sister was too little to understand.

He got beat up really bad before school one day, he was jumped by five big boys. He was beat with a metal bat, and four sets of heavy rough fists.

They left him for dead in the bushes behind his apartment building.

“I laid there for maybe an hour,” he says in a baby voice. “Then I made it inside the apartment. I cried for awhile even though it hurt. I- I couldn’t take it anymore, I knew where my dad kept his gun. When I got it, I went in the living room and put it to my temple.

Then the front door opened, it was mom. The one time she ever came home early and I was seconds from ending it all and she came in,” his voice cracks. “I believe that was an act of God.”

Jenny moved from Korea when she was five with her parents. Her parents were also very hard working, but also very strict. She had to make straight A’s or she would get beatings, she had to work in their family owned restaurant until late nights and had to stay up even later to finish her homework. She wasn’t allowed to hang out with friends so she had no social life.

She felt trapped, she felt she’d never be able to live her own life, then she met a boy. He made her feel special, he went of his way each time to see her and spend time with her.

She really liked him and he really liked her.

Jenny’s parents didn’t know about the boy for a few weeks, but when they did find out, it was hell.

“When my parents found out, they forbade me to ever see him again. My older brothers threatened to kill him if they ever saw him with me again. . . I told Kieth, but it didn’t stop him though; we saw each other even more then: at school, he met me during my breaks at work when I told my parents I was going up to the convenient store, or just to get some fresh air.

Keith and I were walking after school on a Thursday, his arm was around my shoulders, we were going to the city bus stop when my two older brothers drove up to us in my father’s black Suburban.
They jumped out, Keith didn’t run like I screamed for him to, he waited for them to come up to him, he thought that he could take them, but he couldn’t and I knew he wouldn’t be able to.

“They beat him up so bad,” she whispers. “When I started to run off Shin stopped beating on Keith, but grabbed me and forced me into the truck, slapping me across the face and screaming in my face as I screamed back in his while crying. I saw Kwan kick Kieth in the side then he hopped back in the truck into the front seat and drove off.

I never saw Keith again, I heard that he moved away. A week passed, everyone hated me at home and all of Keith’s old friends hated me at school, so when I got out of school on a Monday, I told my mom I was sick and asked her if I could stay home and not work. She let me, but made Shin stay home to watch me as well, they didn’t want me sneaking off. The only time I had privacy was when I was in the bathroom.

I wrote a hateful letter, addressing every member of my family while filling up the bathtub with water. Then I attempted to drown myself. I went underwater breathing in the water, it stung and I choked and I coughed, then I blacked out.

And now I’m here.”

Melody feels terrible for everyone and their stories take her bitterness away.
She sits there quietly until the meeting is over, then returns to her room.
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