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Melody's Melodies

Better than the girl you once were

It’s been a month now. Melody has made real progress, she has told her story in full, she’s eating more of the crap they call food, she doesn’t really need the anti-depressants anymore and now Dr. Gene is asking her to see him again in five minutes.

Melody feels better; she knows that she has Devin to go to when she gets out.

He has gotten a job at Target as a cashier and has been looking for an apartment for them to move into. That means Melody will have to get a job too, but if it means being with Devin, she’ll do it.

‘We’re going to be okay,’ he said.

Now Melody sits in the chair across from Dr. Gene.

“I hear you’ve made some progress.”

“Yes sir,” she responds.

He gives her a hard smile, “good. Well it seems you may be able to go home soon.”

“Really,” she says, excited.

“Yes. I just would like to say a few things and make sure you’re stable is all. Now, I know you said your suicide attempt was an act of desperation. Do you think and truly believe in your heart that if you get desperate again, you’ll find another way to deal with your stress?”

She nods, “yeah. I- I feel better knowing that I don’t have to return to my father when I leave and that I won’t be put into foster care or a group home. . . I’m okay and I- I guess I’m happy thinking and knowing that when this is all over I’ll have Devin to be with.”

“I request one thing. . . When you leave, I want you to write everyday when you are upset, when you’re happy even when you’re just thinking to yourself while you’re alone.”

He opens drawer in the desk he’s sitting behind and takes a black leather journal out and hands it over to Melody.

She takes it, nods and flips through it, there are blank beige pages. “Okay,” she says. “I’ll write.”

He smiles a genuine smile then, “good. I want to thank you Melody. Thank you for wanting to get better and actually trying, I know it was scary when you got here at first, and I know that you felt like you were here against your will . . . But look at you now. You’re better than the girl you once were.”

She smiles, “thank you, Dr. Gene.”
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