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See You Around

Chapter 1

As Tay boarded the plane to the UK she couldn’t stop the nervous butterflies that continued to flutter in the pitt of her stomach, and the same thing began to happen as she stepped foot in to the venue they would be playing tonight.

New Years had come and gone as the band were preparing themselves for their first tour for the year. It would be across the UK an area in which the band planned on spending most of their year touring. Hopefully by the end of it they would have conquered the foreign shores and have a decent sized fan base here. Tay always got a little nervous before a tour but this time her nerves were through the roof, and this time for other reasons. For this tour they would be supporting All Time Low and Tays crush on the lead singer had all but shrunk over the past month or so.

She knew he had a girlfriend but she couldn’t stop thinking about the charming young man. She was scared it would be awkward between them and that her feelings would effect their friendship. Little did she know the boy was just as nervous to see her.

Alex still hadn’t been able to shake Tay from his mind. There was something about the petit brunette that drove him crazy. He felt guilty about thinking about another girl when he was in a relationship but somehow his mind always drifted back to her. Before he left he told Lisa about his and Tays little hook up. She was of course furious and forbid him to go on the tour. Clearly that didn’t work out for her and they just ended up arguing on his last night home. He understood why she was worried but if they were in a relationship she should trust him not to cheat on her... again. She should know that he wouldn’t do it again, he has matured from the once naive boy he was.

Jack was the only one in the band that knew about Alex’s little crush and to be honest he was happy about it. He never really liked Lisa and only put up with her for Alex’s sake but lately he really thought that him and Lisa were over. They had tried so many times and maybe it was finally time to call it quits. As the two boys walked off their bus Jack could see the anxious look in Alex’s eyes, he was clearly nervous about seeing Tay.

“Dude, chill. Everything’s going to be fine.” Jack reassured his friend as they walked across the parking lot, towards the other buses. The first day of tour was always fun to see everyone. This tour was going to be especially great because all the bands were good friends. All Time Low and The Maine had known each other for years and We Are The In Crowd had toured with both bands multiple times over the past year or two. It made everything easier and less awkward when everyone was friends.

“CAMY” Jack yelled dragging out the ‘A’ as he ran over and jumped on Cameron the guitarist of WATIC’s back. They had become close on the last tour just like Alex and Tay only they didn’t hook up. “Barakat my man!” Cameron yelled as he began to run around in circles with Jack still attached to him. Everyone in the group was laughing at the pairs antics as Alex finally made it to the group. He said hi to everyone individually, pulling them into a bro hug until he got to Tay.

Tay saw Alex making his was through the crowd and began to get nervous as he came closer. She didn’t know whether to hug him? High five him? or just say hi. As she debated her options, Alex awkwardly stood in front of her rubbing the back of his neck. “Hey” He said after clearing his throat. “Hey Gaskarth” She said giving a small wave. Everyone there noticed the awkwardness between the two but before any one could comment on it Jack lifted tay off her feet and spun her around. “Tay my little munchkin! I’ve missed you!” He yelled over her protests for him to put her down. “I missed you too now put me down!” He did as she said before placing a sloppy kiss on her cheek. “Ew Jack! Save that for Cameron.” Everyone laughed at Tays joke as Cameron jumped into Jacks arms.

Soon the whole tour was standing together in the middle of the parking lot everyone catching up with one another. Tay wanted nothing more than to talk to Alex but instead they were standing on opposite ends of the crowd, neither knowing how to approach the other. But before either could build up the courage to walk the few steps Vinny got everyones attention announcing the nights plans. All Time Low band and crew had organised a Pre-Tour Party. Seeming as tomorrow was the actual first show they decided to have a big party tonight that way no one would be tired from the show. Everyone cheered at plans before going back to their own buses to get ready. They would be leaving in an hour to go out to dinner as a big group.

An hour later every band and crew member of the tour was standing and waiting for the taxis to arrive. As they waited they all made small talk with one another, most catching up on their Christmas and New Year stories. Alex stood there not in the mood to talk to anyone. He was upset his and Tays greeting before was so awkward. He didn’t expect it to be like that at all. All he wanted was things to go back to normal, before they were pretty much best friends every tour. Wherever you’d see Alex you would see Tay close by.

Before Alex could dwell on the situation any longer her felt someone tap him on the shoulder. He turned around expecting to see anyone but Tay. Instead the small girl was standing there playing with her hands. “Hey Lex” She smiled sweetly. “ Hey Tay!” He beamed excited that she was talking to him.

“So our ‘hello’ before was pretty weird” She said awkwardly, immediately addressing the elephant in the room. Alex laughed and pulled the girl into a hug giving her a small noogie. “It was wasn’t it” He agreed with her as he felt her laugh against his chest. “Friends?” He offered releasing her from his grip. “Of course” She smiled childishly making Alex’s heart skip a beat.

Just like that the two went back to being completely normal both laughing and catching up on everything that had happened over the last two months or so. At dinner the pair sat side by side and somehow managed to only speak to each other acting as if they were the only two people there. Before they knew it everyone was getting up to leave so they followed. Instead of catching cabs back, the large group decided they would walk back to the buses to continue their party.

Half way back Tay got tired of walking and Alex offered to give her a piggyback which she gladly accepted. Jack complained saying it was unfair Tay got a lift just because he was a girl. After a while of Jacks non-stop whining John Ohh from The Maine finally caved and gave Jack a piggyback all the way home.

As Alex carried Tay home she couldn’t wipe the cheesy smile of her face and Jordan noticed. Dinner was perfect. He told her that he had bought their album the day it came out and that it was amazing. He said he really liked the song ‘Kiss Me Again’ which made Tay choke on her water. Did he know that was about him? Was her first thought but as he continued to talk about the album she realised he really had no clue. She didn’t know whether she was happy or sad about it but she did know it was for the best, especially while he had a girlfriend.

Before Tay knew they were back at the buses and her lack of energy soon changed as people began to hand out shots. It was the first night of tour and she wasn’t going to be the boring one taking care of everyone else.

Within minutes the crew had set up some speakers that were playing ridiculously loud music and most people began to dance as others sat around the edge continuing their conversation. Tay and Alex sat together talking about what they thought this tour would be like when Jack interrupted them dragging them over to the beer pong table someone had set up.

After two rounds of beer pong both Alex and Tay had drunk more than enough but Jack insisted everyone did a round of shots. So they did. The shots seemed to give Tay a new confidence and before she knew it she was dragging Alex out on the makeshift dance floor and the two began to dance together. Tay was grinding her hips against Alex’s as she moved to the beat of the song. Within minutes their hands were roaming each others bodies each touch making them want more. Jordan saw what was happening and broke the two apart. He knew how Tay felt about Alex and he also knew Alex currently had a girlfriend. Jordan didn’t want a repeat of last time so much to Tays protest Jordan pulled her from Alex and carried her onto the bus. Putting her to bed for the night. He put a bottle of water next to her bed as well as a bottle of aspirin, she would need it in the morning.
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