Status: This is a completed seven-part fic, I'll update once a day.

Apparitions and Other Everyday Abnormalities


Ryan’s mother has completely fucked up his life by uprooting them and moving them back to Vegas, back to his hometown. He was expecting to be alone in a new place with no friends. What he wasn’t expecting was to find his house rather occupied by an uninvited guest that doesn’t seem to be able to leave.
  1. Part One
    Welcome to ***ing Nevada.
  2. Part Two
    "A ghost with ADHD. I've seen it all."
  3. Part Three
    "Oh, I couldn't ever be a ***er. I don't like blood."
  4. Part Four
    "Sometimes, the life that was taken can be given back."
  5. Part Five
    "I fell in love with him too."
  6. Part Six
    If I was dead, I could be with him again.
  7. Epilogue
    It's everything I never knew I wanted so badly.