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Alex sat on his lounge idly twirling his hair whilst he waited for his bandmates and manager to arrive. As he waited he wondered what the new year would bring. Love? Heartbreak? Success? Failure? Stress? Probably all of the above.

The previous year hadn’t been what Alex had expected nor hoped for, he was hoping 2012 would be different and hopefully more enjoyable both in his professional and person life. This year hadn’t been so great in either. The band had been signed to a new major label in 2010 and they were more than excited to release new music. They released a new album months later than originally planned which had the worst response they had ever been given, according to most it was too pop driven and they had ‘sold out’. Someone even said it sounded like metro station which Alex despised. The label didn’t care and they were forgotten about. Later in the year they decided to leave the label, they were currently unsigned but no one knew that apart from the band and their crew.

As for Alex’s personal life it hadn’t been great. Him and his long time on and off girlfriend Lisa had been just that, on and off. If she wasn’t accusing him of cheating she was blaming him for their lack of ‘connection’ whatever that was. Alex hated her lack of trust although she wouldn’t be accusing him of cheating if he hadn’t done it in the past, more than once. Their lack of connection however was not his fault. He couldn’t help having to tour and when he was home he would spend every second with her, granting her every wish. This year they had spent more time apart than together. The last time they broke up was the middle of September and lasted till the beginning of November.

During that time Alex hooked up with someone he wished he never did. Not because it wasn’t good (because it was great), but because he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about the petit brunette ever since. They had both been under the influence of a lot of alcohol and neither in control of their actions so this kiss meant nothing to either participant. That didn’t mean that Alex hadn’t been able to stop reliving the feeling of her soft lips on his. The two hadn’t had the chance to go any further than a heated make out session as one of her band mates caught them and immediately pulled them apart. Alex had never told Lisa about his little hook up. He thought it was unnecessary information as he hadn’t technically cheated on her.

As the thoughts of Lisa slowly left his thoughts the ones of his drunken hook up flooded his mind, but before they could take over he heard the door open and his house was filled with laughter. He got up from his seat on the lounge and walked over to the three men causing the noise, Jack, Zack and Matt. Alex quickly called out to Rian to come downstairs so they could begin the meeting (if you could call it that). Before any talks of business began Jack raided Alex’s kitchen finding a bag of chips he immediately started munching on.

Minutes later Matt finally managed to get all four boys undivided attention. He knew it wouldn’t last long so he immediately started to go threw details for the first six months of next year. “We start by going to the UK on the 12th of January till the 4th of February with The Maine and We Are The In Crowd and then we go over to Canada and tour with Simple Plan. Then we have time to record the new album as well as press and maybe a few shows here and there but I want you to rest because then we are on warped tour for the whole 50 something days and after we head to Europe with We Are The In Crowd again and then play some shows supporting Green Day.” Matt said taking a deep breathe as the four boys nodded taking in the enormous amount of information they had just received. “Wait so we have two tours with WATIC?” Alex asked hoping he was correct. “No.” Alex smile faulted before regaining his composure. “They are doing the whole warped tour as well so technically we have three.”

Tay played with her hair as she waited for the lights to changed from red to green. She reluctantly allowed her mind to wonder to the one thought she had been unable to escape for the past four months. Tay never got this way about guys, she was always the girl that would rather be single than having the stress of a relationship. And although her and this boy didn’t have a relationship she couldn’t help but want one with him.

The pair met a while ago but they became close when We are the in Crowd opened for his band on the ‘Gimme Summer Ya Love Tour’. Their friendship seemed to have blossomed from there. Later that year, their bands travelled to Australia together, along with other bands on the Counter Revolution tour. He had just broken up with his girlfriend and Tay was there to listen to him and comfort him. She managed to make him feel better and forget about his past relationship.

In the beginning Tay saw Alex as a friend and only a friend until one night when they shared a drunken kiss. It was meant to mean nothing but Tay found herself continually thinking about it. The two had spoken about it and both agreed that it was a drunken mistake but Tay couldn’t shake the feeling that the kiss was more than that. There was a part of her that believed they would end up together but that part was quickly crushed when she logged on to twitter weeks later.

Starring her right in the face. A picture of him and his once ex-girlfriend sharing a kiss. Tay’s heart broke in two without her even realising. She knew she had some feelings towards him. She just didn’t realise the extent of them until she laid her eyes on the common instagram photo displayed on her screen.

That was at least a month ago now and Tay had managed to burry the feelings she once had by doing the thing she does best. Writing. Soon after she had come to terms with his relationship status, Tay sat herself in her room and wrote a song. She read through the brutally honest lyrics and thought to change them. Thinking it would be too obvious and he would be sure to realise it was about him. She went against her gut feeling and called the guys so they could hear it. They all liked it and agreed it should be on the album and possibly a single.

She was now on her way to sign a couple copies of the album that was due to be released within in the next couple of days. The band was overjoyed about their first full length album release. Tay was on the other hand was more nervous than joyful. She was terrified the fans would hate it and their career would be over before they even had a chance to start. There was also the feeling that he would know the song was about him and that was the last thing Tay wanted.

When she arrived at her bandmate Rob’s house, she walked in without knocking, like usual. She walked towards the kitchen, following the sounds of yelling. Tay walked in to see her four bandmates Rob, Jordan, Mike and Cameron all sitting around the table eating and talking loudly. She made her presence noted as she took a seat next to Cameron.

“Tayson!” They all yelled in unison. They hadn’t seen her in a couple of days which was long seeming as they usually spent everyday together. Tay returned the greeting as she hugged each male and returned to her seat to begin signing the numerous albums. The boys continued talking about sport as Tay sat quietly, concentrating on signing the album covers. It was such a simple and repetitive task yet Tay felt if she concentrated on it hard enough, her mind wouldn’t be able to wonder to dangerous topics such as a very attractive lead singer that has a girlfriend.

As Tay finished signing the last stack of CD’s she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She squeezed her hand in the tight jean pocket as she pulled out the phone that read ‘1 New Message’. As Tay read the message she felt butterflies rise in her stomach as well as a small amount of worry.

To: Tay
From: Alex
Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of each other this year ;)
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